The Fall Feasts of Israel
The Feast of Trumpets will mark
day one of the 70th Week of Daniel;
Seven years later the Day of Atonement
will usher in the last day of this age.

Tishrei 1 <- - - - - - - - 7 years - - - - - - - - > Tishrei 10     
Tishrei 1 <- - - - 86 moons + 10 days - - - > Tishrei 10     
Tishrei 1 <- - 7 Biblical yrs. + 30 days - - > Tishrei 10      
Tishrei 1 < - - - (7 x 360) + 30 days - - - - > Tishrei 10      
Tishrei 1 <- - - - - 2520 + 30 days - - - - - > Tishrei 10      
Tishrei 1 <- - The 70th Week + 30 days - > Tishrei 10      
Tishrei 1 <- - - 1260 + 1260 + 30 days - - > Tishrei 10      
Tishrei 1 <- - - - - 1260 + 1290 days - - - - > Tishrei 10      
Tishrei 1 <- - - - - - - - 2550 days - - - - - - > Tishrei 10      

Feast of Trumpets
or Yom Teruah

Tishrei 1
Year X

Image from Dave Wilkerson's book

The watchman sounds the alarm with the blowing of the shofar. An epic day of alarm is coming. (The image is taken from Dave Wilkerson's book.)
Day of Atonement
or Yom Kippur

Tishrei 10
Year X + 7

Painting by Yossi Rosenstein

'The Final Call'
By Jewish artist Yossi Rosenstein. This is a magnificent picture of that coming climactic regathering of the remnant Elect from both houses of Israel. This awesome future Day of Atonement / Day of Reckoning along with the trumpets of Jubilee will mark the "last day" of of this present evil age. Here is a link to the Israeli Poster Center.

The shofar sounding is from

A study by
Gavin Finley MD

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When we measure out the timeline between the Feast of Trumpets / Yom Teruah and the Day of Atonement seven years later we find that on those timelines bridging 86, (and not 87 moons), the timeline is 2550 days inclusive. This is a precise match for the 1260 + 1290 = 2550 days which is the timeline of the final 7 years of this age.

'The Fall Feasts of Israel and the Timeline of the Final 7 Years of this Age'. - by Gavin Finley.

Here on the left is THE POWERPOINT of the YouTube Video above and on the right THE PDF FILE of the PowerPoint. It forms the basis for the YouTube video above, 'The Fall Feasts and the Timeline of the 70th Week and the Final 7 Years of This Age.' The text for narration is written out on slides in between the slides that are to be screened. Please feel free to take this material and use it for God's glory. It is not copyrighted. You may abbreviate it, expand on it, and present the material as God leads you for your own PowerPoint presentations in churches, meetings etc.

As you do this remember that teachers are held to a higher standard. We are entreated to "rightly divide the Word of Truth". If we teach error then that is a bad rap. We are guilty of committing 'the sin of Jeroboam'. We are causing God's covenant people to err, to sin, and to fall short of the glory God had intended for them. Then too remember this. If we are telling people what they want to hear in order to SELL our message then this too is a bad rap. We are as Simon the Sorcerer. We are guilty of making merchandise of God's Holy people. See Acts 8:18,19,20. All false teachers will be put to shame on That Day. So as we share and teach let us pray that we all uphold God's Word in holiness and in truth according to His Holy Name and character.










'The Epic Future Day of Atonement and the Jubilee of Messiah'. - by Gavin Finley.



In a future fall season on the first day of the Tishrei moon a mind boggling Feast of Trumpets or Rosh Hashanah will explode into world history. Trumpets of celebration and fanfare will announce the coming of a peacemaker and a self proclaimed prince on this awesome Hebrew New Year.

Other trumpets will be sounding as well. The Watchmen of Israel will not be silent. See Isaiah 62:6-7 and Joel 2:1. They will be blowing the shofars, sounding the trumpets of alarm.

And why? Why all the fanfare and why the sounding of trumpets of alarm? What event will have rocked our world? We now have good reason to believe that a certain epic prophesied event will erupt into world history right on a single highly auspicious Hebrew calendar date, the Hebrew New Year, even the holy day of Rosh Hashanah. This awesome day of blowing of trumpets will become the ultimate New Covenant fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets itself. Yes, an epic sovereignty giveaway involving Israel and the G-7 nations of Western Christendom will erupt into world history on a certain future Tishrei 1. This climactic betrayal of the faith and departure from the God of our fathers will come on the Hebrew New Years Day of all times! The nations all across the West and all across the world will have just lowered their national flags for the last time. They will be doing this in order to enter into a binding sovereignty sharing treaty, a world-wide covenant with a mere man. They will have just signed away their freedom in God or a pocketful of promises. Worldwide fear after a terrible war and attendant economic bankruptcy will be the forces pushing this deal to its ultimate confirmation. They will be bound and determined to confirm this seven year treaty. A certain mega-dealer will offer the covenant promising the ultimate Utopian dream, even world peace based upon world disarmament and international funding/banking through a world divided into ten regions.

Yes, as the Fall Feasts of Israel begin we are not talking about a pre-trib rapture. We are talking about trumpets heralding and warning about the sudden establishment of a New World Order. And yes, it will be global in scope. Individual nations will have little to say about it. See this New World Order Map showing the ten global banking regions or bio-regions. These economic zones will one day have ten political rulers. This answers to the ten crowns or diadems on the horns in the vision Daniel saw in These ten horns, ten powers also answer to the ten toes on the image seen in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. This was the ultimate nightmare of the king of Babylon. And why? Because he saw the smiting Stone trike the image on its toes to bring a complete end to all human man-centered kingdoms. This is laid out in Daniel 2. The ten horns on the fourth beast of Daniel 7 is the same ten-horned beast John saw in Revelation 13. Both of these visions are telling us about this latter day New World Order and a world governance, (read world government), that is to come. The entire planet is already subdivided into ten economic.banking zones. In a future time these ten bio-regions will eventually achieve statehood. That is they will be given a measure of political clout in their own right to become ten states or what the Bible calls ten kingdoms. This is indicated by the ten crowns on the ten hornrs

Like the League of Nations and the United Nations that came before it this deal will probably come to confirmation on the tail end of a very destructive war. This war will most likely see nuclear destruction of cities. Nuclear fallout carried along with the jet-stream could contaminate food crops and pasture land across the world. This is why it is always good for everyone to have a supply of non-perishable grain such as wheat, barley, oat bran, rice etc. This seven year peace covenant which could only be brokered under some pressure will probably be confirmed during a future time of great international fear and unrest.

So the Daniel 9:27 deal will probably be confirmed after a serious future war. This is a fact and an observed pattern of history. To put it simply, big peace treaties do not come in times of peace. They are usually confirmed at the end of big wars. This seven year covenant will probably be brokered after the future war of Psalm 83. It may just involve the Destruction of Damascus. This has been prophesied by the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 17. See this article. Damascus today is becoming a very dangerous stronghold for men and armaments bent on the destruction of Israel. This ancient city in Syria on the trade route between Egypt and Mesopotamia has never been destroyed. But apparently it will. It is quite close to Israel and has become a stronghold for Hamas and Hezbollah. Damascus now has very destructive GPS guided missiles aimed at Israel's cities. See this article.

In that fearful future time world leaders will not know what to do. They will see themselves and the world on the brink of further escalation and the specter of total nuclear destruction throughout the world will be weighing heavily upon them. Will they be seeking the face of God? Probably not. Coming together in such a time of fear and uncertainty they will bring to the table the sum of all their fears.

And just who will be the movers and shakers pushing for the confirmation of this deal? The G-7 leaders of Western Christendom are in the drivers seat today. There is no reason to expect that this will change this side of Armageddon when the armies of the east under dragon will march west with a huge 200 million man army. These are the powers of the King of the North, that is, north of the Med. They are the same Western Dominionists who led the West to take Jerusalem during the Crusades 900 years ago). They will be covering this New World Order and its global purchase business with much human sentiment, Utopian oratory, and much verbiage by of dignitaries of ecumenical and worldwide religion.

There has been much speculation about Islam or New Age dogma in association with the coming New World Order. But if we are to believe what John shows us in Revelation 17 compromised Christian religion will be at the forefront of this great global initiative. We know that someone other than the Beast will be ruling over the New World order during those first 3.5 years of the 7 years. So we have to ask ourselves who this harlot might be. She is obviously very very powerful, at least for time. And yes, she will have achieved Dominion. The proof of this is in the image we are given. John saw her actually riding the ten-horned beast. He describes the vision clearly for us in Revelation 17. The defiled cup of filthiness in her hand indicates she is a former Christian entity that has gone off into apostasy, the has departed from the faith.

But, that does not seem to matter too much to her.
She has found her purpose and achieved it.
She has achieved dominion!

This is hard for Christians to fathom. John was blown away by what he saw as well. But God is speaking to us. He is telling us about something that is to come. Yes, it is mind-boggling. But can we receive the message here?

When Church leaders depart from the holy things of God for the sake of privileged positions, power, and personal wealth the people lose faith. This always leads to suffering. But this has happened to the Church repeatedly down through time. A similar power-grab by churchman happened back in the 4th century. In 325 A.D. Christian elders were invited to meet with the leader of the world superpower of the time, the Emperor Constantine. Certain church leaders answered the invitation and went up to make a deal with him. The Council of Niceae was a great tragedy for the Christian faith. This church-state deal was just the first of many collusions God's covenant people entered into with the princes of this world. The people lost access to the Holy Scriptures. God's Word was locked up in the Latin. This collusion with Rome damaged the witness of the Church very severely. Western Christendom went into the Dark Ages for a thousand years. Sadly, this dalliance of the Church with worldly princes, wealthy merchants, and rabble rousers is an ongoing story

Once again, Christian leaders will stoop to conquer. As they make their bids for power, again glory will depart. But these deluded churchmen will carry on, naming and claiming and binding things in heaven and on earth as never before. Their carnality and presumption will eventually get us into some real mischief, taking us into what Isaiah called a "covenant with death". See Isaiah 28:15. Their efforts will end up doing more than just empowering and giving glory to a mere man here on earth. They will also be loosing Lucifer, the prince of "self" from up in the lower second heaven. The results of taking God's name in vain are quite predictable and quite tragic for those involved. See Isaiah 28:18. This is what happens when God's holy people commit themselves to unholy things. They will have just sown the seed of their own tribulations and sometimes their own spiritual destruction.

The prince of Daniel 9:27 will not just be another global mega-dealer. He will turn out to be the prophesied false messiah of all people. This man will be smooth and subtle as he begins. He will prove quite able to broker world peace in the realms of religious humanism, a word we almost never hear of in religious circles. But religious humanism is far more dangerous than the well known much lambasted garden variety and often harsh Machiavellian style secular humanism. Nevertheless, humanism is humanism, nice or not so nice. The serpent who first brought The Lie of human godhood to the woman back in the Garden of Eden will once again be whispering this lie in the deceptive seductive beautiful side of evil.

Of course many of those who hear the Lie of human godhood will be happy to "Imagine there's no heaven". Many will again be entertaining the impossible dream of a world without God above. But the French have already tried out this bare Masonic agenda in their French Revolution. And we know what happened there. See this article. This great national tragedy came to be known as the Reign of Terror. It led to utter shambles and bloody chaos in France.

The powers know that they cannot pull that secular humanism stunt again. They will need some cover this final time. And so this future deal will be liberally covered with the sublime altruism of religious humanism. We know this must be the case because John saw the harlot ride the Beast for a period of time. And so the coming world leader will obviously confirm this seven year covenant in association with a colossal religi-business deal. This will be more than just New Age pantheism. The defiled cup in the hands of the harlot indicates that the New World Order must involvecompromised Christianity. The harlot is ruling so she must be operating in the dominion of the unified compromised sectors of the Christian religion of the West.

The New Word Order under the harlot will probably start out fairly well. A lot of good intentions will be implemented. A lot of well funded U.N. programs will be kicked off. The new world currency will flow and there will be an abundance of capital and taxable income for government spending. They will even rebuild the Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem. So we can speculate here that the Harlot will bring in peace and prosperity around the world, - for a time.

But how can there be a lasting kingdom and a power that stays unified without the glory, (or at least some pretense of a glory), to bind it together? It doesn't happen. At least not for long. And here we see Christian holiness going out the window and dragged down to street level. The Apostle John was absolutely flabbergasted at what he saw. He was amazed at this astounding vision of gross material idolatry along with the shameful defilement of the cup of Christ by the harlot. John saw the harlot actually riding and trying to control a red ten-horned NWO Beast. This is showcased in Revelation chapter 17.

The compromised Western Church is end-time Gomer. From Hosea's prophecy we know how the story unfolds and how it ends. In this seven year covenant Gomer will be having her final fling. She will have really got herself tangled up badly this time, and with the ultimate "bad guy". Eventually this princely boyfriend of hers will hurt her, dividing her asunder. One part will go off into exile. The remaining part will stay behind, and ultimately be burned with fire. See Revelation 17:16.

Who will be the prince of Daniel 9:27? Jesus tells us plainly in John 5:43 that the man His people end up choosing as their international savior and prince will be a pagan, a man-centered humanist. Jesus tells us straight out that this man will be someone who comes "in his own name!" In Dan. 7:25 we read that this "little horn" would rise up to say abominable things against the Most High God.

This is amazing. Can the Holy Scriptures be any clearer than this?
No wonder Bible prophecy has been blacklisted by the modern and post-modern church.

And what will the debtor nations of Western Christendom and present day Judah in national Israel be doing as they sign on to this covenant? What will they put up onto the table as collateral for this deal that promises world peace and prosperity for all? In the pattern of all bankruptcies the G-7 nations will have to put up their land, their houses, and their armaments. After that comes the servitude of their citizens. The bodies and souls of men, women, and children, of the nations will be on the table. Along with all the future wealth they produce. See Rev.18:13.

This is bad. But so far, this is not completely and utterly terrible. This sort of takeover of nations has happened in history down through time. It has even happened to God's covenant people. Remember that ancient Israel lost their national sovereignty after they went persisted in their idolatry. The Kingdom of Israel was divided under Jeroboam. This happened in the generation that came after the opulent reign of King Solomon. Then the Northern Kingdom was taken captive by the Assyrians in 722 B.C.. Later the Southern Kingdom of Israel, the Jewish house of Judah, was taken captive by the Babylonians in 586 B.C.. God clearly allows these things to happen to His people in order for them to see their sin and return to Him. Indeed, the liquidation pattern Joseph set up for the world during the seven years of famine back in Egypt is the very same one that will be enacted in those awesome future seven years to come. This is the discipline of Joseph. God's covenant people will be subjected to this in the latter days. See this video.

They will also see Rachel's second son take a hand in the unfolding of end-time holy history.
Will it be Benoni, "son of my sorrow" as Rachel wanted to call him as she lay dying?

No. Not at all. The name his father Jacob gave him will stand.
His name and character will be "Benjamin, son of my right hand!"

The Harlot system will probably see an economic boom for a while. We know that the Islamic powers will be humbled and they will lose control of the Temple Mount. The future Hebrew Temple will be rebuilt during those first 3.5 years of the final seven years of this age. A lot of good things will probably be in the works performrd by a host of well funded purpose-driven people who like to do good things. But with the defilement of the cup of Christ the glory will have departed. And the saints, the true believers and servants of God will find themselves increasingly alienated, persecuted, and eventually of a mind to fly away. This will be a very good idea. Because eventually, (and the devil as usual will be in the details), the midpoint of those final seven years will bring that awful event Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:15-16.. The Abomination of Desolation midway through those seven years was what Jesus was referring to. This is spoken of by Daniel in Daniel 9:27. At the midpoint of the 70th Week the phase 2 Beast Antichrist will emerge. He will be revealed for the beast he really is. At that point he will push the harlot off her lofty perch and take over world power himself. Apparently he will begin in a co-regency with ten worldly powers but will rise up to power displacing three of the horns. As the Beast he will seek to initiate his 666 economic system. With this will come his demand for men to bring homage and the worship to him as a person. This is the worship and adulation that Lucifer, the prince of this present world, has always sought. Lucifer has stated this clearly in Isaiah 14:12-14. The issue of 666 initiation will be the ultimate salient divide of end-time history. 666 financial access will either be accepted or rejected. There will be no middle ground. This will separate the people of this world into two camps, and do it quite neatly. But the God of Israel will be pondering the hearts. And in those days He will surely gather His people, as the sheep of Bozrah. See Micah 2:12-13.

Dear saints. This is not speculation. This apostasy of many away from the God of Israel is spoken of throughout Prophetic Scripture. It is a future reality. Proof of this is sitting right in front of us, - if we have eyes to see. It is hidden there in plain sight, - in our Bibles. This multinational apostasy is a desertion. It is an abandonment of "God and country" in favor of a global dictatorship under a single human being. This man will later go on to be possessed by the Beast Demon of the Abyss. This is how a man becomes the ultimate "bad guy", the Beast Antichrist.

This mid-point possession of the Antichrist is clearly prophesied. We see it laid out very clearly in Dan.9:26-27. Moses warned us about this in the Song of Moses. He specifically warned God's people that they would depart from the faith and go off into a tribulation of their own making. We see this is in the Song of Moses in Deuteronomy 4:23-31. See also this article on the end-time prophecy of Moses. It is a prophecy our Jewish rabbis and our Christian churchmen refuse to talk about.

Jesus/Yeshua Himself spoke of this end-time defilement as well. In John 5:43 Jesus told His disciples very plainly that His people would reject Him, the One who came in the name and character of His Father, the God of Israel. He said that His people would go on to accept a mere man, a man who came , a false messiah. This awful future sellout by the people of God has been showcased in our Western culture since time immemorial. The specter of Beauty and the Beast has bee the central inspiration for many of our stories, poems, plays, and movies down through time. Just walk into the video store and look at the dust-covers and you will see it everywhere. This, dear saints, is the Great Apostasy of the latter days. This "Great Falling Away", has been laid out very clearly by our Apostle Paul in 2Thessalonians 2:3-4.

This future surrender of national sovereignty and abandonment of "God and country" in favor of a "New World Order" will be an event of staggering consequence. Because this will be the triggering event that will restart the stopwatch on the Seventy Weeks Prophecy. Trumpets of fanfare and trumpets of alarm will initiate the 70th Week of Daniel. Will this be a big deal? Oh yes. The final seven years of this age will have just begun.

On an epic future Feast of Trumpets the shofars will be sounding the alarm. What will God's true and faithful covenant people be summoned to at that time? Simply this. All of God's own will be called to solemn assembly. This will be a time of amazement and incredulity, especially for those who had expected a special early Rapture for themselves. It will be a time of prayer and fasting. God's priests and His pastors will weeping between the porch and the altar. (See Joel chapter 2.

The seven years that follow will be a time like no other. This will be a time for deep searching of hearts. In those days the God of Israel will calling out a new ekklesia, a new Congregation, a new Church or Synagogue, a new Assembly to Himself. The heavenly court will be convened before the Ancient of Days. The saints will go up to witness to their Messiah. And "unto HIM shall the gathering of the people be!" The many Old Testament prophecies of a Restoration of Israel will surely stand. And at the end of the story a remnant shall return!

What an awesome day that future Rosh Hashanah that will be! Most Biblical Christians will realize what has just happened. And as the trumpets sound many in the Sleeping Beauty Church will be awakening from their slumbers. The poisoned apple of false religion will fall from their mouths. As the scales fall of their eyes their partial blindness will be healed. Many sleepers will arise from their slumberson that day. They will then begin to take in the full significance of these awesome unfolding events. It is a sombre moment. Their lamps are burning low. Do they have the oil?

This loud and stirring wake-up call will be the ultimate New Covenant fulfillment of the Feast of Trumpets. Israel's 'Covenant with death' is spoken of by the prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 28:14-22. This will be the deal of Daniel 9:27 Jesus spoke about. The treaty will have just been signed, confirmed, and ratified. Now there will be no turning back. This will be a day like no other in human history. On a dark and moonless night the nefarious 7 year deal will have just been brokered. The confirmation of this seven year sovereignty sharing treaty will have just fired the starting gun on the 70th Week of Daniel, the final seven years of this age.

This will be an event that will shake the Judeo-Christian people to their foundations. This epic betrayal of God and country and the wake up call for the saints will wake the echoes of a long forgotten relationship, the relationship between YHVH-God Almighty and all His covenant people. And yes, this will involve both houses of Israel. There is good news here. Ultimately, as John saw in Revelation 7:1-12 all 12 tribes will be present and accounted for.

The confirmation of this low down 7 year covenant with many will involve more than just the royal Jewish House of Judah and the nation of Israel. Bible teachers will not speak of this. But also implicated in the covenant will be the G-7 Western nations. As the mysteries unfold their connections to the lost ten tribes of Israel will become clear. This unprecedented treaty will be an event affecting the whole world.

Through it all it is is important that we realize that there is no dualism here. God is sovereign in this future history. The Ancient of Days is presiding over end time events. See Daniel 7:9, Dan. 7:13, and Dan. 7:22. He is the One who is setting the limits of events and times. See Job 38:11. And He is the One who conquered death for us and raises His people up to glory at the end. See Revelation 20:4. So the seven years that follow this mind-boggling future Rosh Hashanah will be more than just a period of "global governance" by humanistic elites and God's story written out of the history book. Right in the midst of their trials some "good grief" will be happening. The people of unrefined Jacob, all 12 tribes, Judah and non-Judah, will be on their way to becoming Israel, a word that means "Contender, Prince with God". A huge extended extended global family from every nation, race, and tribe will be there at the end. See Revelation 7 And the flag flown high from the castle of their heart will be Love. The long-awaited Commonwealth of Israel will emerge from the fiery furnace, without so much as the smell of smoke upon them. The mysteries that unfold during this future time of tribulation will eventually become manifest before angels and men. A cloud of witnesses will stand in wonderment at the end-time witness to our coming Messiah. And the covering of end-time glory that will attend this, even as Messiah returns, beggars description.


The YouTube video here contains a short 8 minute video.
It is a brief overview of the Seven Feasts of Israel or Seven "Appointed Times".

Should you have trouble streaming the video from the YouTube box above
you may go directly to YouTube and see the video by clicking the image below.

The Seven Feasts of Israel

Be sure to also see this article on the Hebrew Calendar.
And click HERE to see the YouTube Video on Biblical Time.

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As we discussed in the previous article there are Seven Feasts of Israel. In these sacred convocations the outline of Gods sovereign plan of the ages is laid out for the covenant people of God.

The key events of our redemption have already taken place. They unfolded on earth in the first three feasts, the spring feasts of Passover, Unleavened Bread, and Firstfruits in the year of our Lord's passion. These three spring feasts came to their climactic fulfillment during the Nisan moon of the year of 32 A.D.. As we have seen, each of these three spring feasts were fulfilled on the exact calendar dates appointed in the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

These first three feasts were fulfilled in the priestly ministry of Jesus. He came the first time to His people as the suffering servant providing in Himself an atoning sacrifice for Israel and all mankind as the promised Sacrifice Lamb. In that first coming He also officiated as High Priest in taking the blood of atonement and placing it on the mercy seat in the heavenly temple. (Heb.4:14-5:10)

Also fulfilled in that epic year was the summer Feast of Pentecost. This auspicious Jewish holiday was the day Moses brought the Law down from Mount Sinai. The Day of Pentecost erupted into its New Covenant fulfillment on a grand and magnificent opening day, the very birthday of the Congregation, (or Church), of Jesus Christ. As the feast was being celebrated in that momentous year the Holy Spirit was poured out upon the 120 in that upper room. The Holy Spirit revival overflowed into the streets of Jerusalem, then on across Judea, and out into the surrounding Gentile nations. What a day that was!

This is all very interesting. The birthday of the Church just happened to come on the 7th of Sivan, which is the Feast of Shavuot. So the Day of Pentecost, which is well known as the birthday of the Church, is also the birthday of Israel! Might there possibly be a link binding the Congregation of Israel and the Congregation of Christ together? (Eph.2:12-13) Is Christ, our coming Jewish Messiah, that vital link? Is He not the One who binds us all together?

Let us review what we have established so far.
The Seven Feasts of Israel are key waypoints on a roadmap into holy history. Four of them have been fulfilled already. They were fulfilled in epic fashion right on those auspicious Hebrew calendar dates to which they belong. This was true for each of the three spring feasts and the summer feast of Pentecost as well. Here is the situation so far.

1. Passover             Fulfilled! (By Jesus/Yeshua at His crucifixion
in the spring of 32 A.D.)

2. Feast of Unleavened Bread   Fulfilled! (By Jesus/Yeshua at His burial in the tomb
in the spring of 32 A.D.)

3. Feast of Firstfruits       Fulfilled! (By Jesus/Yeshua at His Resurrection
in the spring of 32 A.D.)

4. Feast of Pentecost       Fulfilled! (By the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost
in the summer of 32 A.D.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
.             (A gap of 2000 years or so has allowed the Light of Israel to
.             go forth into the nations for the Gentiles to be evangelized).
  - - - - - - - - - - - -     WE ARE HERE     - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Now here come the Fall Feasts.
They are probably just up ahead.
5. The Feast of Trumpets      Unfulfilled ....(as of yet).

6. The Day of Atonement      Unfulfilled ....(as of yet).
(The Jewish nation and "all Israel" will be saved! - Zech.12:8-13:1, Rom. 11)
(And then comes the Day of the Lord, Doomsday for the wicked and
the Resurrection-Rapture of the Elect drawn from Israel and the gentiles.)

7. The Feast of Tabernacles   Unfulfilled ....(as of yet).
The coming 1000 year Millennium of Messiah.

......................................................... .........................................................

All these above are the Seven Feasts of Israel. As we can see, the next three events on God's agenda are the fulfillment of each of the three Fall Feasts of Israel. Will they occur on the Hebrew calendar dates these epic days are assigned to?
Most assuredly they will!

Look at the first four feasts. They had been celebrated ever since the time of the Exodus when Moses gave these seven Feasts of Israel to us at Mt. Sinai. Each one of them received their New Covenant fulfillment in the spring and summer of 32 A.D. right on the Hebrew date to which they belong!


So. What is next on God's agenda? The final destiny of the saints and the restoration of God's creation here below is in the works. God's plan for the ages has yet to unfold. The Fall Feasts will surely come into their final and climactic fulfillment. Just what will they will bring into future holy history? This has already been determined. These epic future days of destiny have been ordained of Yehoveh-God and written into Bible prophecy. The agenda has been set by our Sovereign God. We don't know the time but Holy One of Israel has decreed the future year in which these Fall Feasts will begin to unfold. We can be sure that both events will erupt into history in the same spectacular fashion as did the first four of the Seven Feasts of Israel did before them. Yehoveh, the God who was, is and ever more shall be, is in charge here. He is the Holy One of Israel. And He has spoken from the throne of heaven. He has decreed that His future agenda down here on earth will unfold right on the designated Hebrew calendar days. See this YouTube video of the Seven Moeds, Seven Appointed Times, Seven Feasts of the Lord, or Seven Feasts of Israel.

So these Seven Feasts of Yehovah-God are not just quaint Jewish holy days for liturgical expression and tradition. The will all turn out to be epic waypoints on the Highway of Holiness. And the Fall Feasts are particularly important for us. And why? Because these three Fall Feasts, epic calendar dates yet to come into their New Covenant fulfillment, mark out the trail ahead. When they are understood they will guide us on into an awesome future and into the glorious destiny of the Commonwealth of Israel.

God's Word is for us. We are God's Elect. This Divine Information has been given to us. God's Word has been spoken from the foundation of the world. And the Word of God has been written down for us to read. For over 500 years now the Bible has been translated into our language. It has been printed. Lots of copies are available. And now it is now in our hands. God has spoken quite clearly about these upcoming events. Bible prophecy has been loaded into the Holy Scriptures in practically every book of the Bible. The prophecies are repeated and cross-referenced so they are established and sure. At this point we are unsure about many of the details. But there is absolutely no question about the outcome. God's covenant people win out in the end. See Daniel 7:27 and Daniel 12:3.

So in future times it will come to pass that all the Fall Feasts will unload their respective epic histories in the time and manner prophesied. Each of these appointed times will explode onto the international stage and in spectacular fashion. The main characters, God's witnesses, will be up there onstage during those final acts of the play.

The God of Israel is the Divine Director and Choreographer here. His is the dancing hand of mani-fest history. We can be totally and absolutely sure that the story will unfold in the timings and in the pattern God has set forth in His Holy Word. Those splendid future events, the drama of the ages, will be seen by watching men and angels. The end time saints will be there! They will finish the race on behalf of all those saints who have gone before. (See Heb.12:1) This awesome future history with close-ups on every single runner will be recorded forever on the videotapes of heaven.

We serve a God who is in sovereign control of history. No man or devil can change what God has decreed He will do. As we read, the Ancient of Days is the One who presides over the unfolding events we see laid out in the Book of Revelation. The Holy One of Israel has declared the nature and the timing of all these pivotal events. The end-time plan has already been set. These events will occur precisely when and how He has said that they will occur. Yehoveh-God is the One in charge here, not the political, religious, or military programs of men. Epic future events will certainly erupt into the history of this world. And when they do they will break forth right on those future Hebrew calendar dates of the Fall Feasts of Israel.


In the process of a study of the Hebrew Feasts the author made a rather startling discovery. As we can see laid out in this chart the next two Feasts will almost certainly mark out the beginning and the ending of that awesome time span, the 70th week of Daniel, the final 7 years of this age. And we can also expect that the third Fall Feast, the Feast of Tabernacles will open up the glorious Millennium of Messiah. Each one of these final three Fall Feasts will see events of great import break forth in spectacular fashion into world history. Thus God's final agenda will be brought into its full and complete conclusion.

How will it all start? Looking at the facts, (which are revealed more fully in the article on the Feast of Trumpets), and the article on the Metonic Cycles it would appear that the epic seven year peace covenant involving Israel and achieving some sort of man centered peace in the Middle East will be signed on some future Rosh Hashanah/Yom Teruah. This blockbuster event will erupt into holy history during the autumn season and right on a certain future Jewish New Year. The Hebrew New Year, Yom Teruah or the "day of blowing" is the 5th feast or 5th appointed time. Also known as the Feast of Trumpets, this appointed time comes on the 1st day of the Tishrei moon.

Seven years later, and at the end of a future seven year, 86 moon Tishrei to Tishrei time span in the 19 year Metonic Cycle and on Tishrei 10 comes an awesome Day of Atonement. It will be a Yom Kippur like none before it. This final wrap-up Day of (blood) Covering will finish up all the accounting and all the covering for sin for every man, woman, and child who has ever lived up until "that Day". It will be the final ultimate climactic Day of Reckoning. This day of Judgment is parked right at the last day at the very end of this entire evil age.

The day after this, (and the Hebrew 24 hour period begins at sunset), space-time will be unzipped to reveal the coming Messiah. He will emerge from a parallel Universe behind the cosmos we now see. Yes, the Apocalypse or Revelation or unveiling of Messiah in His Kingdom role will come on the Day of the Lord. This will come on the day after that final Day of Accounting.

If the Day of Judgment/Atonement comes on Tishri 10 then the entry point on the Hebrew calendar for the Day of the Lord would therefore appear to be sunset of that day just as Tishrei 11 begins. 11 is the Biblical number for disruption of the old and entry into the new. This Day of the Lord will certainly upset the status quo for those who have neglected God's salvation. For those who have not been watching the signs of Messiah's coming and for those Preterists who believe that Christ came back in 70 A.D. there will be a surprise. Back in former times false teachers had told the very same lie to the Thessalonians. They had been told that the Day of the Lord, the Day of Christ had already come. Theywere told that they had missed the boat and that God had no further dealings with them. Today the Preterists want to do the same thing. They want to "do away with" the Day of the Lord and put it behind them. They also vainly try to dump Israel and impose their last crusade in the agenda of Dominion Theology. This is the dogma they want to impose upon the church and upon the world. Oh yes, they want to bring their Kingdom Now. But they are in for a shock. As it was in the days of Noah people will be busy pursuing their own agenda and their own purpose for their own "best life now". But suddenly the Day of Christ will come upon them as a 'thief in the night'. (1Thes.5:1-11) At that time Messiah will send in his reapers to execute His Final Judgment. This Day of the Lord will open up as the sun sets on the last day of this age.

Eligible seven year Tishrei to Tishrei time spans that see 86 moons are the years beginning on Tishrei 1 of 2014, 2016, 2017, 2022 and later. The terminus day of the actual final seven years of this age turns out to be the day after the final Day of Reckoning/Day of Atonement on Tishrei 10. The Day of the Lord will apparently open up on Tishrei 11. So this time span in which seven years, 86 moons, counted out from Rosh Hashanah, (Tishrei 1) arrives precisely on the Day of Atonement at the 1260 + 1290 = the 2550th day. See the graphic below.

Here is a brief explanation of the chart. At the end of the 1260 days the reign of the Antichrist will be terminated by the returning Messiah. At that time the 70th Week of Daniel, the Great Tribulation, the trampling of Jerusalem, and the exile of the Woman, the Commonwealth of Israel, will end. "Immediately after the tribulation of those days' as we see in the Olivet Discourse), and this would be on day 1260 from the Abomination of Desolation, at sunset the sign of the Son of Man will be seen in the heavens. The 6th seal will open on a day of thick darkness under a darkened sun and a bloody moon. (Mat.24:29-30) During those 30 days from day 1260 to day 1289 we see a time period when Messiah is pleading with the nations to repent, to stop this foolish assault upon Jerusalem. He is imporing them in pestilence and bloodshed to turn from their wicked self-centered humanistic ways and come to Him.

The Day of Atonement on day 1290 is the final Day of Reckoning or Day of Accounting. This is the ultimate and final Day of Covering, Day of Reconciliation for sin. It is the last day to repent. This day is the Day of Jezreel. And out in that Valley of decision the armies pressing in upon Jerusalem will be presented with their final opportunity to turn around, to repent and come to God. Multitudes will be in the Valley of Decision. Judgment Day will be at the door. And as the sun sets the Day of the Lord will open up to bring this present evil age to an end.

It will be Messiah who brings His righteous judgment on this 'last day' of this age. Evil angels of wrath will then be the first to be loosed as Doomsday descends upon the rebels. For the wicked this will be a day of sheer stark terror. Evil angels, the grim reapers, will be coming to pluck up the wicked in this awful day of the wrath of God. See Psalm 78:49. The tares/weeds will be gathered first. See Matthew 13:30. The rebels and reprobates will be bundled up to be cast into the fires of Hell. This event Jesus tells us, will precede the glorification of the saints. After the wrath of God falls upon the wicked and on a day and hour unknown comes the Resurrection-Rapture.

God must remove the wicked from His people, even as the weeds are taken from among the wheat. Man was created in the image of God. Consequently, man's spirit is eternal. We live forever, - somewhere. So the wicked are not obliterated in death. Nor have they come to their end with the annihilation of their souls as may happen to animals. The wicked will be plucked up must be carried off somewhere.

So where are these wicked to go? Hell has no right to impose itself on heaven. So after the judgment and the execution of that judgment by the angels of wrath the wicked are sequestered off to a place of burning, far away from heaven in outer darkness. There will be no camaraderie in Hell. The wicked will be all alone, isolated in solitary confinement in a place of eternal torment. This is damnation and it is too terrible to dwell upon for any length of time. But it must be addressed.

Dear people, if you are not saved and born again and have not yet received Messiah as your Savior and Lord please take this as an opportunity to turn this around. Repent of your sin, get down on your knees, and ask Him to save you from your sin. Ask Him to come in to your life to be your Lord and Savior.
Now is the day of salvation!
Receive Him today!

The Battle of Armageddon will be a lost cause for the heathen nations. As they rage against His Holy City Jerusalem they will come face to face with the powers of the Almighty. And on that final day of Jezreel the armies of the nations will be trampled. The returning Messiah will destroy the wicked. Messiah will also come to the sheepfolds of Bozrah. 'The Breaker' will come as a deliverer. There at mystery Bozrah He will liberate His flock from the hands of end-time Esau in that glorious and magnificent Bozrah deliverance. This event was known about by the patriarchs. It is showcased in the constellations of the stars. See this YouTube video on the year of Jubilee.

The discovery that the 1260 + 1260 days encompassing the 70th week and extending out 30 days beyond that to the 1260 + 1290 = 2550 days fits perfectly perfectly as a bridge between the next two fall feasts coming up for fulfillment when they are spaced out 7 years apart was something this author noticed in 2004. If it is significant, and I believe that it is, then the Holy Spirit must have been at work here just as was promised. Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit and that He would lead us into all truth. - John 16:13 I have not seen any discussion online concerning this connection of the next two Fall Feasts of Israel with the final seven years of this age. Nor have I seen it mentioned in any ministry publication or in any other prophecy book. I believe it to be a significant discovery.

Quite obviously this indicates that the 7 year Peace Treaty mentioned in that all important verse of Daniel 9:27 will occur on a Jewish New Year, this being Yom Teruah, Rosh Hashanah. It will be Tishrei 1 on the Hebrew calendar. This day should be Biblically established as the first sighting of the new moon of Tishrei. The Karaite Jews set the holy calendar by this moon sighting. They do not trust the calculated date we see in our present Jewish calendar. Hillel's calendar which has served very well is now drifting off track and in need of retuning. It often brings the Hebrew months in a day earlier than the actual new moon sighting.

Here is what this all probably means. The first day of the 70th week of Daniel will almost certainly come on the Feast of Trumpets
How appropriate! A warning will definitely need to be sounded. And the watchman of Israel will not be silent. Nor will they slink away from their task and calling to save their lives. As we know from Ezekiel 33:6 God holds the watchmen personally responsible for the blood of His covenant people.

Those who are called to be watchmen understand what this means.
Will the watchmen be resolved to do what God has called them to do?
Will they sound the shofar on that coming day?
Or will the world as we know it just end with a whimper?.


If you would like to do the math on the 2550 days it is laid out toward the end of the article on the Feast of Trumpets. I have restated it in this article in the sections below.

Previously I recommended the website for their very helpful Hebrew calendar converter. This online tool made it is easy to find the Gregorian calendar dates for those all important fall Jewish feast days as they arise in future years. In more recent times I suggest we create our own Hebrew calendar. This is necessary because of the drift in Hillel's calendar which was set in motion way back in 359 A.D.. A true Hebrew calendar must remain faithful to label day one of the month as the evening and day following the sunset in which the new moon is actually sighted.

So what does this mean? We must go by the new moon sighting, by two witnesses. Astronomical data is very helpful in this as well. To find the new moon and day one of the month we need to look up the NASA moon-phase data and in particular, the date and time of the astronomical new moon for the lunar cycle in question. Moon-phase times are given to us in Universal (Greenwich, England) time. To find Jerusalem time we add two and a half hours. Then we need to ask ourselves which ensuing sunset that new moon is over 18-24 hours old and therefore likely to be sighted. The new moon can usually be sighted when it is 24 hours old. The lunar cycles are available online from the data services of the US Naval Observatory and also a website provided by NASA.

Here is a text link to the moonphase data at the NASA website.

After we have confirmed the new moons for the coming Tishrei moons in the coming years we can lay out our candidate feast days for the coming upcoming fulfillments of the two Fall Feasts. Those are the Feast of Trumpets, Tishrei 1, on upcoming year X and the Day of Atonement, Tishrei 10, on upcoming year X + 7. After converting from Hebrew Calendar to Gregorian calendar it then becomes a simple matter of counting out the days between the feasts/appointed times in question to see if they mark out a time span of 86 moons and will fit neatly between a given pair of feasts, Tishrei 1 and Tishrei 10 when they are 7 years apart.

That is what I did. And for those seven year feast to feast timelines with 86 moons I counted the days. When the days counted out from Tishree 1 and reaching Tishrei 10 seven years later came back 2449 days it blew me away. If we locate the Feast of Trumpets on year X, (Tishrei 1) and call this day 1 then the Day of Atonement seven years later on year X + 7, (Tishrei 10), comes in right on day 2550. Similarly if we begin on the sighted new moon or the first day of the lunar month and go forward in time 86 moons and nine days connecting up to the tenth day of the moon seven years later we also get 2550 days. So day 2550, the Day of Atonement, must be the last day of the age.

Here is the math on the time span between the two upcoming Fall Feasts of Trumpets and the Day of Atonement seven years later.
Candidate seven year spans of years will be those which see 86 moons, (not 87). See the tables on the article which covers the Metonic Cycles.

The current lunar cycle is 29.530588 days.
86 moons = 86 x 29.530588 days = 2539.63 or 1240 days inclusive.
The beginning of Tishrei 1 on year one to the beginning of Tishrei 1 on year seven = 1240 days.
So we must add 10 days to this 2540 number to arrive at our 2550 days.
Tishrei 1 plus ten days takes us to the end of Tishrei 10.
This brings us to the day after Tishrei 10.
Day 2550 brings us to the Day of Atonement.
Sunset at the close of Day 2550 takes us into the Day of the Lord.

Now let us measure our time span for the 70th week of Daniel, the final seven years of this age? How many days does this contain? A 'week' in Hebrew means a 'seven'. So the 70th week is seven years long. How long is the year which is given to us by Gabriel from the throne of God in the prophecy of the 70 weeks in Daniel chapter 9? Is it 365.242199 days as we see it in this present damaged cosmos?

Well as we discovered in part 5 of our study of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel and in this YouTube lesson we are given a Rosetta Stone for the reckoning of the Biblical or prophetic year. The Holy Spirit gives it to us in Revelation 12. Let us take a closer look.

John tells us in Rev. 13:6 that the woman of Revelation 12 is carried away on the wings of a great eagle to be nurtured in a wilderness place for a period given as 1260 days.

Eight verses later in Rev. 12:14 the Holy Spirit restates the very same message. Here instead of days the time unit being used is the "time" or year. The woman is given the wings of a great eagle. (What country might that be?) The woman flies away to a place prepared for her where she will be nurtured for a time, times, and a half a time, or 3.5 years. So we can conclude that 3.5 biblical years = 1260 days. Now, if we divide the 1260 days by 3.5 we get 360 days. This is the perfect and prophetic biblical year!

So the two halves of the 70th week/seven are each time spans of 1260 days. They both add up to 2520 days which is seven biblical years. We might expect that if these two 1260 day halves of the 70th Week are put together we will get 2520 days for the time span encompassing the entire 70th Week. But do we?

Let us go now to Daniel 12:11. There we see mention of another specific number of days. Daniel is told that there will be 1290 days between the mid-week cessation of the sacrifices and abomination of desolation as mentioned in Dan.9:27 and the end of this age.

So with the 1290 days there the holy Spirit is telling us about an extra 30 days that follows the final 1260 days of the 70th week of Daniel. What is that all about? What might be going on during those extra 30 days?

Let us check scripture with scripture here. Certainly we know that the reign of the Antichrist will end after 1260 days. See Rev. 13:5. And the trampling of Jerusalem will cease as well after those 1260 days or 42 biblical months have come to an end. So what is the meaning of the 1290 days, and where do those 1290 days end up? Will day 1290 see the last day of this age, even "That Day" mentioned and alluded to repeatedly throughout scripture? Will day 1290 see the final Day of Reckoning, Day of Covering, Day of Atonement, the final Judgment that we can expect with the return of Messiah? Let's take a look and see.

Here are the facts from scripture. After those 1260 days have expired we know that the reign of the Antichrist and the False Prophet will end. They will be destroyed by the brightness of the coming of Messiah. We are also told that they will be thrown alive into the Lake of Fire. (Rev.20) But that is not the end!

It seems that this 30 day time period will see the sixth seal opened with the sun turning to darkness and the moon to blood. These are the cosmic disturbances that will see the opening of the great and terrible Day of the Lord. Will this extra 30 day period see the judgment upon the nations? Will it see Messiah pleading with the nations as the armies of the gentiles gather at Megiddo/Armageddon for their last big push against Jerusalem?

If this is the case then God is far more merciful than we had previously thought. The 70th Week will not wrap up everything for this age. After terminating the reign of the Antichrist Messiah will turn to do other business. He will wrap up the dealings He has determined with His covenant people. This extra 30 days will see the judgment of the nations. Messiah will be giving wayward mankind an extra 30 days, their last chance to reconsider their ways and to repent. 30 days notice. This will be all the time they/we get.

1290 days or 1260 + 1290 = 2550 days appears to point to a very significant terminus for this age. Because when we look at our Hebrew calendar and run out seven years, counting out 86 moons and 9 days from Tishrei 1 of a certain candidate year we discover that day 2550 brings us to a highly auspicious terminus date. We arrive smack dab on the 10th day of Tishrei. We have landed right on the awesome Day of Atonement!

Is this the last day of this age? It looks very much like it. We have come to the Day of Atonement, the Day of Reckoning, Day of Accounting, Day of Sentencing, Day of Pardoning, Day of Covering. And when the sun sets on this awesome future Yom Kippur space-time will be unzipped to unveil the coming Messiah. This is the Apocalypse, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. Messiah will be unveiled in the Day of the Lord.

Job #1 at His return will be precisely as Jesus outlined in the Parable of the Tares. The tares will be gathered first. See Matthew 13:30. God's wrath will fall specifically and personally upon the heads of the wicked. Their angels, the angels of wrath, will be overhead, swooping down on their own as raptors over their prey. The wicked will be plucked up, kicking and screaming. They will be carried off to their destruction at the place where the eagles/vultures gather. The righteous will see this. They will see the reward of the wicked. See Psalm 91:8.

So it seems that our scope for the end-time drama goes out beyond the 70th Week of Daniel.
We go beyond 1260 + 1260 days.
Instead we have 1260 + 1290 = 2550 DAYS

An error margin of 1 day in 2550 would be a confidence level of about a 99.96%. This is an exceedingly high level of accuracy.
Is this likely to be a coincidence?
Probably not.
Here again is our diagram.

Candidates for the final seven years of this age, (Tishrei to Tishre time spans across seven years that contain 86 and not 87 moons), are 2014-2021, 2017-2024, 2019-2026, 2022-2029 and so on in the 19 year 235 moon Metonic Cycles.

Note that the terminus of the 1260 days as they extend out beyond the mid 70th Week Abomination of Desolation ends up on a day that sees the termination of the the reign of the Antichrist. And it also ends the Great Tribulation. The trampling of Jerusalem will also come to an end at that point. So will the ministry of the two witnesses. Then comes the 6th seal with its attendant cosmic and atmospheric disturbances in a post-tribulation time-slot. We find this in the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24:29 Jesus tells us plainly that "Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light even and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be shaken." These cosmic disturbances will last 30 days and precede the Apocalypse or unveiling of Messiah. Because when we go out 30 days beyond the 1260 days and come to the 1290 days we arrive on the Day of Atonement. The Day of Atonement also sees the trumpets of Jubilee blowing to announce the coming of the Millennium of Messiah. See this YouTube video. And as the sun sets on this Day of Covering we arrive at Tishrei 11 which we can assume is that awesome Newtonian time portal that opens up a window into eternity. In this vortex or wormhole the Day of the Lord opens up for execution of the Tishrei 10 Judgment which, as we saw, comes on the Day of Atonement.

The Day of the Lord opens up a well described sequence of events. First comes the wrath of God and the snatching away of the wicked. Then comes the glorification of the saints in the harpazo snatch of the Second Coming of Christ/Messiah. Jesus said that He would be gathering His single undivided Elect from the four winds of heaven and that this would be "after the tribulation of those days" when "the sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood". This Post Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture will happen inside the Day of the Lord. The blessed hope will unfold inside a window into eternity on a day and a time unknown.


The next feast to follow the Day of Atonement will come some time after these climactic end-time events. This will be the joyful Feast of Tabernacles. It too will erupt into history in spectacular fashion. Evangelicals have long held that the Feast of Tabernacles is connected with the opening day of the Millennium of Messiah.

Each of these three fall feasts are due to be fulfilled in some historic and spectacular fashion just as the earlier four feasts were. Will the next two feasts mark out the beginning and the end of that historic future seven year period known as the 70th week of Daniel? There is little doubt that epic events are due to occur on some future Tishrei 1 and on some future Tishrei 10. on the Hebrew calendar. All three of these future events dates are scheduled by God to erupt into holy history on these certain holy days, (Jewish holidays). The signing of the 7-year Peace treaty involving the sacred and sovereign territory of Eretz Israel will be a blockbuster event. This prophetic tsunami will engulf us on some future 1st day of Tishrei in some future Hebrew New Year, the Feast of Trumpets. Then seven years later on the 10th day of Tishrei comes the Day of Atonement, the last day of this present evil age.


So why was it necessary for there to be two comings of Messiah? And why do some of our yet to be saved Jewish brethren consider that there will be two messiahs? They postulate a holy messiah of the High Priesthood, "Meshiach ben Joseph". And they speculate concerning a royal messiah of the Kingdom, "Meshiach ben David". Why the apparent dichotomy? Just what is going on here?

The answer lies in the seemingly contradictory character of the God of Israel. Our God is a God of Righteous Law and also a God of Mercy and Grace. Theologians have struggled with this apparent contradiction since ancient times. Beloved evangelical theologian Francis Schaeffer addressed the two burdens of "Law" and "Grace" quite extensively in his lectures and books.

So what is the main lesson to be learned here? The royal House of Judah in the Jewish nation has been drawn into the Law, to the apparent exclusion of Grace. And the Church with lost Israel right from the breach of Jeroboam went looking for Grace to the apparent exclusion of God's Law. But this conflicted state of affairs is not the ultimate conclusion to God's Agenda. Nor is it the Millennial Rest and the Restoration that is prophesied for the Commonwealth and Congregation of Israel. Because Messiah, in His death upon the cross embraces and satisfies them both!

"Candles at the Wall"
by Jewish artist Eizen.
Prints available from the
Israeli Poster Center.
Click on the image to see the
article on the Two Witnesses.

The two witnesses are showcased
in the two Sabbath candles. And
two candles appear on our dining
tables in Christendom. The theme
of 'two witnesses' is seen in
both the Old and New Testaments.

So how can the two burdens for Israel be reconciled. Our Hellenized minds driven by Greco-Roman logic and running the soulish software of either secular or religious humanism are confounded. We have no rational answer. But in the cross of Calvary we see the two reconciled and come into perfect union. We see God's Righteous Law and Justice in one view. He judged the sin of the world by sentencing it to death, even as it was borne by God Himself as He suffered and died upon the cross. And in the other view we see God's Mercy and Grace in His coming into our cosmos as Israel's promised spotless Sacrifice Lamb.

So here is the Good News. Both burdens and authorities come into perfect harmony in the sacrifice of our Messiah. He brings the two together. And in Himself Israel's Prince of Peace re-unites His whole dysfunctional disjointed family. The royal Jewish house of Judah will be saved. (Zech. 12) And all 12 tribes of of lost Israel will be regathered and restored. Messiah is bringing His called, His Chosen Elect, and His faithful covenant people back into His shalom. And so it is in the blood of the New Covenant that our Messiah establishes the long awaited Peace of Jerusalem.

The dual Messianic anointing as High Priest, Suffering Servant, Sacrifice Lamb on the one hand and as King of kings, Lion of the tribe of Judah, Son of David, Righteous Ruler on the other must be witnessed and ratified here on earth. Holy history will call for a unified two-fold earthly witness here below before the Ancient of Days, before angels, and before men. This, in fact, is the ministry of the two witnesses. They are witnesses to both the Gospel of Salvation and the Gospel of the Kingdom. This dual ministry in the Prince of Peace must be showcased in future holy history and then sealed up for the Ancient of Days who, (as we see from the book of Revelation), will be presiding during the Apocalypse in the courts above. This "final witness" is the 5th seal. (see Revelation chapter 6). This will lead on to the 6th seal and the return of Messiah who will destroy the wicked, deliver His saints, judge the nations. Then He will bring then bring in His Millennial Kingdom.

Here on earth in this present evil age we struggle with the apparent irreconcilable duality in the character of YHVH-God. Our Jewish brethren, as the royal tribe, are inclined to champion the Law and the Messiah of Righteousness, the promised Son of David. They always were a people who held God's Righteous Law in His Torah very dear to their hearts. And right from the beginning of their wanderings, at the breach of Jeroboam, the Christians, many of them descended from lost Israel have always sought after the Messiah of Grace and mercy. Their parallel histories since that awful great divorce of Israel has been one long family misunderstanding, to say the least. This longstanding animosity has kept the two houses isolated from each other and in a state of disarray. This deep and hurtful schism remains with us to this day. It is a forgotten and unresolved blood feud in the covenant family of Israel. Who will resolve this age old problem? Who will heal the breach of Jeroboam?

Here we have good news.
Messiah will do that Himself.

The New Covenant will showcase God's Mercy and Grace;
And on the altar of human hearts His lovingkindness will be celebrated with praise and worship.
The New Covenant will also see His Torah written upon tablets of flesh,
And the Righteous Rule of the Throne of David will be established in human hearts.
(See Jeremiah 31:31-33).

Messiah enters the hearts of all who call upon Him in repentance by grace through faith in the atoning blood of His promised Sacrifice Lamb. And even as He sits upon His throne in the hearts of men He ministers at the altar of their heart as well. And so both of these factionalized ministries of Israel, both of them partially blind, will be regathered and restored by the work of the indwelling Christ or Messiah. Both houses of God's covenant people will go on to find their destined unity in Christ as a "royal priesthood, and a holy nation. Messiah is both our Saviour oministering in the High Priesthood of His Grace and our coming Righteous King and Lawgiver. Both of these burdens are completely and totally reconciled at the cross of Calvary. (Psalm 85:10)


This wonderful image is from the Jewish Cervera Bible.
Spain circa 1299.

Here is another clue from the prophecy of Zechariah in which specific mention is made of two anointed ones who stand before the Lord of the whole earth. They must relate to the two anointings of God in the royal governmental authority of Israel and in the religious priesthood of Israel. Our scripture passage is in Zechariah chapter four. Zecharaiah saw two olive trees. Both of them were supplying the oil of anointing to a bowl. That bowl supplied oil to a seven branched candlestick or candlestick. The seven branched menorah, (and not the hexagonal six-pointed star), is the true and Biblically authorized symbol of Israel. It has been recognized since the time when Moses received the pattern for the menorah from YHVH-God at Mount Sinai.

So as we have seen God's people have been deeply divided. One faction, (The royal Jewish House and those connected to the Kingdom of David), have been favoring Law over Grace. The other, the priestly ministry of "the Church" has been favoring Grace over Law, sometimes to the point of being antinomian lawless ones. But YHVH, the God of Israel is not schitzophrenic. He Himself has never been divided. Nor does He set forth an apartheid policy for two elects. A diligent word-search through the Holy Scriptures from cover to cover will only reveal one Elect and Chosen people.

But there are two authorities here on earth that come from the God of Israel. There are two offices and the dual anointing of Messiah according to the Order of Melchizedek. (See Psalm 110:4). Melchizedek was both High Priest and King. He was High Priest of God Most High issuing Mercy and Grace. And He was King of Salem or Prince of Peace issuing God's Righteous Rule in His Law or Torah from Jerusalem.

So as we seek to place the yet to be fulfilled Feast of Trumpets into some sort of Biblical context we can make this observation. In the springtime feasts 2000 years ago the God of Israel did not come as the Conquering King executing His righteous Law, (although many of our Jewish brethren very much wanted and expected their Messiah to do just that). But on that first occasion He was showing His covenant people His priestly ministering character for mercy and Grace. His atoning blood brings salvation to Israel and Messiah as the Light to the Gentiles shines out to convert and to save the heathen Gentiles. (Isa.49:6) During that epic Passover of 32 A.D. Messiah came as the Suffering Servant. He was Israel's ultimate promised Sacrifice Lamb.

Our Jewish brethren, (the rest of Israel being as lost sheep), expected that when their Messiah came He would surely deliver them from Roman subjection and establish His Millennial Kingdom. But that was not God's immediate plan. That Kingdom role, (with Messiah coming as the Conquering King), would have to wait until the fullness of the Gentiles had been brought in and holy history had witnessed Messiah's Second Coming. His first coming as the Suffering Servant was very necessary. The Light to the Gentiles then would go forth to bring God's great salvation into the lives of all who were destined to become God's covenant people. The blood of the atonement in Israel's promised Sacrifice Lamb had been shed. This blood of the covenant would overflow Israel to spread out into the whole world. Ultimately, when the fullness of the Gentiles has been brought in, Messiah will come the Second Time. At that time He will judge the wicked, deliver His Elect, and establish His righteous Law. He will rule over this earth from Zion.


What does all this tell us? Certainly we can appreciate that our God has sovereign control over this world that He has created. he is also sovereign over the unfolding of holy history. Indeed, the Holy One of Israel is the author and the scriptwriter of all these future climactic events. The Adversary will do what the Adversary does, even to the point of fulfilling God's purposes. God's magnificent plan is already if play. His agenda calls not only for the defeat of Lucifer and the redemption of His chosen people but also for the restoration of this planet to the beauty and order it once knew. Holy history must call for a witness by of His covenant people, even as a true Bride will give a witness to her Bridegroom. A true Bride will testify "unto death do us part". So will the tribulation saints of Revelation chapter 7. Messiah will come to plead with the nations. Then he will execute vengeance on the wicked and upon those who have abused and persecuted His covenant people. Messiah will deliver His own, even His Elect, the ones who at that time will be in those squeeze zones, he one at Jerusalem, and the one out at Mystery Bozrah. Those who belong to Messiah will be caught up to meet Him in the clouds in that glorious Resurrection-Rapture.

So as we can see, Messiah is in full control of events here.
He will surely deliver His people from the powers of darkness.

So the Elect of this age are important witnesses to all this. They are up front and center as we come to the climax of this age. The saints are vitally involved in God's plan for the redemption of this world. We cannot escape from our responsibility. We are witnesses to Jesus Christ. We are looking at a glorious destiny here. Because the facts of Holy Scripture and the facts of ongoing Church history are speaking to us quite plainly. And the message is loud and clear. The Holy City, the New Jerusalem was seen by John descending from heaven, a city with eternal foundations not made with human hands. She is bedecked with jewels, adorned as the Bride of Christ.

The Church/Congregation of Israel is betrothed to her Bridegroom. As such she is not just an indifferent uninvolved concubine under a contract. Nor is she just a material girl awaiting a limo to rapture her up to her mansion on cushions of comfort and ease. God's covenant people are betrothed to Christ. He is our coming Messiah. We are vitally involved in the covenant matters that are involved with His return. And as a Bride addresses and signs the Marriage documents we know that her signature is to be found right alongside that of her Bridegroom. Oh yes, Christian believers are in the loop here. We are in a blood covenant relationship with our Lord Jesus.

The scriptures are plain. The Elect will bring the essential and final witness of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach before the watching angels and before this watching world. (Heb.12:1-4) We are the ones who are destined to bring the testimony of the Eternal Covenant. In this manner the called out company, the ekklesia, the Congregation/Church of Christ is destined to become 'a royal priesthood, and a holy nation.' Moses spoke of this in Exod.19:6. So did the Apostle Peter in 1Pet.2:9). This is the single refined and reunified Congregation and Nation/Commonwealth of Israel. This company is marked for salvation, sanctification and glorification. It is the precious congregation, the Chosen Elect (Gr. ‘ekklesia’="called out Assembly"). It is a "peculiar people" drawn out of this fallen world from Christendom, from the Jewish house of Judah, (Zech.12:7-13:1), and from all Israel,(Romans 11) as we find them out to the ends of the earth. They are drawn, "called out", from every nation, race and tribe. (See Rev.5:9-10 & Rev.7:9-17). This is the grand scope, the final Assembly of all the Elect of God.

Yes our God is in control here below. Indeed He has a big, generous, comprehensive, all encompassing plan to save His people, judge the wicked angels and men, and restore the cosmos. That plan will surely come to pass. The Trumpets of Jubilee will herald the coming of the Millennium of Messiah. Our coming King of kings establish the true and lasting peace this world all longs for, even that elusive peace, the 'Peace of Jerusalem'. Peace will come at last to the Holy City and the land of Israel will blossom as the rose. From Jerusalem central our Messiah will bring His peace to the whole world.

Over many centuries world superpowers and 'united nations' conglomerates of this earth have all strived in vain to secure world peace. But in 'that Day', and under the Order of Melchizedek the Kingdom and High Priesthood of Messiah will bring it all home with Him. That long awaited peace will surely come. And the Garden of Delight will have finally returned to these earthly realms again.

The Prince of Peace will make this happen. He is the One who will establish the only true and lasting New World Order. It will be the Pax Meshiach, the glorious Millennium of Messiah.

The ecosystems and world geography will be transformed as well.
Our returning Messiah will restore this creation to the beauty it once knew.

Streams will break forth in the desert.
And the wilderness will blossom as the rose.

The Shepherd of Israel will shepherd His sheep.
He will lead them by a safe way into green pastures.

They will enter into His Sabbath Rest,
And onwards to the streams of Eternal Life.