The Archangel Michael fighting evil principalities. These dark angels had intercepted the angel Gabriel striving to block the message he was bringing down from God's throne to the prophet Daniel. Daniel's obedience in prayer saw Michael come in to assist Gabriel allowing him to get through with the information. Here is the POWERPOINT PRESENTATION of this article.
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Gavin Finley MD
November 2004

Music from
'More Than Dreams'.


Much of the Bible, perhaps as much as one quarter, is Bible prophecy. This Word of God is information. It is sure information. It is God's holy information, His news before the news. We must assume that this is valuable, (even critical), information for Christian believers, especially as we approach the climax of this present age. Devoted Christians realize very early on that we are in a spiritual war. And that spiritual warfare is very much a battle of information, for information, and by information. In short, spiritual warfare, always involves information warfare.

How do the powers of darkness wage information warfare? They seek to block the Light of God as it shines down into the darkness of this world. God's glory can be seen in the heavens and in the creation. And His righteousness and His grace can be clearly seen by those who have eyes to see. God speaks to men in their conscience. And His message is brought to men as they read the Holy Scriptures. But His Truth can be blocked by those who deliberately choose to turn away from the Light. Pharaoh was shown the Truth of the God of Israel in his encounters with the God of Israel. But he continued to harden his heart against what He clearly saw. God's Holy Spirit does not always strive with men. Eventually He lets them go their own way, .... into the darkness.

The struggle between good and evil takes place in the lower angelic realms, in the hierarchies and halls of human government, and down at the grassroots in the souls of men. The story of this world in this present evil age is that, generally speaking, men have preferred darkness and turned away from the Light of God. They are bound and determined to rule by their own humanistic authority. The powers of darkness have their way in corrupting power hungry men of the flesh. The witness for God's truth is all around them. God is speaking to them. He is pleading with them all through their lives. But they are blocking Him out.

When the Word of God cannot be blocked the principalities and the powers of this present darkness change their approach. Dark angels, (and the human beings who operate in their evil), attempt to to twist God's truth inside the message. They craft and re-engineer an attenuated version of God's Word. They are doing this for their own selfist purposes. They are out to control and manipulate men. They put their "spin", (usually a subtle twist of Luciferian selfism), on God's true information. Truth has then become untruth. It may sound like truth in the ears of unregenerate man. But it is not truth. It is "truth" but "with a twist". It has, in fact, become "the lie".

This is an awful business. Putting a "spin" on what is real may be popular. And for those in places of influence this opportunity to downgrade truth for the masses may be quite profitable. It is a recipe for fame and fortune. Such people can be lifted up in the eyes of men to become their heroes or champions. But there is a price to pay for this. By sending out a false message of misinformation or incomplete information the agents of this darkness can and often do wreak havoc in the camp. And why? Because they bring a wrong message to the situation. It may have short term benefits. Especially for them as leaders. But the cloak of darkness they bring causes confusion, fear, disharmony, and anger in the souls of men. Disinformation renders men and women ineffective in the mission to which they were called. In the case of Christian ministry this is a grievous matter. The angelic agents of evil then move in to take down their prey. And as the drama moves on into the end-game the evil that had formerly appeared so beautiful is now revealed in all its horror. Christian morale slumps. At the end of life the angels of death, even the grim reapers, reveal their hideous faces. And the rebels, the deluded ones who swallowed "the lie" of humanistic selfism and thought that they were still Christians are carried off by their darker angels. They are carried away in their wickedness to the pit of eternal torment.

So much for the dark side. What is happening over in the Light? What is happening on God's side of the spiritual battlefield? And how does God wage His spiritual warfare? This is where we come into the realm of divine information. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob reveals His glory, His Truth and His Beauty in the testimony of of His Holy Word. At the gateway into the Tabernacle of His Presence He showcases the Sacrifice Lamb, slain from the foundation of the world. Those who are not offended enter in to the realm of His judgment. In a serendipity they enter into God's realm of wonder. As they consider the Sacrifice Lamb they begin to realize that they are also at the place of God's mercy. And there at that place they find salvation.

God then leads them on to the brazen laver, the place of washing. There He holds a mirror before men. He provides them with the true image of who they really are. They see in the mirror of God's divine judgment they see in a mirror the true information concerning their fallen state. There are those who will respond to this new insight. This is the divine "reality therapy" for those who will be saved and those who are saved. They repent of their evil ways. And in an instant of divine resolve those who become the redeemed of the Lord then turn away from their Luciferian selfism, - forever. They turn away from the darkness of this present world. And in the mystery of Godliness they take their first steps toward the Light.

These wonders are happening all the time. But we are scarcely aware of this spiritual battle that is raging for the hearts and minds of men. Like Sleeping Beauty most comfortable Christians in the west are oblivious to these things. They are comfortable. And they are preoccupied with their own personal agenda. There is a spiritual battle going on for the souls of men and women and children. The Word is going forth. Men and women are praying and interceding. Angels of Light are being dispatched. Spiritual activity is going on all around them. But they do not know it.

This is so sad to report. But many Christians do not even see the need to pray. They are "too busy" with the things of this world. They have slipped off into a deep soporific slumber. Like Narcissus, they gaze down into the waters of their own reflection. And they are hypnotized by their own reflected image. Many are non-responsive to God and to the needs of others. The only times in which modern and post-modern western Christians respond to events is when it involves their own pleasure or their own tribulations. The western church, as Sleeping Beauty is in a lukewarm comfortable spiritual state right now. She is in a toxic spiritual swoon. She rests there in her casement. And the poisoned apple of a false religion is still there in her mouth.

Like 'Sleeping Beauty' or 'the Lady of Shalott', the Western Church is asleep. She is under the spell of Luciferian selfism. She is drifting down the river of her own desires. And the broad stream is carrying her far away.

The Western Church Slumbers
'The broad stream bore her far away'. 
- Painting by John Grimshaw
Painting by John Grimshaw (1836-1893).
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But the Light is still shining into the darkness. And Word of God speaks to men through the pages of the Bible. And as the Holy Spirit ministers in the hearts the sleeper awakens to his real situation. When God's covenant people rise up from their beds of ease they come to realize that they are indeed in a spiritual war. And that spiritual warfare is very much an information warfare. Here is how it happens.

God sends His divine information to men. His Holy Word and His Holy Spirit act in concert together. People are awakened to spiritual realities they had not seen before. God speaks to men, women, and children. He reasons with them concerning His divine purpose. And He woos them into His devotion. As they repent and respond to Him He guides them into His Truth by His Holy Spirit. As they come into His covenant the Holy Scriptures are then opened up to their understanding.


As we can see, the receiving of God's Word is not just a simple downloading of theological data. Nor is this merely an intellectual process. The Light of God shines out of broken vessels. And in the repentance the Shepherd of Israel draws His people, and woos them into His devotion. The New Covenant sees God ministering to people by His Word and by His Holy Spirit. He walks with His covenant people. And He talks with them at a very personal level. And so His Word comes to be written in their hearts and upon their inward parts. (Jer.31:31) This is the way it was for the saints of old. And this is the way it is for us today.

As the pilgrims journey on with God they are shown the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Three of those nine gifts of the Holy Spirit relate to information. (1Cor.12) This opens a window to God's divine revelation. And with that comes a deeper perspective on the facts the pilgrim sees before him on the pathway ahead. The Spirit of YHVH-God brings specific guidance to the saints as they come up to the forks in the road. These are the turning points, the waypoints, even sometimes the crises of life. At such times the Logos Word from the Holy Scriptures is illuminated from above. This information then becomes the divine and personal Rhema Word of God to the individual on the journey.

So when a man or woman or child responds to God's call things begin to happen. God comes inside them. He then takes up His rightful position on the altar and on the throne of their heart. At that point everything changes. The indwelling Christ makes all things new. And He does not come in empty handed. He brings His Divine Intelligence with Him, even the Living Word of God. He provides this vital information to those He knows and trusts. He does this in a very personal way because it is His divine nature to do so. Because He is the Living Word of God.

Revelation knowledge is like that. It is specific, real-time, and very personal information. God speaks to His people in their hearts and minds and in their will or volition. He spotlights those elements of His Word that relate to the situation at hand. By this means God brings His personal comfort and His specific guidance to His covenant people. This is the devotion that draws them deeper into the heart of the Shepherd. And as they become more and more committed to Him they begin to respond to Him in deeper ways. Soon they begin to become His witnesses.

"The Way to Emmaus"
by German painter Robert Zund (1827-1909)

God saves His people for His purposes. The saints are called to service in His Kingdom. But He is not just giving them a ticket to heaven. He prepares them for service in this world and also in the eternity to come. After their salvation He goes on to sanctify them for His service. He consecrates or sets His people apart from the machinations of this world. In the blood covenant devotion He consecrates them to become agents of His Kingdom. And so they enter into His service and into His security. This is the mysterious inner work the God of Israel as he rescues the souls of men. This inner work inside human lives is a very important part of the information warfare YHVH-God is conducting here on earth.

Here then, are these three gifts of knowledge that come by the Holy Spirit.
These are three of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.
They were laid out for us by our apostle Paul.
They are,

1. "Word of wisdom",
2. "Word of knowledge", and
3. "Discernment of spirits".

1Corinthians 12
7. But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all:
8. for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit,
to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, . . . . . . . . . . .
10. . . . . . . . . . . to another discerning of spirits, . . . . . . . . . .
This is the Divine Intelligence that YHVH, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, personally brings to His Elect. He takes delight in informing His Chosen people about what He is doing right now and what He is about to do in times to come. He brings this information to His covenant people because He loves them. He cares about them. (John 3:16) His Word is faithful and true.

This Biblical Christian faith is not to be taken lightly. It has been the main engine of change that has shaped history for the good. Biblical truth is the fountainhead for the Life which springs up in the barren places. And, (contrary to what we have been told), this is why the English speaking people have been blessed.


Christian ladies in prison
in Indonesia. Their crime?
Telling children about Jesus.
As with any information warfare the enemies of God's Kingdom do not know what is going on. Someone above them, human or angelic, is pulling their strings to make them dance. And in their present darkness they do not comprehend God's divine information. They routinely block it out. They refuse to open their hearts to hear about a wonderful kingdom of love, joy, peace, and glory. When they do hear about it they don't believe it. They have set their own agenda. Whether they are secular humanists or religious humanists the result is the same. These are the deluded and the rebels. They are insistent on ruling forever in their own humanistic Nicolaitan authority.

The angelic powers of darkness and their human underlings have access to God's Information just like everybody else. But in the mystery of iniquity they reject it. They shut it out. They actually think God's kingdom is just so much bondage. (See King David's song in Psalm 2) They think the Judeo-Christian God is out to cramp their style and limit their "freedom". And so in anti-Semitic anti-Messianic/anti-Christ hatred they loathe and they dread the coming rule of Messiah. And why? Because He is the returning King.

Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach has already come down Jacob's ladder into this cosmos. And he is coming again. He will judge the wicked. He will deliver those who are in exile. The returning Christ will regather all His Elect from both sides of Calvary. Then He will rule upon this earth from the Throne of David, even from the Jewish gate of Judah. (See Psalm 2)

Rebels absolutely hate this information. They block it out. They prefer to believe their own lies. In God's security system it is only the ones who love and trust Him who actually believe His Word. And God has a close relationship with His own. This closeness only increases when they come up to witness and into trials and tribulations. The God of Light will deliver the needed information to His covenant people right on time. He will ensure that His witnesses are properly equipped to stand in the information warfare. Because the 'final witness' of the Church will surely come. And holy history will come to its appointed climax at the end of this age. The Holy One of Israel has promised to give His agents the Word they need, sometimes on a "just in time" basis. Only those who know God and who walk by faith will be in a position to receive this information.

This may seem like God is a respecter of persons. But if we stop and think about it, this is entirely appropriate. The spiritual battlefield, like any battlefield, has its turncoats and double agents. So the saints, those who are consecrated to God in blood covenant commitment, are surely the ones who need to in the loop. They have put their lives on the line in blood covenant commitment. So they deserve to be in the know.

YHVH-God, the Holy One of Israel, is the Source. And His information is perfect and true. And He is fully committed to His covenant people. This is not just a matter of cold data transfer. It is an issue of love and devotion. The saints serve and obey God because they love Him. It is not a burden for them at all.

The God who came to Calvary and died is worthy. He is the promised Sacrifice Lamb. and He was slain on that epic Passover nearly 2,000 years ago. He shed His blood for the sins of Israel and the world. He brings His Salvation to all who respond to His call. He ministers His redemption by means of His Message to men. This is the Good News of the Gospel. Many who are hearing this Message around the world right this very minute. More people are being saved now than at any other time in history. As they enter into this living relationship with God they enter into a serendipity. They discover to their joy that even in their surrender to God they have found true happiness. In God there is joy unspeakable and full of glory. They also discover that they have become eternally secure.

God's information is like that. It not just cold theological data. His Word is delivered to us personally by the ministrations of His Holy Spirit. God's message is a love letter, a wooing. And The God of Israel is the One who initiates the conversation.

God conducts His information warfare against a world of spiritual disinformation. And so He rescues the souls of men. He calls them out from their inner darkness. And He springs them from the clutches of the dark principalities and the powers of this world system. He begins by informing men, women, and children of their present plight without Him. He calls them to consider His great salvation. He calls them to repent of their personal rebellion which has led them into the spiritual blindness and the bondage to sin. He unfolds before them His divine information concerning His redemption plan. In doing so He is engaging in an information warfare at a very personal level. And he gathers His witnesses against the powers of darkness, the angelic and the human, the governmental and the religious powers. He is calling men and women away from the selfism we saw first displayed by Lucifer in the Garden of Eden.

There is Good News here. People do respond to God. They answer His knocking at the door of their heart. Then they do invite Him into their lives. This happens every day And so the indwelling Christ takes up residence within human souls. The Seed of heaven then begins to grow within them. They are changed from the inside out. God transforms them into new creatures in a process called sanctification.

As people come into blood covenant relationship with Christ Nedw Life begins to stir within them, even as a butterfly about to emerge from a cocoon. The emerge from their bondage and emerge into the clear light of day. And so they awaken to their true situation. They rub their eyes, sit up, and look around. Suddenly they begin to notice things. They begin to "see" things that they had never noticed before. The indwelling Christ is within them. And in the gentle bonds of His love begins to show them things. He begins to woo them into His devotion. And then He begins to motivate them. He draws them into His divine purpose and commissions them. Then He proceeds to inform them and empower them for responsibility in His Kingdom and in His priestly ministry. The God of Israel establishes His Life within a new Christian. He brings them into an entirely new realm. They are infused with His love, His joy, and His peace. God can do this mysterious inner work very quickly. He can can sanctify His people for His service just as fast as they are willing to commit themselves to Him.

God's Holy Word is even now being downloaded into human souls. Hundreds of millions of lives are being saved and are being sanctified around this world. The indwelling Christ is the active Agent here. He is living personally active real time Data being downloaded into human lives. This is a work of divine grace. And God only does this by invitation. He is the Living Word of God transforming the lives of many. He brings them from the darkness and carries them into the Light. The Savior is, in Himself, the Light of the world. He is the living personal Divine Information men were meant to have. By His Word and by the inner Presence of His Holy Spirit His information comes down from heaven. He saves and then He guides His covenant people. And so they enter into a new life. It is a life of consecration, adventure, and divine romance in Him.


Evangelism itself is very much an information warfare. The Light of God's Word is warring against the powers of darkness, and prevailing. (John 1) And His Divine Information, shines out in the darkness. The wonderful Message He brings breaks into the silence that can bring slow spiritual death to many "proper" or "busy" people. These are people who usually have "everything under control". And they usually do, - until the day comes when they are faced with their own mortality.

God is continually calling to mankind to consider His ways and to return to Him. King Solomon tells us the woman of wisdom is continually crying out in the streets, the open squares, and at the gates of the city. But alas, few stop to listen. So they have not come to know the One who brings them the essential information they need. The consequences of this neglect are serious. In the day of tribulation they will not stand. (Proverbs 1)

The prophet Isaiah saw the Lord lifted up upon His throne. And he reported much the same message. (Isa.6) The Westminster Catechism asks the question,

"What is the chief end of man?"
And the answer is,
"To know God.
And to enjoy Him forever"
Men and women often refuse to face the fact that they are eternal creatures.
They will live forever, - somewhere. But where? And with whom?
And those who have neglected God and His great salvation come to their death bed every day.
They have spent their lives shutting out God.

Today most people have not cried out to God for His mercy.
They routinely shut out the Good News of the Gospel.
Everyone else is doing the same.
(Or so they have been led to believe.)

Humanistic man assures himself, "I'm OK, you're OK".
But they are not "OK".

"How shall we escape,
if we neglect so great a salvation?"
- Heb.2:3
Facing eternity is an awesome experience. Most are not ready when it happens to them. In such moments a dreadful Angst grips the heart. And those who have neglected God's Holy Information awaken to their lost state. They know that they are eternal beings designed for fellowship with God. But they had believed the lie, the lie that they were sovereign and the captain of their fate, master of their own destiny. Now they tremble in angst as they are face the specter of eternal separation from God. They lie there on their hospital bed as things begin to come at them in the darkness. Sometimes their angels, and the angels of death come to torment them in their lost state. Not even their pastor or priest, (if he is even there), can be of much assistance at this late stage. The nurses bring their patients sedatives as they cry out in the night. But they have slipped into a delirium. They are being pulled away. They are in confusion and in torment as their soul leaves their body. I am a Christian physician. I have seen these things many times.


Yes, our God is not silent. But men are wont to give God's Holy Information the "silent treatment".
Men and women are very busy in this world. And many never do quite get around to responding to His call.

But the Holy One of Israel is "the God who is there". And He is not silent. God conducts His Information campaign against the kingdoms of darkness. He campaigns against the kingdoms of this world .

The enemy of our souls is not slack either. The kingdoms of Lucifer and his angels pull the strings of men. Dark angels play with the minds, capturing more and more of the soul as they draw unwary people away into darkness. They try to cut them off from God's Word. When they can not do that they seek to re-engineer or twist the Word of God as it is being brought to men. The angelic powers, and their underlings, are trying to bring men down with them into the fires of Hell. The Apostle Paul brings us this information.

"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,
against the rulers of the darkness of this age,
against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."


'Daniel answering the king'
Art by Briton Riviere (late 19th century).

This world tries to stop the flow of God's information and terminate His agents. But they fail.
The Bible is hated by many secular humanists. And it is also downgraded by religious humanists, witting or unwitting double agents operating inside the Christian camp. God's Word is hated for the information it brings to light in all its pages concerning the reality of a sovereign God coming down Jacob's ladder and entering the Newtonian time-space continuum. Naturalists think that this earthly realm is "their territory" and God should stay up in "His territory" up in heaven. They do not want Him to come down and "interfere" with "their" secular realm. This is the essential mindset of gnosticism. It is a pagan spirit that has been operating incognito inside the Christian Church since the deal was made with the Roman Caesar Constantine at the Council of Niceae.

Quite clearly, from a Biblical perspective, this is an attitude of rebellion against God. But this man-centered rejection of God and His story as revealed in the Holy Scripture is endemic in western Christendom. It infects all religious denominations to varying degrees. Gnostic religionists, just like gnostic secularists, are irked by the Biblical account of the creation origin of this world. They do not like the idea of Jacob's Ladder spanning the chasm between heaven and earth. Nor are they enthused by the idea of an intervention into this cosmos by a Savior God. They cannot and will not believe the scriptures which show a multitude of miraculous ways in which the God of Israel has entered into and changed world history. And most of all they rage against the Second Coming. They are in great emotional fear and rationalistic denial of the coming Judgment of the returning Messiah of Israel.

Most of the older non-Biblical denominations engage Bible teachers who are Amillennialists. They have chosen not to believe the scriptures concerning the coming Millennium of Messiah. (Rev.20 and much Old Testament poetry) Humanists, whether they be secular humanists or religious humanists, have written God out of their clockwork universe. They have Him wandering off and taking a hike, and leaving them to rule using the natural laws of the cosmos they have discovered to craft and re-engineer the world for "human progress". The 20th century has given us terrible machine age weapons of mass destruction. And the world wars gave us a little glimpse of what "human progress" man-centered mankind is capable of. It has not been very encouraging. Nevertheless, humanists believe in themselves and their programs. They think they can accomplish the building of their New World Order Utopia. Many of them are Dominionists. And they don't want Messiah coming back to interfere with their agenda. They are true believers in human potential. They are humanistic Utopians.

Of course humanists are gnostics at heart. And so they do what gnostics do. They guard the chasm between heaven and earth. They seek to find ways to block the way like trolls at the gate. The very thought of a returning Messiah is anathema to them. And so they try to keep any Biblical information about His Second Coming under politico-religious wraps. It is a conspiracy of disinformation.

King David wrote a song about this full-on conspiracy against the coming Messiah. He wrote it 3,000 years ago. You can read it right now in Psalm 2. This fear and loathing of the coming Messiah and the denial of His coming rule from Jerusalem is a bad business. It is the quintessential essence of all anti-Semitism. And it is still in the Church.

There have been many attempts to discredit and disprove the Bible. One of the greatest attacks by modern theologians in the schools of so-called "higher criticism" have been aimed at one particular book in the Old Testament. It has upset their humanistic religious theology no end. The one little book of Hebrew prophecy that has sent them into absolute apoplexy is the Book of Daniel.

The late 19th and 20th centuries was the heyday of naturalistic and humanistic rationalism. During this time there was a long series of attacks against Daniel's prophecy. The attacks were led by proponents of a theological method called "Higher Criticism". They sought to discredit the Book of Daniel.

Here is how it happened. Daniel had been miraculously accurate in his prophecies. For example, back in 530 B.C. he had received a detailed message from the angel Gabriel concerning the coming of a powerful Greek Ruler that would attack and cripple the Medo-Persians. The information regarding the conqueror Alexander the Great was given in accurate and meticulous detail. After Alexander's death the Greek kingdom was divided into four kingdoms under four of Alexander's generals. This was predicted by Daniel 200 years before. (Dan.8:5-8) Many ungodly theologians just hated that sort of miraculously accurate predicting. As rationalist religionists who did not know the God of miracles personally they didn't believe it could happen. So they could have none of that. So the Book of Daniel had to go.

Here is what they did. Instead of believing the Bible they chose to slander the Prophet Daniel. They said that the Book of Daniel must have been written in about 160 B.C. They said, in effect, that someone else wrote the later chapters of the book as if it was being penned in 530 B.C. What a lie that was! They had fraudulently misrepresented and slandered Daniel and basically said that the Book of Daniel was a lie. And why did they have all this anger against God's Word in this book? It is because of the key end-time information it contains. Here was another instance of information warfare against God's Holy Word.

The powers of darkness in this present world seek to block or twist the message of God's Word. This was true back in the time of Daniel. And it is true today. The angelic rulers, (and their human underlings), seek to prevent the information from coming down from God's throne and into this cosmos. This was beautifully demonstrated in the life and ministry of Daniel. (Dan.10)

As a prisoner of Medo-Persia Daniel came to a certain point where he fasted and prayed for his people for three weeks. As the prayers went up before God's throne we clearly see that Daniel was not just engaged in an exercise in personal piety. He was involved in spiritual warfare. That spiritual warfare involved the whole nation of Israel and the captive tribe of Judah in particular as well as the Holy City of Jerusalem. This was a spiritual warfare which quite clearly involved information warfare.

Let us look at what happened here. As soon as Daniel made His confession to the God of Israel on behalf of his people and made his petition before His throne God heard him. God immediately answered Daniel's prayer. The crucial information was sent from the throne of God right away without any bureaucratic delay whatsoever. As soon as Gabriel flew down and was traversing the second heaven a battle began in this angelic realm. Gabriel was intercepted by angelic rulers. These dark angels were the principalities and powers of Persia. They intercepted Gabriel who was carrying God's message down to Daniel. And they attacked him.

Gabriel is the angel of God's throne. He is the messenger of His sovereign Word. Scripture records his action in bringing the Word of God to men on numerous occasions. He brought the message to Mary the mother of Jesus concerning the birth of the Christ. These dark angelic rulers sought to intercept the message as it came down to earth. They must have had some basis for their power and this, we can readily see, was related to the fact that Judah was in captivity under Persia. Nevertheless, God had been asked to help in the situation and now here He was responding to the fervent prayers of a faithful servant of God. The prophet Daniel carried the burden of His people. And he was prepared to stand in the gap for them. In the passage below we see information warfare and spiritual warfare laid out very clearly for our enlightenment and our encouragement. Here is the scripture.

1 In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia a message was revealed to Daniel, whose name was called Belteshazzar. The message was true, but the appointed time was long; and he understood the message, and had understanding of the vision. 2 In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. 3 I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled. 4 Now on the twenty-fourth day of the first month, as I was by the side of the great river, that is, the Tigris, 5 I lifted my eyes and looked, and behold, a certain man clothed in linen, whose waist was girded with gold of Uphaz! 6 His body was like beryl, his face like the appearance of lightning, his eyes like torches of fire, his arms and feet like burnished bronze in color, and the sound of his words like the voice of a multitude. 7 And I, Daniel, alone saw the vision, for the men who were with me did not see the vision; but a great terror fell upon them, so that they fled to hide themselves. 8 Therefore I was left alone when I saw this great vision, and no strength remained in me; for my vigor was turned to frailty in me, and I retained no strength. 9 Yet I heard the sound of his words; and while I heard the sound of his words I was in a deep sleep on my face, with my face to the ground. 10 Suddenly, a hand touched me, which made me tremble on my knees and on the palms of my hands. 11 And he said to me, "O Daniel, man greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak to you, and stand upright, for I have now been sent to you." While he was speaking this word to me, I stood trembling. 12 Then he said to me, "Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. 13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia. 14 Now I have come to make you understand what will happen to your people in the latter days, for the vision refers to many days yet to come." (from Daniel 10:1-14)
The Archangel Michael, guardian angel of the covenant people of God (Dan.10:21), fighting evil principalities and powers.
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As we can see from the passage above, the Book of Daniel was contested by agents of Persia as the angel Gabriel brought the Word of God down from the throne of God. This contest went on in the second heaven, a realm beyond our earth and atmosphere and beyond this time space dimension in which we currently live. It is the realm where angelic rulers exert power over portions of this earth. The principalities and powers of the world in the time of Daniel were of Persia which was the superpower before Alexander the Great came on the scene. Persia had held Judah captive since the collapse of the Babylonian Empire. (See Daniel chapter 5.) Up in this angelic realm these dark angelic rulers sought to obstruct the Word of God from coming through. This was information warfare at the very highest level. These dark spirits sought to prevent the passage of God's Word. They wanted to put a lock on the information before it could be delivered to the prophet Daniel and thence on to the covenant people of God. Meanwhile down on earth in Persia Daniel was fighting a war as well. It was a spiritual war. At the very time Gabriel was struggling to get through with the information Daniel was praying and fasting for God's covenant people. There was obviously a connection between the two struggles in the two realms.

As we can readily see, spiritual war with prayer and fasting is very much tied up with information war. Yet how few Christians pray and fast for their people today. How faithful our God has been in getting His Word through to us! His Word to us is Life. This history from Daniel chapter 10 is the most revealing and illuminating information on spiritual and information warfare that this world has ever seen. Nothing else even comes close.


The medieval church forbade any copies of Holy Scripture. They burned those copies they discovered along with the men and women they found reading them.
The main thrust of the information warfare we see in Church history is the one being waged specifically for and against the Bible. And it heavily involves those who witness to the truth of Holy Scripture. The war against the Holy Scriptures and against Biblical Christians has been horrific. This obvious when the historical facts have been brought out. We soon realize that we have been told little or nothing about this. Christians have been and continue to be "kept in the dark" about this great contest that occurred when the Holy Scriptures came out of the Latin lock-up and into the European languages. Quite clearly there was a "conspiracy of silence" at work here by the powers that be, both governmental and religious. This was the other side waging their information war against the covenant people of God.

This is so sad to have to recount. But this is church history we should all know. During the medieval age our Jewish brethren had their Yeshivas or Hebrew schools. No blocking or obstructing of holy information there. The Jews were persecuted of course. But they found haven in eastern Europe and in Moorish Spain. They, at least, had the written Word, or part of it, in the Torah and the prophets. They made it their priority to teach what Word of God they had to their children. After 650 A.D. the Arabs too had their Koran. No restrictions on the scriptures there either. But for us poor Europeans it was a different story.

This was 'Christendom'! And yet for 1,000 years the poor peasants were cut off from the Bible and starved of the Word of God that brings Life to men. They were being kept in the dark by the very church and priests who should have been feeding them the Word of God! How could this have happened?

The Nicolaitan spirit, lording or conquering the laity, was the spirit behind this. Like a gargoyle embedded in the hierarchical structure of the cathedral these Dominionist religious spirits dominated the church. The established ecclesiastical hierarchy were under the thumb of the kings and princes. Ever keen to keep the masses "quiet", the medieval church leaders went one step beyond. They took it upon themselves to keep the Holy Scriptures locked away in the monasteries.

This was a grievous matter.
This was information warfare conducted against God's covenant people.
It was a blockade against His Holy Word.

The western Church came out of two and a half centuries of Roman persecution to become popular with the masses and a force to be reckoned with by the Roman Empire. At that critical juncture the Church leaders made a wrong turn and decided to begin "dialogue" with the Caesar Emperor Constantine. The Council of Nicaea gave rise to many good things, notably the denunciation of the Arian heresy which denied the deity of Christ. But the upshot of this league with Rome was to initiate a worldly power in the Church and to set the stage for the terrible compromise that has marked the Church ever since. Niceae led western Christendom into 1,000 years of spiritual darkness.

Later on in the Middle Ages it was the feudal politico-economic system of the age that was in league with, (and pulling the strings of), the Christian priesthood. State policy and ecclesiastical policy were inclined to conspire together to neglect the peasants in order to keep them under their thumb. If that also meant spiritually starving them of the Word of God and thereby preventing the lay people becoming too individualistic in their faith then so be it.

This shutdown of the Word of God was a wicked work. Islam had their Koran. The Jewish communities had their Torah and Tenakh. But Christians were not being taught from the Bible. This was a grievous religious information warfare being conducted against the saints in Western Christendom. It was being carried out by the very priests who should have made it their priority to do the right thing even though pagan elements within Church and State burned those, (who like Bohemian priest John Hus), expounded on Holy Scripture in any sort of an evangelical way.

The result of all this compromise was quite predictable. Christendom was starved of the Light of God's Word. Europe slipped and staggered down a wretched path and into the Dark Ages. And there they would stay for a thousand miserable years.

The Church of Rome wages war against the Reformation.
The St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France.
- Aug. 1572 (Click on the image for more info.)

Could Christian bishops and priests of the Dark Ages and Middle Ages done better? We cannot judge in these matters. And we know that there were many faithful saints and heroes of the faith who suffered and died in the witness. The Established Church kept no records of such people, or if they did they are hidden away in the vaults at the Vatican. Alas, the poor peasants got very little in the way of good teaching and preaching from the Holy Scriptures. Some were able to glean snippets of the Gospel from the Latin religious service. But look at the facts. The people herded into the cathedrals for Sunday mass didn't know Latin. So what chance did they have of receiving a clear message from God's Word?

This was a sad time in Church history. Whenever a faithful friar broke free of the gnostic pagan spell and began to make the true message of Christ clear to the people his life was immediately put in mortal danger. Many fine priests were burned at the stake. This was information warfare against the Word of God. And as usual it was very personal and very deadly.

There have always been a few good and faithful priests and ministers. These are men who know God and His Word. Some of them are still remembered. Such a man was the faithful Bohemian (Czech) priest John Hus.

John Hus was a special man in God's service. He went against the politico-religious flow to make the scriptures plain to the people in a wonderful and inspiring way. He even initiated the singing of psalms and hymns. His faithful preaching of the Word of God from the scriptures brought new life to the people of Bohemia. This was too much for the gnostic Roman church hierarchy above him. He was warned by his superiors to toe the line, or else. Later he was brought before Church officials. The Roman Church, as was typical for them, was not specific in its accusations against him. Nor would his accusers be drawn into discussion of the issues at stake. John Hus was simply ordered to recant and to renounce all his writings and teachings right then and there. This, of course, he could not do in good conscience. And so the result was inevitable. A faithful priest and a wonderful saint of God was condemned to death. He was burned at the stake in Bohemia in 1415.

Medieval Church leaders should done better than this. They should have made it a priority to teach the Holy Scriptures faithfully and to feed the flock of God's pasture. But fear of being excommunicated and fear of the kings and princes to which they were beholden and fear of being burned prevented most priests from doing the right thing.

This blockade of the Bible in the Dark Ages was a strange business. The Jewish communities in the Middle Ages had the Old Testament. And they taught their children the Word of God such as they had. But Christians of so called Christendom did not really have any proper working access to the New Testament.

Here we see a famine, not just of bread, but a famine of the Word of God. The Bible was locked up in the monasteries. All the poor peasants got to grow on was an allegorized ritualized relic worshiping substitute for the Christian faith. True communion with Christ was sidelined in favor of a ritualistic magic show conducted by a priest chanting in Latin as he raises a wafer to heaven. That was the only salvation being offered in Church for over a thousand years. This was, and still is, a great tragedy for the West.

A proper knowledge of God's Word is absolutely essential. Because it does lead to real and genuine faith. This then leads the people to know Christ and invite Him in to their lives to be "born again". This then brings the people to salvation, and the subsequent inner work of the Holy Spirit leads the saints on to sanctification and eventual glorification.

But the poor neglected sheep of god's pasture were left to eat the pods of worldly religion.
This was absolutely disastrous.
God says,

"My people perish for lack of knowledge."
And so they did.

There is no doubt that the God who inhabits the pages of the Holy Bible is the wellspring and the main Source of inspiration for the good literature and progress in our Western civilization. The Bible is also the bedrock of English common law. God's Holy Word is a major stabilizing factor seen in the lives and the histories of the English speaking people. Biblical Christian faith engenders a Godly character, integrity and good citizenship, patience and righteousness in government, and great blessing to the nation. History demonstrates this in an epic way as we study the French Revolution vs. the American Revolution.

The French experiment in leaving the kings and trying to establishing a Republic was without the holy Scriptures and without God. It led to the Reign of Terror and the founding fathers ended up joining their victims at the guillotine. Then they went under the dictatorship of Napoleon to experience defeat on the battlefield, loss of superpower status in the world. An awful ongoing existential emptiness is quite palpable among the French intelligentsia, in their avant garde films. and in the lives of the people.

The American founding fathers were different. They were on their knees praying for God's guidance and his favor. The American revolution was successful in producing a stable government, peace in the land, and great prosperity. Whether or not that favor with God continues depends upon what lies within the hearts of the American people. And only unfolding history in its time will reveal that.

The Church in western Christendom has been given the Great Commission. Instead of engaging in all these political dalliances we should have been sharing the Gospel and leading people to a personal faith in Jesus Christ. He is the Light of the World. Alas this has not been the case. It was this absence of God's Word in the lives of the common people that caused Europe to go into the Dark Ages. Pray God that this does not happen again in our time.

While European Christendom was in the Dark Ages the Arab world was moving forward. Mohammad came on the scene in 650 A.D.. Within 100 years the First Jihad had swept Christianity out of North Africa. At their zenith the Muslims led the world in trade, banking, mathematical and scientific knowledge and in military power. Arab dhows plied the Mediterranean Sea and their caravans used paper financial instruments instead of having to carry gold. The Muslim world was the first banking system to use checks. So their trading routes were expansive extending all the way from Spain to China. The Muslims invaded Sicily and went up through Spain and into France. There they were finally stopped by the army of Charles Martel in 732 at the Battle of Tours.

It was only in the 1300's that the lights began to go on in Europe. It was the Bible translators who began to draw western civilization out of the Dark Ages. At that time John Wycliffe translated the Bible into English. He has been called the Morning star of the Reformation.

Matters came to a head in the 1500's. The Second Jihad saw the Ottoman Turks on the move. They over-ran most of what was once called Byzantium or the eastern Roman Empire. They pushed westwards through the Balkans on their way towards Europe. The Turks were finally stopped at the gates of Vienna. Christendom was spiritually and militarily weak and in a state of crisis.

As the prayers of God's hard pressed people went up in the 1500's God was answering their cry. The Bible was being translated into German and English and other European languages. Something else was happening as well. A great moment in history had arrived.

Image from the video 'God's Outlaw'.
Click on the image to go to the video. This image of William Tyndale's English Bibles being printed in Germany during the 1500's is from the video 'God's Outlaw'. Click on the image to go to the video.

As the 1500's opened up some real help in the information war began to arrive on the scene. It came in the form of a fine piece of precision German engineering. In 1450 Gutenberg's printing presses began to become available in Germany. They were soon put to use for bulk printings of the Bible. This was Johannes Gutenberg's prayer and his desire. Now it was a reality. And so the information war moved forward in earnest for the cause of God's Holy Word. When the Bible translators came on the scene this wonderful new printing press with movable type was sitting there waiting for them. Martin Luther, Miles Coverdale, William Tyndale, and others got their Bibles printed in Germany. During the 1500's the scriptures started coming to the people for their own personal use and at reasonable cost.

The coming of the Bible changed the lives of those who read its sacred pages. The spiritual climate in the land was changed as well. Soon after that the political landscape in Europe and England began to change. The feudal system and the established political, social, and religious structures were shaken by this. The old wine skins were beginning to show some cracks.

All this was a bit unsettling to the ruling powers. Laymen were discussing the Bible outside the supervision of the church authorities. Issues of social justice were being questioned as well. It was becoming increasingly difficult to keep the peasants "quiet". The Bible was giving them new hope. They began to dream of a future which they themselves could actually have a hand in and change. Quite naturally all this discussion and these rumblings in the lower classes were beginning to upset the status quo.

There were some genuine concerns of course. Some of the peasants were getting "uppity" with this new higher level of faith and the new possibilities it presented. Carnal Christians then, as now, were sometimes disruptive. The medieval world, which had held sway for centuries, was under strain. The coming of the industrial revolution would cause further decline of the agrarian based economies and the feudal system of the middle ages was on the way out.

The 1500's were a time of crisis for European people for another reason as well. The Turks were invading from the east. The taxes imposed to finance the defense of Christendom in the east were sky high. Famine and disease also stalked the land. Not surprisingly these were the times of the Peasant Wars. Anarchists, levelers and early communists were rising up as well and stirring up the masses to revolt. As God's people in Christendom cried out to Him in their distress their prayers were answered. The Bible would soon be in their hands. And the coming of the Reformation would break forth the Word of Life.

The political secular powers and their hired ecclesiastical consorts were not amused by all this. Since the Bibles seemed to be causing so much 'trouble' there was only one thing to do. The flow of the Holy Scriptures had to be stopped. Better that the people were kept in spiritual darkness than have the ruling powers lose the upper hand. So the kings and bishops wanted to stop the Bible from being translated and printed. They wanted to stop God's Word from getting into the hands of the people. With rambunctious Christians causing waves this became a matter of political expediency, if not necessity. The information war against the Holy Word of God was on again.

When established Church authorities couldn't stop the flow of Bibles they then tried to prevent the message from being faithfully expounded. This was why John Wycliffe's preacher boys back in the 1300's were called "mutterers" or "Lollards". They were forced to expound the Bible quietly and discretely without causing the sort of public disturbance that could get them arrested. This choking off of the open preaching of the Word of God was the sort of information warfare being waged in Europe even as copies of the Bible were being smuggled to the people. People were forbidden to preach the Word of God openly without a proper ordination and a license. This state of affairs continued up into the 1600's when John Bunyan made his stand.

Bunyan spent many years in prison at Bedford Gaol for street preaching without ecclesiastical authority. His stand and the prayers of English Christians caused the spiritual war to move forward. In the 1700's the Church of England padlocked their pews to prevent John Wesley from preaching. But that didn't stop him. He and George Whitefield went on horseback and were able to preach openly all across England. Their wonderful ministry changed the lives of millions and saved England from revolution.

Image from the video 'God's Outlaw'.
Click on the image to go to the video. King Henry VIII was outraged by the arrival of Tyndale's Bibles. Here he is putting Archbishop Wolsey on the carpet over the alleged 'problem'. This image is from the video 'God's Outlaw'. Click on the image to go to the video.
Medieval Church establishments are not kind to the unfolding Word of God. It was in this oppressive religious climate that William Tyndale's Bibles began to arrive in England in the 1500's. They were being smuggled into England in sacks of grain among other things. There was a lot of uncensored religious discussion going on and among the laity of all people. This was causing quite a furor among the bishops. When King Henry VIII got wind of it he was furious. He went into one of his classic rages.

Nowadays we would call what was going on in England a revival. But in the eyes of the political and religious powers it was bad. And why? It was disturbing the status quo. This is the way information warfare is waged by establishment entities against any new move of God. They also seek to stifle any fresh information coming out of the Holy Scriptures and being taught to the people without their permission.

There is no doubt that the coming of the Bible translators had caused the information war to take a turn for the better. If the flow of God's Word did in fact present some political and ecclesiastical challenges then these need not have been considered insurmountable. Such challenges can be viewed as teaching and learning opportunities. But the way the breaking forth of God's Word was handled by the powers at that time was quite typical.


It was in the 1500's that William Tyndale had sought to translate the Bible into English. He discovered that he could not get any authorization for this task from the highest ecclesiastical authorities in England. Even the Bishop of London had turned him down. So he went to Europe to get the job done without ecclesiastical permission. For this he was persecuted mercilessly. This is the way of information warfare. It gets nasty at times.

For years Tyndale lived out a deadly game of cat and mouse. He was hunted down by agents sent into Europe by King Henry VIII. He was finally found and betrayed by a mole, a false Christian, sent into Europe by the Bishop of London. He managed to succeed in infiltrating the Belgian evangelical merchant communities. He set up Tyndale for capture by church-state authorities.

This was a telling moment in church history and a shameful one. It seems scarcely possible that church authorities could wage a campaign so thoroughly and so viciously against an innocent man of impeccable character who had done the job of translation that they themselves should have done all through the medieval centuries. It is stranger still that ordained churchmen can allow themselves to blockade the flow of the Holy Scriptures. It was a sad moment in Church history. A fine Cambridge scholar was arrested, tried, and burned at the stake away from English eyes over in Belgium. And his crime? He was translating the Bible into English! This was a shameful chapter in the annals of the Church of England.

Image from the video 'God's Outlaw'.
Click on the image to go to the video. The deadly side to the information war being waged against the Holy Scriptures. The evangelical Cambridge scholar and Bible translator William Tyndale is burned at the stake in 1536. This image is from the video 'God's Outlaw'. Click on the image to go to the video.
Many fine Bible believing Christians were burned at the stake during the 1500's. The most notorious persecutor of Bible readers was "Bloody Mary". Christians were burned for such crimes as possessing a Bible, reading the Bible. At Coventry Cathedral men were burned for teaching their children the Lords Prayer in English. This was information warfare being carried out in deadly earnest on both sides. Christian believers were determined to get the Word of God through to the people. The enemies of God were just as keen to stop it.

Today, we are more fortunate. We have Bibles in every hotel room. Most homes have several copies lying around. So is the battle over? Has the campaign against the Holy Scriptures come to an end? Have we won?

Well this is what the powers would like us to believe. But the answer is no. The message God has for us in the Bible is only just beginning to be unwrapped. Many scriptural truths are only now beginning to be released from their religious and traditional bindings. And this spiritual warfare involving information warfare is getting all the more intense as we approach the end of the age. The Bible is lying there on the dresser or on the coffee table and even online and available for our computers to access and search. But few Christians read the Bible. Much of the Word of God is still shrouded in a thick swaddling of religious and traditional disinformation. And here in the western world we are very busy. We are also comfortable. So why should we be too bothered spending time studying God's Word?

Unfortunately this attitude is all too common. But that will change, even as history, (and our Lord Jesus), comes knocking at our door.


This spiritual war is very much an information warfare. For politicians and military men here is the 'big picture'. And for those bankers who bankroll conventional wars and seek to conduct information wars here is the "bottom line". The God of Abraham, Isaaac, and Jacob is sovereign. He is the Alpha and the Omega of all information.
1 "In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 He was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made through Him,
and without Him nothing was made that was made.
4 In Him was life,
and that life was the light of men."
(John 1:4)
Yes, the "God who is there" overrules in the affairs of men and nations. He has already determined and set the limits on the "Times of the Gentiles" in the future closing histories of this age. He wrote the Book of Life. So He knows the beginning from the end. He has already told us how the end time drama will play out. The story has been written in Bible prophecy. It has been laid out in a biblical devotional code that God's agents, His witnesses, recognize and understand.

Christian believers are given information on a "need to know" basis. And we must assume that at the climax of this age the saints will need to know a whole lot more than they know at present. They will come to know Christ, and the fellowship of His sufferings. (Phil.3:10) They will put down the sword and embrace the Way of the cross. Those who enter into a blood covenant relationship with Messiah will know Him. And His Living Word will be coming to them spotlighted by the Holy Spirit in a continuous real time download. Most semi-committed believers will not desire to know Christ and the fellowship of His sufferings. Nor will they be interested in receiving information or preparing their hearts for the end time witness should it open up in their lifetime. They will think all this is totally irrelevant. Perhaps in many cases such Christians cannot be trusted. Perhaps they do not deserve to know anything further anyway. This is just the way it is.

But the true saints will be different. They will make it their business to find out what is really going on. And Daniel said that the wise would understand why these things have to be. (Dan.12) And by the time the saints bring their 5th seal witness on that final stage of history they will know the score. They will have the information. They will even be told by God what to say when they are presented before the kings and rulers. (Luke 21) They will be informed. They will be briefed. They will be in the loop.


Most of the Book of Revelation is a heavenly courtroom scene. The hidden things will be made known. And the dark things brought out into the light of day. This is more than a war of words. The set time will have come. And the courts of heaven will stand ready to judge as the information warfare comes to its appointed conclusion.

This will be a courtroom drama like no other. The God of Israel, the Ancient of Days will sit. The saints will be the chief witnesses brought forward in those days. A cloud of witnesses will be watching, even the angelic host. (Heb.12:1) In fact the Elect are the ones who will bring in the crucial end time information in those days. They will bring the "final witness". This great courtroom battle is the information warfare that is showcased throughout most of the Book of Revelation.

And the witness of the saints and the testimony they bring at the 5th seal will be crucial. The 5th seal witness of the saints must be seen before the 6th seal and the return of Messiah. The last day brings in the final Day of Reckoning or Day of Atonement. This is the wrap-up of the history of this age. Then comes the Judgment as the Day of the Lord opens up. This world and its angelic and human rulers will come to Judgment. And those who have abused His saints will face the wrath of God.

The climax of the age will see God's people come under extreme pressure, even Great Tribulation.
Fortunately, there is some good news to report.
God is winning the war for men's hearts.
Even now His Word is advancing upon the powers of darkness.

5 "And the light shines in the darkness,
and the darkness did not comprehend it."
(John 1:5)
The Light of God's Word shines in the darkness.
And the darkness has never comprehended or "got a handle on" or "extinguished" God's Word.
And it never will.


The Holy Word of God tells us that a Deliverer will come from Zion. 'The Breaker' will come at the climax of this age. The powers of darkness, both angelic and human, will be cast down in that awesome judgment. Oh yes, the present angelic and human rulers of this present world system may think that they are established forever and can take over. And their hired religious establishments may speak of "world, (or eon/age), without end". But this is not the case. The principalities and powers of this present world are 'short timers'. The cries of men, women, and children who suffer and have been unjustly treated go up continually before God's throne. And the nations are increasingly showing their rebellion against the God of Israel. They are raging against His coming Messiah. (Psalm 2) But the point will ultimately be reached when the God who oversees history will have had enough.
He is the One who has said,
'This far you may come, but no farther,
And here your proud waves must stop!'

- Job 38:11
Eventually the Holy One of Israel will step into history once again. At a certain future threshold of time the courts of heaven will be opened. The Ancient of Days will sit. At that time the angelic rulers who have pulled the strings of men will be called to task. They will be brought to judgment. At the cosmic disturbances associated with the 6th seal the sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood. And these stars will fall. - Rev.6:12-17. They will be be cast out of the lower heavens.

The coming of Messiah will change this world for the better. The powers setting the agenda for this present world system will be gone. They will be swept clean off the planet. They will be replaced by the dual offices of Messiah in the Order of Melchizedek. (Ps.110:4) The Millennium of Messiah will last a thousand literal years. All this has been prophesied to happen. Holy history has already been written. And so it must come to its appointed climax.


How does information war end up? What will happen in the Apocalypse? Simply this. There will be a climax to the history of this age. And Messiah will come to rule upon this earth for a thousand years. The transition will be a turbulent one. It will end up being sheer horror for the wicked. God's wrath will be poured out specifically and personally upon the wicked. The angels of wrath will be loosed upon the children of disobedience. And the wicked will be carried off as tares to the fires. But even in the midst of Great Tribulation there will be a increasing splendor of glory for the covenant people of God.

This information concerning the End-Time drama is sure. It has been written in the Book. And God's Holy Word is faithful and true. God is telling man the results of that coming showdown between Himself and Lucifer, the prince of this present world. The matter of the purchase of His Bride, even the future Holy City, the New Jerusalem, has already been concluded. The price for our redemption has been paid at Calvary. But that is not all there is to this covenant story.

The saints are vitally involved in all these covenant proceedings at the conclusion of the 70 weeks. They are not just purchased concubines sitting around in indifferent indolence waiting to be carried off on beds of ease on a special early trip to the mansions of glory. They are in the loop. They are not passive in the covenant. They will not be "outta here" seven years early, as they have been told. This too is grievous disinformation. They will complete their witness right up until the end of days. And the saints will indeed be there to run the final leg of the relay race. They will run on behalf of all the saints who have gone before them. (Heb.12:1) And the Gospel will go out to the ends of the earth until the Times of the Gentiles is fulfilled. Then, at the climax of history, when men are about to destroy themselves (and God's creation), Messiah is going to return. He will step back into human history very suddenly to destroy the Antichrist. And He will deal decisively with the armies of the nations at Armageddon. The last day of this age will come on the Hebrew Day of Atonement. Then, on the very next day, He will destroy the wicked. He will bring down Lucifer and all the ruling angelic powers. And in a day of cosmic disturbances when the stars fall He will terminate the powers who have pulled the strings of rebellious men.

This is the Biblical world view of God's agenda for the Apocalypse, even the unveiling of Christ and the revelation of all the hidden mysteries. It is important information laid out for the saints ahead of time. It is all part of the information war God is conducting through His Holy Word. This is very similar to the sort of information warfare any military engages in. Leaflets of information are dropped on the enemy. They are told the inevitable outcome of the coming war. Then they are encouraged rethink their present view and to lay down their weapons and surrender.

Here is some information from many sources in the Holy Scriptures. Messiah is going to return to this earth. Next time He will not come as the Suffering Servant we saw 2,000 years ago. Next time Messiah is seen He will come as the returning Conquering King.

There are some real estate issues involved here as well. The Promised Land was deeded to the Children of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob way back at the beginning. YHVH-God has a Holy City, Jerusalem which He Himself will defend at the climax of this age. And He has a Holy People committed and set apart for Him. It seems that when He returns both His holy city and His holy people will be in a spot of bother. Jerusalem will be surrounded by the armies of the nations as they muster in the Valley of Jezreel and out on the plains of Armageddon. (Zech.12:1-9) And the saints will be in the Great Tribulation. (Mat.24:9-22)

Obviously we have some high drama here.
Th Apocalypse will be showdown time.
And Someone is going to win.

The choreography has already been set. The trumpets will sound the alarm. And the world will come into the seven year window that terminates on that great Day of Reckoning. There will be a great deliverance at Jerusalem in the action at Armageddon. And Isaiah and Micah tell us Messiah will also be returning in wrath on His enemies. And Messiah will rescue in His elect people out at a mysterious place the Bible calls Bozrah. It will be the magnificent Bozrah Deliverance. The saints will be as a woman in travail. But Messiah is coming this next time in divine vengeance upon His enemies. He fully intends to deliver His Elect, every last one of them. Then He will divide the spoils and claim what is His. He will judge the nations at the Sheep-Goat Judgment. This will be the basis upon which He will issue His passports for entry into His glorious Millennial Kingdom.

The picture Isaiah presents to us in Isaiah 63 is not a pretty sight. The returning Messiah will be trampling the wicked. (Isa.63) Their blood will be staining the gown of Messiah and the blood will be flowing as high as the horses bridles. Even if this is Hebrew hyperbole this is certainly a fearsome prospect for those who would get in the way or deny the coming of the returning Messiah. Those who presume to divide His covenant land or to interfere with His Holy City will be in deep trouble. And for those who mess with His covenant people there will be a terrible price to pay. Messiah is the Deliverer and the "Breaker". And He will personally take it upon Himself to deliver His Holy City. The armies of the nations that go up against Jerusalem at the end of this age will be sown into the ground in the Valley of Jezreel or Armageddon. All His people who had been held in exile will be delivered. The prophet Micah tells us about this magnificent Bozrah Deliverance. (Micah 2:12-13)


The pattern of information warfare is always the same. Potential agents of the enemy are given information. They are encouraged not to even bother trying to fight. God's information warfare is no different. He tells men quite plainly what will happen to them if they are in the mode to stand against Him when He comes. It is God's purpose that men put down their swords and guns, raise their hands, and come to Him in an attitude of surrender. He is warning them to choose peace with Messiah rather than perishing in a war with Him.
Because the outcome of that war has already been determined.
As the classic phrase goes, "Resistance is futile".

The essential message and information warfare concerning the coming Battle of Armageddon is simply this. If you get in the way of the returning Christ it will be a bad scene. It matters not what sort of firepower you may have at your disposal.
You are going to lose.

Not surprisingly, this information is censored by established religion. Ecumenists hate this information and they hate Bible prophecy with a passion. Most of the older denominations are deeply contracted and compromised with the powers of this world. There has never been any significant end-time information made available by the Catholic Church or the Anglican Church. King Henry VIII strictly forbade any discussion of eschatology in the Church of England. Henry's orders still stand. To this day there are no public readings concerning the Second Coming of Christ in the Anglican or Episcopal church liturgy. And it is similarly forbidden to speak of end-time Bible Prophecy in the communist government controlled "Three Self" State Church in China. Most old line denominations, the more liberal ones, are the same. The ruling powers of church and state do not want this end time information to get out.

Are there other key pieces of information we have from the Holy Scriptures that have being smoke screened? The answer is patently obvious. God in His Word affirms that His saints will have an essential role to perform at the end of the age. Their 5th seal blood covenant witness is essential. In the sequence of end time events the 5th seal "final witness" of the saints is necessary before the 6th seal appearance of the Son of Man. This "final witness" is essential before the final judgment can be made by the Ancient of Days.

So God's covenant people are very much "in the loop" here. The 5th seal witness is climactic and final. It must happen before the Second Coming of Christ. This information has been locked away from Christians in the west. The witness of the Tribulation Saints is a key part of the end time story. It must happen before the Ancient of Days gives the word for Christ to return.

It seems that God's "called out" congregation, His ecclesia, is very involved in the end time drama. The true Bride of Christ is not merely a passive purchased concubine. The is a betrothed and committed Bride. She is a bride who is very active. She is in a blood covenant relationship with her Betrothed.

Obviously the plot gets pretty thick at the end of this age. God's Elect Congregation quite clearly carries with them some vital information. And it must be delivered. Jesus Himself gave instructions as to how this was to be done. From the

Harmonized Olivet Discourse in NKJV.
Black = Matthew; Navy = Luke; Teal = Mark;
Beginning with Mat.24:9.

"But before all these things, watch out for yourselves, for they will lay their hands on you, and persecute you. They will deliver you up to tribulation, and they will kill you. They will deliver you up to the councils, and into prisons, and you will be beaten in the synagogues.

You will be brought before kings and rulers for my name's sake.
But it will turn out for you as an occasion
for testimony to them, (or against them. - KJV).

But when they arrest you, and deliver you up, do not worry beforehand, or premeditate what you will speak, and what you will answer. But whatever is given you in that hour, speak that, for it is not you who will be speaking, but the Holy Spirit. Therefore, settle it in your hearts not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer. For I will give you the words and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to contradict or resist.

Even the angels will be watching as this great drama unfolds. (Heb.12:1) God's covenant people will come onto the stage of history at the climax of this age. They will bring their confirming witness to Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach. before the watching world and before the courts of heaven.


Humanistic man is not in control here on earth. He may think he is. But all his futile actions have been written about in the Bible before they happen. The Sovereign Ruler of the universe is the One who calls the shots here below. The Holy One of Israel is the One who sits upon the throne.

At some future time the trumpets will blowing. And human history will be ushered into the 70th Week of Daniel, the final seven years of this age. The saints will bring their testimony before kings, and before the courts of heaven. John saw all this in vision. He recounted it for us in the book of Revelation. The Tribulation saints will bring in the "final witness". Then comes the Final Judgment.
This will cap off the information war for this age.

Christian believers who enter into the devotion to Christ Jesus soon realize that they are very much involved in information warfare. There is a big war going on over the flow of information. True and accurate information does not come to man by human reason. Human reason certainly failed to deliver in the French Revolution. And all the bloody secularist communist and fascist revolutions that followed it have been dark stains in history. Truth does not come by abandoning oneself to human feelings in an existential leap. Nor does it come by the exercise of positive thinking, possibility thinking, positive confession, or the pursuit of "purpose" or any other feats of raw human willpower. (Isa.50:11) YHVH, the God who is, was, and evermore shall be, has spoken. He has told us what is going to be. His Word has been written down by men who were moved by the Holy Spirit. For those who believe, the Word and the Information God brings to us in the Holy Scriptures is sure. Others will discover this later.

The Holy Scriptures bring the final Word in this matter of information warfare. God's Word comes down Jacob's ladder. True and sure Information comes down from the throne of the Sovereign God.

The ultimate Truth was God coming into this cosmos. God by His Word became manifest in the flesh. He ministered His grace and brought His great salvation into this world. Then He sent His Holy Spirit to minister to men. The Living Word, is downloaded into human souls. And in the bonds of Love they become His faithful servants. His holy purposes are worked out in their lives by His sovereign will. And so they become God's agents here on earth.

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revelation of End-time truth'
John, the Apostle of (Agape, God) Love, and writer of the Book of Revelation, in exile on the Island of Patmos for the Word of God.

Art used by permission of Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992. Visit her 'Revelation Illustrated' website.

God's Word is not just "religion" as many suppose. The Word of God is not just cold lifeless 'data'. Holy Information actually came to us in the person of the living Christ Himself. He is the Word of God expressed in this cosmos, first as the Suffering Servant, (Meshiach ben Joseph), and then as the Conquering King, (Meshiach ben David). He is the Word of God. He is the real time personal and living Information of God who comes to us in the flesh. The spirit of Antichrist will always try to deny this. YHVH-God comes into the hearts of men by invitation only. He is the indwelling Christ who establishes His altar and His throne in the hearts of those who cry out to Him. Yeshua Hamashiach/Jesus Christ comes in to the hearts of His covenant people. to do His marvelous work. And there He operates in a vital, dynamic, and personal union with those who love Him. In this union He brings to us information. That information is not only true and correct. His Holy Word is also inspiring and it is motivating. Jesus/Yeshua does more than bring information. He captures the hearts of men.

The ones who know this Jesus of Calvary are of all men most blessed. Because of the sacrifice of the Holy One of Israel the Light of Israel has gone out into the nations. And the God of Israel is in communication with an ever expanding company of believers around the world. His information flow includes the Good News of the Gospel. God's Information erupted in Jerusalem two millennia ago on the Day of Pentecost. It spread out into Judea, Samaria, and beyond Israel's borders. God's Living Data system is now a global company. Messiah's Church, or the Congregation of Israel, now extends out to the ends of the earth.

Information warfare is a battle. But it is action carried out at a much higher level than the crude methods of warfare we see in conventional warfare. The Word of God comes to God's covenant people by the enlightenment of His Holy Word. Human beings in this battlefield surrender and give up their lives one heart at a time. This comes by the 'hearing' of God's Word in the Holy Scriptures. This, dear saints, is the true Enlightenment. This is the campaign for righteousness that actually works. 'The God who is there' is the prime mover here. He is the God who delivers.

For those who have eyes to see, modern history has demonstrated some clear lessons. Enlightenment based on humanism, secular or religious, leads nowhere. True and faithful information just like true and faithful government, does not come by human reason and the machinations of men. This fact has been amply demonstrated by French history along with the Russian history and German history that followed in the modern era. The 'Truth' that Pontius Pilate and many others have mused about is out there all right. And yes, it is the true and accurate declaration of what is and what will be. But it only comes by the Word of God. The Holy One of Israel is 'the God who is there'. He brings His divine Truth home to sincere and seeking men by the personal relationship with Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach and by the ministrations of His Holy Spirit. Here is the key to the information war. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He alone is the One who can help fallen man. He has been sent to redeem men from the powers of darkness and to reconnect them to God forever.

"The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light". - Isa.9:2.
The light of the Gospel is just the beginning of a great flow of information. When a person is truly 'born again' from above and commits his life to Christ he begins to walk and talk with God. In this relationship a wonderful supply of information begins to be accessed and downloaded into his life. God's Holy Information begins to affect people in many ways. Adjustments need to be made in our thinking as we move down the pilgrim path toward the Holy City. In matters of the Kingdom God's Word is unsealed and given to us just as it is required. As God's people move into the arena of the end time He begins to reveal His information in some rather sensitive areas. He reveals this information to those who belong to Him. He gives it to those who can be trusted not to misuse the information or to deal treacherously with it. As with conventional warfare, the information is given out to the agents on a "need to know" basis. Those who are actively engaged in the affairs of God's Kingdom will know what is going on. The others won't know. Many won't care, - until it is too late. (Prov.1)

Christian believers need to know about this information war. Unfortunately they don't. Right now most of them are quite unaware of it. Like Odysseus, asleep in the bosom of the witch Circe, the covenant people of God are pre-occupied with themselves in their Hellenistic slumbers. Eternity will again intersect human history. But they are blissfully unaware of these things. They have heard of the Great Commission. But they have spent their years chasing pleasure on their own personal island of dreams. Morale in the western Church is rather low. Confusion reigns. No one seems to know what is going on. Nor do Christians know what God's plan is or even if there is a plan. With the absence of good information Christian men and women have forgotten their high calling. They are the people of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, people on an epic journey. But they are unaware of this. They have been turned into swine. And event ancient Homer picks up the theme. They must complete the journey! Their ship of destiny lies at anchor. History is awaiting a crew of faithful men who will bring that great company all the way home. But where are they today? They are scattered and demoralized. Their leadership is under a spell. They have forgotten their calling and their destiny. The essential information with all its promise, its drama, its adventure, and its romance is sitting their waiting for them. Is somebody going to wake them up and tell them?

Yes, spiritual warfare is very much an information warfare.
But, as we have seen, God's people are asleep.
Might we possibly benefit from a quiet word of exhortation?
Do we need to be gently shaken and aroused from our slumbers?
Oh yes, there is no doubt about that.
We need to
"Wake up and smell the coffee!"


God's holy Word is not just arcane esoteric information. It is not just data for theologians and religious nerds. The accurate delivery of the Word of God and its faithful interpretation is exceedingly important. It is the privilege and the responsibility of every Christian believer to attend to what God is telling us. And if we don't know, let us begin by seeking His face and asking Him. He is waiting for us to do that.

God conducts His affairs upon earth through the lives of His faithful servants. And the Word of God is shed abroad into the lives of many unto salvation. God ministers His Word personally and corporately. God's Word is the means whereby the saints are safely guided along the pathways of Life and guided safely past those roads that lead to perdition. Information warfare over the Word of God is very much a part of divine intelligence for the covenant people of God. It is the key to their safe passage through the thresholds of holy history.

Naturally this information warfare is also a big issues for the enemies of God. Unlike most Christians today, the powers of darkness, both angelic and human, are quite aware of it. The kingdom of darkness has been at this game for a long time now. The Serpent Lucifer began his nefarious work of twisting and obfuscating God's Word way back at the beginning. He spoke to Eve in the Garden of Eden. The events that followed that ancient action of information warfare led to the fall of man.

The powers of darkness are persistent. They are forever putting "spin" on the Word of God. Back in the Garden the message God had given to Adam and Eve was a message of safety and security in God. But it was debased and twisted by Satan into a false and misleading message of disinformation. The disinformation was that God was a tyrant limiting mankind to a life of of subservient bondage and preventing him from attaining his own personal human destiny. These same sentiments are expressed in Psalm 2 where the rulers of this world rail against the coming Messiah. But back there in the Garden God had the last Word.
He spoke a prophetic Word of judgment against the Serpent.
God said that the Seed of the woman will crush the serpent's head. - Gen.3:15

That Seed is Christ. He is the Seed of Abraham. (Gal.3:29) He is that Seed who comes into the lives of God's covenant people by God's grace through an expression of faith on the part of the believer. And the indwelling Christ brings His Word into human lives. His information war against the kingdom of darkness began with what God said back in the Garden of Eden. The Light shines in the darkness and has never been extinguished. - John 1:5

The Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, the Living Word of God. 2,0000 years ago God took decisive action. He came to earth as Immanuel, God with us, God in the flesh. The Holy Spirit testifies of Him. And His people are wooed into the divine romance. Christ is the prototypical gentleman. He only comes into His people by their invitation. He indwells His people personally and individually. And so He builds up His Congregation/Church one soul at a time.

The Church is called to be the Body of Christ. This speaks of a vital blood covenant union between God and His people. Our Apostle Paul speaks of it as a mystery. It is something spoken of by God but not yet fully manifest in holy history. The pattern of this mystery has in fact already been established and reflected in the institution of marriage. - Eph 5:32 The relationship is so close that most Christian believers in western countries can scarcely believe that such an intimate union between God and man could exist.

The Body of Christ or the Communion of Saints is destined to come into its magnificent fullness at the end of the age. When Messiah comes both Orthodox Jews and evangelicals agree that His Kingdom will be established here on earth in a final, climactic, and corporate way. It will last one thousand years. This will see the magnificent restoration of both houses of Israel spoken of by the prophets. - See Ezekiel 37

This will be a marvelous turn of events. How will it happen? How will the total restoration of "all Israel" come into being? Will it come by the plans of men? Will modern day crusaders of the Kingdom Now Movement hammer it into existence? Or will it be established by the returning Christ?

Well it is right here upon this very issue that the holy information and unholy disinformation will be heavily trafficked by the contenders at the climax of the information war to end all information wars. The scripture record is clear. The Kingdom of God will not come into being by man-made ecclesiastical directives. Nor will it come by proclamations from man made religious hierarchies. It will not come by a papal bull from Old World Roman Church nor by "five-fold-ministry" mandates from the New World post-modern mega-churches . The history that emerges in that future time will be most interesting. In this epic final contest, people who call themselves Christians, the members of today's Christian church, will be operating on both sides.

Obviously this state of affairs cannot be expected to go on. God Himself will "call out" a new ekklesia, (Gr. "called out congregation/church).

The fact that there is, and always has been, a true congregation of God. The false, or harlot church, is readily discerned by those who know the genuine true God personally in Spirit and in Truth. They will receive the true information. Others won't. Many will remain in their deception, not wanting to let go of "the Lie". Others will awaken to realize what is happening. They will repent of their Luciferian selfism and commit themselves to Christ/Messiah, even as He is about to arrive.

Many, in that day, will become true and faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach. The word "witness" in Greek is the same word from which we get our word "martyr". Messengers tend to get abused when they bring messages and information that rulers don't want to hear. This is important information for Christian believers to know. It is a common theme woven throughout the Bible. But the powers that be, both state and ecclesiastical have "cloaked" this message. Not many Christian believers know about it right now. But they will. In times to come this information will be made quite plain for those who would be faithful to the coming Messiah.

Yes, God's true messengers and His true watchmen do bring a faithful report. The information they bring is true and correct. But few want to hear it. Wisdom is a woman crying out in the streets. But few pause to listen and to heed what she is saying. (Prov.1) True agents of the Most High God who bring His information are persecuted. They always have been. And they will suffer for the Word of God in an epic and climactic way in times to come. But once this climactic history has unfolded it will never need to happen on this earth again.

In the matter of the "final witness" of the saints there is some good news. At such a time as this God Himself will take a personal hand in guiding and directing His people. He Himself will be their Shepherd, even in the midst of an unprecedented persecution, first by a harlot church system and then more blatantly by the 666 system of the Antichrist. By His Holy Spirit He will even give them the very words to say when they come before rulers at their "hour of trial". - Luke 21:12-15

So what is going to happen? From the Biblical account in Daniel 9 we see the Prophecy of the 70 weeks. There is a seven year period up ahead. It is the appointed time of God's determined dealing with His covenant people, both in Israel and in the Church. It is the climax of the history of this present evil age.

There is a key scripture here. The prophet Daniel speaks of an epic future day when a 7 year covenant with Israel will be signed. - Dan.9:27 On that awesome day the trumpets will sound. At that time a line will be drawn in the sand. The witness of the saints will be called for. Those who have the correct information from the Word of God will know what this means. On that day we will have entered into the final seven years of this age.

The history of the 70th week of Daniel will then begin to unfold. The lukewarm western Laodicean Church was entreated to buy of Him gold refined in the fire. They will enter crucible of the end-time. (Zech.13:9, Mal.3:2) The Refiner's fire will prove the gold which will flow forth in a glorious flow. The dross will be skimmed off in the midst of a great falling away, even a Great Apostasy. The curtains of holy history will open up on the most awesome and spellbinding scenes this world has ever seen.

Meanwhile, up in the third heaven, the Courts of Heaven will be opened. The Ancient of Days will sit. - Dan.7:9-14 The 5th seal witness of the saints will be an essential and necessary part of the end-time drama. - Rev.6:9-17

This history must happen. And it must involve the saints. God must have a "final witness" at the end of this age. The Body of Christ must follow Christ the Head, even as the whole body of a man-child is born in water and in blood, after the crowning of the head. The woman will be delivered of a manchild, even as the dragon threatens to encircle her at the end of the age. - Rev.12:5

The covenant people of God will bring the 'final witness'. This information is "cloaked" by religious disinformation. And religious "noise" chokes the airwaves with extraneous useless and confusing information. But the true and correct information is available to those Christian believers who actually read their Bibles. And that essential message is this. It will be by the witness of the tribulation saints that the angelic principalities and powers, the rulers of this present darkness will be judged and brought down. Because the record of John's Apocalypse is quite clear and straightforward. After this epic 5th seal 'final witness' of the saints (Rev.6:9-11) God moves on to the next part of His divine agenda. The 6th seal will then be opened.(Rev.6:12-17)

At that time there will be cosmic signs in the atmosphere. The sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood. The prophet Joel speaks of "blood and fire and pillars of smoke". - Joel 2:30 Perhaps nukes have been set off. Perhaps there is debris in the atmosphere. In the Olivet Discourse Jesus passed on some vital information to His trusted disciples.
He said,

29 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days
the sun will be darkened,
and the moon will not give its light;
the stars will fall from heaven,
and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.
- Mat.24:29
At that time God has apparently had enough. He is intervening in history. The sign of the Son of Man will be seen in the heavens. - Mat.24:30 The stars, (and angelic rulerships), will fall. All these are the cosmic signs that will be seen at the end of this age. They will herald the great Day of Reckoning and the the second coming of the Son of Man.


Here is the situation. This spiritual/information war over God's Holy Word has been going on for a long time now. It will only intensify in times to come. And the information war will come to its appointed climax at the end of the age. At that time the saints will all be glorified. - 1Thes.4:15-17 As the writer of the book of Hebrews has testified, the final contestants will finish the race on behalf of all the saints who have gone before them. They will go out in a blaze of glory.

This is an awesome unfolding story. Whether we realize it or not, Christian and Messianic believers are destined to play a vital role as the end-time drama unfolds. Every believer is a living epistle, a letter read of men. This is often a quiet and unassuming work of daily witness. But then there are times when the witness can become quite intense. It can even become a matter of life and death.

We as Christian believers are in the loop here. Thankfully, God's true information is still delivered to us by faithful ministers of God. But this is not always the case. We can also become deceived victims of religious non-information and disinformation. Dark angels can pull the strings. And false shepherds find themselves getting a hankering to modify God's Word.

Ministers can preach and teach the Word with integrity to the praise of God and men. And thank God that most of them do. But then some ministers can at times behave treacherously against the Eternal Covenant. They can act like trolls. They can stand at the bridge between heaven and earth and actually blockade God's Word rather than helping it get through. They can also twist the Word of God into religious disinformation.

Why do they do this? Unfortunately many ministers have to operate within a system that is beholden to the powers of this world. The natural response is to wish to please these masters. This present merchant church system is into marketeering. So the natural tendency is that pastors and teachers want to give "customer satisfaction" to the masses. They must find ways to build up the numbers of members on the rolls. In our current merchant system this is the name of the game.

The minister is also beholden to his diocese or deacon board. So he is on the spot here. He is selling a religious "product". If he does not perform here then his job is in jeopardy. The average tenure of a minister of religion is just two years. This gives an idea of the awful pressure clergymen are under to please the powers that be. So it is not surprising that the information brought forth from the pulpit is not the straight Word of God. It begins that way, with the text of the message. Then it is molded and re-engineered for the current appetites of the masses. Sermons today are not "biblically correct" or even "politically correct" so much as they are "economically correct".

This is an unfortunate business. However it happens to come about is not important. But the fact that the Word of God has been compromised is important. It is a very serious matter indeed. We are speaking here of the ministerial office of the Most High God. God's people are the responsibility of those who minister. Unfortunately the sheep of God's pasture are not being fed and cared for properly. Instead, they are being brought into the ways of Balaam. The holy things of God are being sold down the river for profit. God's holy information ends up being handled by profane men who are not ministers so much as religious marketeers. This is the sort of leadership Jesus referred to as "Nicolaitan". It is a system that delivers the people of God into darkness and into bondage. It is also the sort of leadership that is carnal rather than spiritual. It leads the people into lasciviousness and depravity. Finally that awful moment comes. The minister or the ruler before God who has misused the holy things of God comes to his moment of judgment on this earth. He then sees "the writing on the wall". - Dan. 5:5 And with that the leader's tenure comes to an end. Later he will face the judgment in the heavenly realms.

Human ministers have a choice to make. They can be subject to God and faithfully present His Word in Spirit and in Truth. Or they can be beholden to the dark angelic principalities and powers operating in the lower heaven. Sometimes human ecclesiastical rulers operate out of political expediency. Sometimes they are governed by the dictates of money and Mammon. The end result is the same. We see both the true holy information in an admixture with profane misinformation. Both are packaged up together. Then they are delivered to the masses. This is the unfortunate mixture we see in the information being doled out by today's Church hierarchies.

Human agents can be a mixed bag, and they often are. Ministers of God's Word can be faithful in their delivery for the most part. Then, when a problematical subject arises such as "Creation Science vs. the Evolution Big Bang Fable" or 'Pre-trib Rapture vs. Post-Trib Rapture' they can turn to clay. Suddenly they turn away from the clear teaching of the scriptures. In such moments otherwise fine men of God can lapse into a lesser role. Suddenly they have become spin meisters of humanistic religious disinformation. Such misinformation may not appear to be a big issue right now. But in times to come as the Church comes into the next threshold of history Christian pilgrims will need correct information. Wrong information, like an incorrect map or an inaccurate nautical chart, can be more than just confusing and demoralizing for the travelers. It can turn out to be a very grievous matter in the lives of many people and their little ones. Whole congregational communities can be led down the wrong road or set on a wrong course towards disaster.

This is why our Apostle Paul entreats us to, "Prove all things, hold fast to that which is good". - 1Thes.5:21 We are asked to "Study to show ourselves approved unto God". - 2Tim.2:15 Every single sentence of a sermon or teaching, from one period/full stop to the next, must be tested against the gold standard of the Word of God.

The human ministers of this Word, for the most part, mean well. But either wittingly or unwittingly they are pressured by the powers of this world. They are pressured to block, "moderate" or put "spin" on the flow or the Word of God. God's holy and pure information is thereby changed into misinformation. The data is then ready to be served up to the Christian masses in the pew, the Christian bookstore, Christian radio, or the Christian television audience as the case may be. If these ministers do not do this little "favor" their position is put at risk. Or they do not get paid. Such is the way of human "success" in this present evil world.


God's covenant people have enemies on earth and enemies up in the angelic realm. Up in the second heaven in a dimension beyond our present awareness, a spiritual war is being fought. The angelic principalities and powers of darkness are opposed by the angels of God. As we saw in Daniel chapter 10 an angelic spiritual warfare is going on even as the saints on earth pray and intercede and minister the Word of God.

We are not alone in this battle. As we grapple with pressing issues down here on earth and pray and intercede holy angels are sent from the throne of God into the angelic interface. God sends them in response to His divine purpose and in response to the fervent prayers and intercession of His faithful believers.

This is how and where information warfare comes into the fight of faith. Our diligence in prayer and intercession and our diligence in acquainting ourselves with the true message of God's Holy Word is very important. This is how we come to know and to participate in the sovereign agenda of God on this earth.

We have some good news to report here. In spite of the fierce opposition we face God's Word is sure. Events here on earth will come to their appointed conclusion precisely as prophesied. In this information war over God's Word it will be our God who will come out victorious.
The question for us is not "Is God on our side?"
Rather, it is "Are we on God's side?"

The principalities and powers of this world, stand against the flow of holy information. Their human agents operate in the secular world and in the religious world as well. They stand against the dissemination and faithful interpretation of God's precious Word. They seek to keep people in darkness. They want to keep them in ignorance concerning their options in God and cut them off from the flows of grace.

How then do we fight these dark forces in the second heaven? Well the first lesson is that the powers of darkness have already been defeated. They were defeated by Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach at the cross of Calvary. All that remains is that the Body of Christ follows Christ, our divine Head, and bears witness to that victory. He has asked us to take up our cross and to follow Him. This will be our witness. Corporately and on a grand global scale the witness of the true remnant Church will go forth in the end-time. This will bring matters to their appointed victorious conclusion. After the 5th seal climactic witness of the saints the 6th seal will open and Christ will return. - Rev.6:9-17

Here is the main lesson here. We must not fight men or their dark angels in the flesh or in the politics of this world. We do not have to. And if we do fight them in the flesh our campaign will surely fail. - Dan. 7:21, 8:24, & 12:7 Our job is to lift up the Word of God as faithful witnesses of Jesus Christ. We have been asked make our stand for Him and His Holy Word come what may. God will do the rest.

Our cause is holy and just. Our God is a Liberator. When men, women, and children are cut off from the Holy Scriptures they remain spiritually shackled. They remain prisoners in the dark realms of willful ignorance, sin and death. They can be readily led astray by pied pipers and carried off to crusades that can and do end in disaster. These are the roads to hopelessness and despair.

This situation can all change when someone shares the Good News of the Gospel. God's plan is to draw out a people to Himself and into His kingdom. He intends to bring these responding people into His marvelous Light. He will lead them into His redemption, His salvation, and on to His final glorious deliverance.

Every Christian believer is called to be involved in the Great Commission. This sharing of divine information is the Good News which we call the Gospel. We are all called to be a witness to the victory our Lord Jesus Christ has won for us at the cross. We as Christian believers are bound to be caught up in this information war sooner or later. We cannot help it. This is the grand adventure the Puritans and the Pilgrims have always sought. Being mere spectators of cheap substitute stories cobbled together by Hollywood spin meisters will eventually get old. Eventually the entertainments of this world will get quite boring. The prodigals grow weary of eating the pods this world provides. People are looking for better things. The witness of the saints stole the show in the arenas back during the first three centuries of the early church. The pagan gods began to look pretty shabby in comparison to this intriguing new God of Salvation showcased by the Christians in the arena. Will that happen again?
It most certainly will!

Dear saints, here are the facts of Life in God. We are His witnesses. The testimony of the saints at the end of this age is essential. Our obedience here will make us as Christian believers a key part of this climactic spiritual information warfare. This is where we get our true esteem. The "self esteem" movement we have today is a total sham. It is only in Christ and in service in His Kingdom that we discover our true esteem. Only in our real destiny in God shall we find true fulfillment. This comes as we walk in the power of His Holy Spirit.


Here is a thumbnail sketch of the battlefield in this information war. On one side is faith and love. On the opposite side is fear and hatred. The reason western Christians are not faithful in passing on the true Word of God is because of fear. We are afraid to tell the whole truth. The Christian masses are not established in the faith yet. And they do not know Christ in His love. We have this fear of men because we are not established in the love of God. We do not know His Holy Word.

The game of putting "spin" on the Word of God continues on. Nothing has changed since the serpent beguiled us in the Garden of Eden. The enemy of our souls wants to shut down, discount, or twist the message of God. This is information warfare and a key part of the war on the saints. The warfare against the Holy Scriptures and the Word of God is the most important information war that this planet has ever seen, - or ever will ever see.

Blocking or "cloaking" God's Word has been a favorite tactic of the powers of darkness. When the enemy cannot block the message he will revert to plan B. He will use religious priest craft to try to twist God's true message into a semi-pagan Gnostic religious counterfeit. They seek to render both the message and the messenger, (the ministers), ineffective in God.

We have repeatedly seen this in church history. Ever since the Council of Nicea there has been a campaign by the kings and rulers to bend and use religion for their own purposes. Political kings and rulers lean on their hired churchmen to act as moral policemen. They seek to moderate, modulate, govern, or control the flow of information coming out of the Bible and into society.

This is such a sad fact of history. When one looks at the facts and observes how rigidly the Bible was kept away from the people throughout the Dark Ages, (which came after Nicea), it is quite obvious that an infiltrative or Fabian style spiritual and information war has been going on against the Church. It was, (and is today), being waged by the angelic principalities and powers who presently preside over church and state or nations and their state churches. Church disinformation is far more damaging than disinformation coming to us from the secular world. Because it weakens the Church and its witness from within.

Oh yes, secular humanism is a trap, And pagans do push their political agenda this is true. But it is the deceived double-agents in the religious world we must be particularly aware of. We are not to come against them personally. We are to pray for them. Oftentimes such people are just deceived. Sometimes, of course, it is worse than this. Jesus has given us specific instructions here. He said,

"Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves.
Therefore, be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."
(Mat.10:16 NKJV)


The information war in western Christendom goes on. There is a continuing campaign of obstruction, misinformation and obfuscation of the Word of Life in our society. Sad to say, this is happening within the churches. But it is also particularly apparent in our school systems as well. A child can bring a copy of the Koran to school. But not the Bible. Public schools are permitted to hand out condoms and advise abortion for teenage students. Teachers are not permitted to make any moral judgments on any subject lest they transgress against the principle of "separation of church and state". All sorts of extra curricular activities go on after school. But having a Bible study is strictly forbidden. The children are cut off from the Word of God by the secular powers in this case.

The spiritual damage being done by this policy of blocked Christianity and a Christianity still cloaked by politics and paganism is only now beginning to be appreciated. Parents are unaware of what is happening in the schools. They just know that their teenagers are narcissistic, hyperactive, and uncontrollable. The spiritual dynamic of our Christian faith with all the wonderful moral lessons from history and literature are not heard in our classrooms. These spiritual parts of the story are just not there any more. They have been expunged from the textbooks. In the science realm the theory of evolution is taught as a proven fact when it is merely a pseudo scientific fairy tale. The Theory of Evolution is a belief system. As such it is a religion. It involves nature worship, the worship of the goddess Gaia no less. This information, (or disinformation), gets through to our children. But the Bible in school is taboo.

Are there consequences to this information warfare against the Christian message in the schools? Well yes there are. If children are told that they are animals without any valid spiritual connection beyond themselves then it should not come as any surprise when they begin to act like animals. We have seen this in the outbreaks of genocidal school violence. The shootings at Littleton High School and others were an indication of just how far from Christian grace our society has drifted.

Everyone is appalled when these school shootings occur. People scratch their heads and as "Why?"

The answer is quite obvious. Without the Judeo-Christian ethic our schoolchildren are spiritually deprived. They are cut off from the flows of Life. They don't need Ritalin. They need the inclusion of the Word of God!

Without the Prince of Peace being lifted up and respected there is no peace. So it is not surprising that childen and teenagers in public schools lack personal discipline and morale. They are bored, confused, distracted and hyperactive. They have no peace. 25% of them have been put on Ritalin to help them "focus". Spiritual discipline of the heart and school discipline is "out". Drug enforced discipline is "in".

Because the information warfare has not being recognized the western nations today are loosing the battle for their children. And the specter of irresponsible indolent Ahab and his manipulative dominating wife Jezebel is ruling in our society today. They are with us today just as they ruled in Israel in days of old. Their spirits now haunt the hallways of what was once was a great and good school system. And the Word of God is blocked from God's people one more time.

The information war is going badly for us in the field of education. Our schools are spiritually and morally sick, and so are our children. When the classroom subject matter is so spiritually cold and sterile the joy of learning goes out the window. Until we pull our children out of schools that spiritually starve our children and put them in an environment that honors the Christian God we can expect that things will pretty much stay the same. We are talking here about a spiritual sickness, a sickness of the heart. And it didn't come about by accident or by lack of government money. It came about by a concerted program of information warfare and spiritual warfare being pressed home by our spiritual enemies. They have infiltrated the education system and taken over the helm. All this amounts to brainwashing of our children. The powers of darkness have successfully waged this ideological war against Christendom right inside our public schools. It was happening while the church built lavish buildings and slept. Obviously this state of affairs cannot last. The Word of God cannot be blockaded forever.


Art used by permission of
Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992
Visit her 'Revelation Illustrated' website.

How does this information war come to its appointed conclusion? The scriptures tell us that it will heat up during the last seven years of this age. Then it will come to a dramatic end. How will this happen?

Jesus Christ is the living Word of God. At His second coming the nations are seen to be raging against His rule. (Psalm 2) Christ is seen returning with a sword coming out of His mouth. (Isa 63) The sword is the Word of God wherewith He smites the nations. The message is quite clear in the imagery and word pictures. When Christ returns He Himself will wrap up the information war. At His Second Coming it will be over!

There is a conspiracy against Jesus Christ. Politico-religious powers in this world want to keep Him locked up in a fairy tale world of "religion". They are happy for Him to stay as a medieval religious icon or some tortured image in a stained glass church window. They are OK with Him being a Sunday reverie. But He must not come down to earth. That is not allowed!

But God's Word is not stopped. Jacob's Ladder still crosses the Gnostic chasm between heaven and earth. And our Lord Jesus is still the "Bridge over troubled waters" to those who know and love Him.

Information warfare is the main spiritual warfare going on in the church today. The powers of darkness are continually trying to stop the passage of the Word of God and the faithful interpretation of the scriptures. This is not new. When God came in the flesh to this earth 2,000 years ago the religious powers, beholden as they were to the secular rulers, tried to stop Jesus and his message. They sought to prevent Him from ministering the Word of God in power and in reality. Jesus Himself was the Living Word of God. There He was, standing before them in the flesh! But the Pharisees resisted Him at every turn all through the three and a half years of his ministry. At the end of His ministry He did make His first appearance as Messiah. He passed into Jerusalem via the eastern gate on Palm Sunday. He was the Living Word, the Divine Information of God in the flesh. He was greeted by many who loved Him. But the religious rulers were outraged at His first coming as Messiah. Three days later they gathered together at midnight for a secret meeting. They illegally conspired to kill Him. The religious powers were the ones that took the initiative to have Jesus killed. They delivered Him up to the secular powers as a rebel and a traitor against the powers of Rome. But even bloody Herod was not impressed by the charges. And Pilate wanted to release Him.

The Gospel writers record that it was the religious powers who conducted information warfare against Jesus. They wanted to shut down His Message entirely. We are seeing the very same campaign of information warfare being waged today. The religious powers of this world conduct a concerted campaign against information coming from heaven concerning the Second Coming of Christ. It is scarcely mentioned in most pulpits.

The "Three Self Patriotic Church" of China has banned the teaching of any information at all regarding the Second Coming of Christ. Communist officials of the Public Security Bureau are sitting on the front pew just to make sure. There they sit with their tape recorders switched on to make sure this end-time information from the Bible is blocked. The Church of England since the days of Henry VIII has had zero church readings or scriptures on the Second Coming of Christ.

This is evidence of information warfare in the form of a big news blackout on the end-time scriptures. What is so sad is that it is being conducted inside our churches. This information has come to us from God's throne. It concerns the coming of Messiah. The kings and rulers conspire against the coming Messiah. But God laughs. (See Psalm 2) Whether the powers of this world like it or not Jesus is coming back again!

Thank God for musicians like Handel who broke through with the information about Christ returning to rule as Messiah. Handel's "Messiah" has been very influential in the information war.

The angelic rulers, the principalities and powers of this world system know that Christ is coming back. But they don't like it one bit. His coming spells curtains for them. They are the stars that fall at the 6th seal. (Rev.6) They also know all about the successful witness of the saints at the end. They recognize that this is an essential part of what brings them all down at the 6th seal. So they try to stamp out the message of God's word. They are conducting a campaign of non-information and disinformation in their information warfare against the Holy Scriptures. This is quite understandable. They want to prevent the prophesied climax of this age if they possibly can. Of course they can't. But they will try. And they will attempt to blind and neutralize as many Christian witnesses to what is really happening as they can.

All this information warfare and spiritual warfare was prophesied. So we had best understand this and come to terms with it. There is a conspiracy of silence and a conspiracy of disinformation against the Word of God in Christ Jesus. Our coming Messiah is loved by His own and He is hated by the world. King David wrote a song about this conspiracy by the nations and their hired religious leaders. He wrote the song 3,000 years ago. So it is no secret to the saints. The whole drama of the end-time is written out quite clearly and succinctly in the lyrics of Psalm 2. There is a conspiracy of raging anger and of disinformation concerning the coming of Messiah. The principalities and powers of this world seek to deny His coming rule in the Millennium of Messiah.

There has also been a very effective conspiracy of silence, a news blackout if you will, against the second coming. The powers that be also seek to drown out the message with a lot of extraneous religious "noise". They seek to shut down the Word of God as it comes through from heaven to the people of God. This is another way in which the information warfare is conducted against the Kingdom of God and against the Holy Scriptures.


Another reason the Book of Daniel continues to be the battleground in this spiritual warfare or information warfare is the critical information God gives us in the key prophecy of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel. The importance of this study for Christian believers cannot be overestimated. When conjoined with the Book of Revelation the prophecy of Daniel in chapters 9-12 gives us some exceedingly valuable information. Daniel 9:27 is the most important verse of all. It shows us that there is a future 70th week, a final period of seven years left to run in this all important prophecy known as the Seventy Weeks of Daniel. This prophecy, if we can receive it, contains vital end time information. This will be especially important for millions of saints around the world as the time comes for them to enter the final acts and scenes of history.

The 70 Weeks of Daniel map out a predictive timeline involving both the first and second comings of Christ as Messiah. The first 69 weeks run from the edict given by Artaxerxes in his 20th year to Nehemiah (Nisan of 445 B.C.) The timeline of the 69 weeks then runs up to the first appearance of Christ as Messiah, (Palm Sunday, Nisan 10 of 32 A.D.).

The 70th week of Daniel, a future seven year period, yet future. It is destined to unfold in some future year. The amount of "noise" and disinformation from religious spirits seeking to prevent this information from getting through to Christian believers is absolutely mind-boggling! The sloppy sleight of hand scholarship behind the opposing opinions and the messing with numbers does not even seem to be a problem to Christians. If something sounds good to them, if it makes them feel good then they buy it. They don't even bother checking it out!

This is so sad to see. People are just bound and determined to believe that there are not seven years left to run. They don't want to believe that there is a final 70th week in the 70 weeks of Daniel that is yet future. This fact opens up too many questions. And the answers sitting right there in the Bible are deeply disturbing to the status quo. Hence the information war and the huge amounts of religious disinformation.

The response to the information about the future 70th week is now clearly apparent. We are seeing the dissemination of a sinister partial preterism . We are even seeing a resurgence of the more blatant full preterism. Both of these are rampant on the internet today. For most Christians in the Kingdom Now movement they just don't seem to care. They believe what their anointed leaders tell them. The movement they are in is anti-intellectual. Many of them would consider a diligent Berean style study of the 70 weeks of Daniel as "head knowledge". But wisdom, as a woman, is still crying in the streets. (Prov.1) And these people will be left uninformed and unprepared for the events to come. A warning about this very thing was given to us by Corrie Ten Boom.

The seven years will surely open up in some future year. They will be initiated by a seven year peace covenant or treaty with the nation of Israel. A global peacemaker will broker the deal and it will probably involve global disarmament. Since the time span of the 70th week is the exact number of days between the next two of the Seven Feasts of Israel that are coming up for fulfillment, (1260 +1290 = 2550 days), then we can be fairly sure that the final seven years of this age will probably open up on a future Rosh Hoshanah. We are focusing in here on the next two Jewish Feasts, The Feast of trumpets and the Day of Atonement. They are next on God's agenda for epic fulfillment. These are the 4th and 5th feasts, the Fall Feasts of Israel.

Rosh Hoshanah also happens to be the Hebrew New Year and the Feast of Trumpets. This is a very auspicious date on the Hebrew calendar. It also comes on a moonless night, the first night of the Tishrei moon. This is the only one of the seven feasts to come on a new moon. The new moons were times when Israel of old got up to mischief. It would be an opportune time for a sinister plot to open up. And also a time for the trumpets to sound the alarm! (Joel 2)

So our start date for the future 70th week will probably come right on the Feast of Trumpets.

I would implore all who read these words to handle this information given in this article from the Holy Scriptures prayerfully and responsibly. We also must remember that we are agents of the Jesus Christ who rejected the sword and took up His cross. He is our Prince of Peace. He has asked us to follow Him. Are we prepared to do this?

The 70th week of Daniel is a future seven year period of God's determined dealings with His covenant Judeo-Christian people. It delineates the time course of the crucible of the end-time. This final seven year period is the run-up to the second coming of Messiah.

The reality of a future 70th week or seven years is critical information. It shows us just how the end time drama will unfold. Combining this information with what the Apostle John tells us in the book of Revelation we can trace out a pretty accurate roadmap into the end-time and the climax of this age. Here is a chart of this final seven years.

Here is an important question for Christian believers to consider. As Christian believers we are engaged in a spiritual warfare on behalf of the Kingdom of God. Are not true Christians agents of the Most High God? Do the saints move forward into the end time "under sealed orders"? And is the end time information only delivered intact to those who can be trusted with these holy things? (Rev. 19:10) Apparently this is so. Here is the intriguing Word from God as delivered to Daniel at the end of the prophecy as it was brought to him by the angelic messenger Gabriel.

12:4 "But you, Daniel,
shut up the words and seal the book until the time of the end;
many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall increase."
Daniel was given a fair amount of information about the final showdown of this age. But he was not given all the information. He confessed that he did not understand how the end time saints could apparently suffer total defeat at the hands of the ultimate governmental tyranny and yet still emerge victorious in the glorious consummation at the end. He was given this terse message.
12:9. .....Go your way, Daniel, for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

12:10 Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly, and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand.

Is Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks of much interest to the modern 21st century Christian? Well unfortunately many church leaders consider the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to be irrelevant to the goals of today’s popular church programs. A common consensus among "victory minded" Christians is that end time prophecy is "negative". And these are not the scriptures that "positive thinking or "positive confession" type Christians will select to boost their self esteem. So unfortunately today’s Christians are not yet showing as much interest in Bible prophecy as they might. This state of affairs will change dramatically in the days to come.

Daniel's prophecy of the 70 weeks concerns the unveiling, or the Apocalypse, of Jesus Christ. It also outlines the history of His saints at the climax of the Times of the Gentiles. The information is obviously destined for some group of people at the time of the end. Some group of saints will apparently need this information.
Who are they?

Could it be that we are those people for whom the book is to be unsealed? It is God's intention to share His divine purposes even as He shares His divine Presence with us. He will open this holy Word and reveal its meaning to His trusted disciples if they seek His face and bring their burden to Him personally. He will open up His Word privately with us just as God did with Daniel and as Jesus Himself did with Peter, James, John and Andrew in the Olivet Discourse. (Mat.24)

And what is the significance of all this talk of information war? Well in the days to come the information war will come to its grand climax. The faithful passage of true information will be important. We must also expect that agents of disinformation will try to bring us cartloads of disinformation. The information war is only going to become more intense as we enter the last days. God has sent His Word to us. Are we receiving His Word clearly? Or has the data been intercepted and twisted. Has a false cover story been relayed to us instead of the true and original message?

For those true and faithful seekers of God there is good news. His unaltered and correct information will arrive at the doors of their heart. And it will arrive intact. God's Holy Word will come to them without any politico-religious "spin". God will provide accurate guidance and encouragement for them as they move on down the line. This will even be happening in a day when many others will be falling away from the faith. (2Thes.2:3) God's Word will save His Elect from confusion. And He will gather each and every one of His lost sheep even on a dark and cloudy day. (Ezek.34:12)

God's Word is even now within our hearts. If we stay close to our Shepherd He will shed His Light on the scriptures. He will keep and preserve us even in our hour of trial. (Jude 1:24, Rev.3:10) He loves us. And we shall come to love Him far more than we would have thought possible. Perfect love casts out fear. (1John 4:18) In the end-time we shall find ourselves wooed into the divine romance, even as Gomer found love for her beloved in the Valley of Achor. (Hos.2:14-16) In that devotion we shall know Him and so come to know the 'mind of Christ'. (1Cor. 2:16)