The Tower of Babel
By Dutch painter Pieter Bruegel (1525-1569)

A study by Gavin Finley MD

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The proof of the coming of a New World Order will not be attempted in this article. It has already been abundantly documented in a plethora of holy, religious, nationalistic, and secular sources’. The coming of the New World Order was announced by President George Bush Sr. He heralded the coming New World Order twice in this speech he gave during the Desert Storm campaign in in March of 1991. Broadband users may view it on this short YouTube Video.

A host of prominent and powerful people have been working towards the establishment of this New World Order, and a for a long time. President Clinton's mentor, Professor Carrol Quigley, has been another who has proclaimed the coming of a New World Order. Indeed he has come right out in the open with details of the plan and how it will be brought into being. Professor Quigley has written a book in which he tells us all about it. The title of the book is, "Tragedy and Hope". It was published back in 1975. So we are bound to conclude that the coming New World Order, just like End Time Bible Prophecy, is very much an open secret.

So why are people not more aware of the coming New World Order? All sorts of information about its planning and its prominence in the unfolding of world history is sitting right there in front of us. Why are we so sheepish on the matter? Well, it is just that people are busy. And in this merchant society we tend to select what we like and avoid things that could be unpleasant. Our positivist churchmen influenced by the spirit of the age have trained us to "be positive" and not to "confess anything negative". Then there is the admonition, "judge not,lest ye be judged". In the Biblical context this means we are not to judge a person unto eternity. We do not have the right to do this. But this admonition has been re-engineered to mean that Christians should not be discerning of the character or the spirit at work in an emerging issue. But is not "discernment of spirits" one of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit? See 1Corinthians 12:10. We are not in condemning people here. And did not Jesus exhort us to "be wise as serpents and harmless as doves"? See Matthew 10:16.

At the present time we as Western Christians are too preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and material things to address the serious issues of our time. Sadly, there are precious few of us who are inclined to prepare ourselves spiritually in the Holy Scriptures and in the Holy Spirit for any possible challenges to our faith. The pursuit of our own personal happiness has taken our zeal. And the quest to ensure that we all "have a nice day" can be quite exhausting. The cares of this world are all too often choking out God's Word and preventing the Message from taking a firm root our hearts. See Mark 4:18&19. Very few Christians nowadays have personal devotions in the mornings and evenings. It seems we are too busy for any serious reflection upon the ways of this world and little time to take a look at where we as a people might be headed.

And so here we are. Events of enormous consequence are quietly unfolding on the world scene. Strangers are at the gates and doing strange things. Worrisome matters of peace, security, and national sovereignty are beginning to intrude upon our thoughts, enter our conversations, and threaten our present day happiness. Puzzling events are unfolding all around us, financially, economically, politically, and most importantly, spiritually. But like the proverbial frog in the pan of water and placed over a slow fire we are not noticing the "change". Nor are we recognizing the new realities that are quietly unfolding before us in slow Fabian fashion.


The New World Order has been a hidden agenda of secret societies. The overall plan for world "governance" is a work in progress. It subject to continuous adjustment by the roundtables as history moves on down the line. The ten global bio-regions, (currently economic and banking regions), have actually have been marked out on a map and given new names. People living inside those new borders are beginning to vaguely realize that their national borders are no longer guarded and becoming quite porous. In spite of nationalistic protests certain boundaries are in many cases just fading away.

One case in point is NAFTA. People in the U.S.A. are becoming aware of this strange new reality on their southern border. The new NAFTA and North American Union reality is erasing the line on the map between Mexico and the USA. The plan for this North American entity has been in the works for a long time. It was laid out at least as far back as World War 2. See the secret New World Order map below. Click on it for a larger version so you can read what is written at the bottom of the map.

Click on the image above to go to a bigger version of this map.

Have we seen national or state borders dissolve in the history of the West? Yes we have. This has occurred many times. Through the centuries former states have been progressively unified and amalgamated into new and bigger political entities. During the Puritan era in the mid-1600's Oliver Cromwell dissolved the borders between England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to create Great Britain. In the 19th Century Mazzini united the Italian duchies to form the nation of Italy. And Bismarck united the many German principalities to create the nation of Germany we see today. But to take this process on to its final global unification as a New World Order will be historic. The nations of Western Christendom will have to compromise on their Christian faith to coexist and embrace all the other world religions. But that is just the beginning. They will also have to surrender their Christian national sovereignty, their ethic of "God and country", to someone who they will accept as a ruler over them. We have Biblical evidence that the power-sharing treaty asked for will be for a limited period only. It will be for seven years. Daniel 9:27 brings us the crucial details here and this one verse in the book of Daniel is probably the most hotly contested Bible prophecy verse we shall ever read. It is under vicious attack by pagans and quasi-Christian preterists. A very subtle world leader will be the power broker. The world will give this mega-dealer power to disarm the world of nukes and guns and supposedly make the world safe. This seven year covenant will probably come after the Psalm 83 war. This coming war on Israel by her neighbors will probably see the prophesied destruction of Damascus. This city, the oldest city on earth, will become a heap of ruins. This was prophesied by Isaiah in Isaiah 17:1. This will be a pivotal downturn for America. This world-wide covenant will be ushered into being for the world by the bankrupt G-8 nations who hope to stay at the dealing table a little bit longer. This will be a political paradigm shift of epic proportions. A new globalism will emerge, ending the world dominion previously held by America and Western Christendom. The seven year treaty of Daniel 9:27 and its aftermath will be a stupendous event of Biblical proportions. And the Bible tells us all about it. This global sovereignty sharing treaty, brokered by a man, will fire the starting gun for the 70th Week of Daniel, the final 7 years of this age. 3500 years ago Moses warned about the coming of this final entanglement of God's covenant people with the systems of this world. Jesus Himself spoke about it. He even told us what sort of a person would be the "choice" of His covenant people in that coming momentous day of decision. See John 5:43. We'll be discussing this matter of the coming anti-messiah further along in this article.

A similar map to the one shown above was on a website associated with the Pennsylvania Crier newspaper. It had some accompanying articles with some very telling information about the New World Order. That map had in interesting story associated with it. It was discovered by a certain named individual in the window of a store early in 1941 before the US joined the Brits and entered the struggle against the axis powers in World War 2. He recognized the significance of the map and purchased a number of copies. That colorful map was up on the Pennsylvania Crier website for a number of years. In recent times the author noticed that it was no longer there. Some Google searching revealed that it had disappeared off the Internet. The map we see above is quite similar.

To the discerning eye this world map is astounding. Quite clearly humanistic globalist elites have been busy. They have been thinking about a New World Order for a long time and making plans to implement "change" in global policy. New political boundaries have been mapped out for the world to conform to the global or geo-economic banking regions that are now forming. This New World Order map showing ten geo-political regions was created early in 1941 several months before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The ensuing world upheaval would establish the United States as the new and final Western superpower. We might call the period of history we are now living in the Pax Americana.


The Church has been a global company from day one. The Holy Spirit outpouring overflowed Israel on the Day of Pentecost in the year of the Passion. Click on the image above to go to the article on the Feast of Pentecost.
Many Americans still do not realize that their country is the superpower. They do not realize that we are now living in the Pax Americana period of history and that this current era began in 1945 as the Second World War ended. America has this critically important international role. But Americans still do not appreciate that the superpower has some very important responsibilities to keep the peace across this world. A global policing power must ensure that goods cross borders, that bomb grade plutonium does not fall into the wrong hands, and rogue nations do not loose nukes on other nations to burn up the people they hate. Given the dangerous times in which we now live a responsible superpower will make every attempt to see that the world peace, (imperfectly as we have it today), has a chance to prevail. They must also try to see to it that the earth, as God's creation, is protected against a nuclear holocaust and that the ecosystems of the earth and the seas are husbanded responsibly and kept free of pollution.

Citizens in the West are just not educated to this truth. The secular humanists among us are becoming very powerful. Teacher's unions like the NEA have a monopoly on education in the West. They brainwash our children in their Nature worship and force upon them their "faith" that this cosmos created itself. As "true believers" evolutionists insist that organic life sprang up fully functional from inorganic chemicals. And how did that happen? The evolution faithful say it happened by a "Big Bang" and other random meaningless non-intelligently designed completely accidental acts of cosmic kindness. These secularist elitist set the curricula for state teachers and choose the textbooks for our children. The academicians who are forcing this agenda upon our education system are also true believers in Jean Jacques Rousseau's pagan Utopian dream. The Nature worshiping faithful believe that mankind left to his own animalistic desires, will eventually see the "gentle savage" emerge in all of us.

There is a history to be learned from all of this, if we are inclined to take a look. There is a causal relationship between the theory of evolution, "survival of the fittest", and the Nazi dominionist cult of the "Ubermenchen". Nazi eugenicss back in the 30's, (and Planned Parenthood today), fosters the belief that a dominant powerful race can be deliberately bred into being by state planners. Of course this will call for some draconian measures. The "bad seed" would have to be "weeded out" by government committees.

Eugenics is the hidden agenda behind the theory of Evolution. Eugenics moves "forward" with a hidden but truly monstrous plan. It seeks the cold-blooded murder of those deemed by the state to be "unfit to live". Such people were called "useless eaters" by the Nazis. There was no room for nurturing of the sick and the weak. There was no room for mercy or for the God of mercy. These sobering facts of eugenics in recent 20th Century history are absent from the history books. So our children are not schooled in the terrible social and political dangers and the hidden enemy at the gate. Our children are asleep. But it is not a natural sleep. They have been hypnotized like chickens.

And so the Utopian dream goes on, with very few standing up to contradict it or sound a word of warning. Many Americans still imagine that under their administrations they can organize the unfolding of an idyllic global society where "everything is beautiful in its own way". They imagine that if we can all just "think positively", hold hands, and sing "We are the world" then everything will be OK. This is their dream! And our Dominionist Christian friends are right in there among them. Without seeing the need to consult their Bible they want to join the jingoists. They believe that they can force their religious humanism, their particular Utopian dream upon all the people of this world!

Of course most people are not just unaware of all these unfolding events. They just don't care. And as the state assumes more and more powers over individuals the people of Western Christendom, like the Roman Empire, are provided with "bread and circus". Citizens are fed "bread" by the state. A burgeoning list of entitlements keep them beholden to the government. The "circus" is provided by Hollywood, sports extravaganzas, materialism, pop religion, and a host of other entertainments and diversions. This is the Tower of Babel revisited, a world of confusion. Confusion will lead to chaos, chaos to dictatorship. Only this next time it will be world dictatorship. Are we interested in coming back to our Messiah yet?

Many Christians quite rightly try to shield their children from the perverse entertainments of this world with its violence and pornography. Christians have become invested in the corner church which is good, as far as it goes. But often we are not aware of the wider global arena and the wonderful Gospel outreach and the suffering but victorious Church that is expanding greatly under persecution overseas. From out of Western Church offerings only 2 cents in the dollar goes to foreign missions. We are spending the money on ourselves but are becoming the poorer for it. 80% of evangelicals are losing their children to the depraved culture of this world. With the blackout on true Biblically based Bible prophecy Christians are unaware of their situation. They have been left in the dark.

There is a silver lining to all this. Christian believers do not know this very important fact. They are actually more important to God than they think. They are yet to awaken to the Biblical truth that Western Christians are destined to assume a vital role of witness in the latter days. There will in fact be an End-Time Revival of blockbuster proportions. It will occur among the gathered Elect. And there is a wonderful treasure hidden in the lukewarm Laodicean Church, even as it is spewed out by a holy God.

Why is all this critically important and encouraging information being smoke-screened? A quick scan of Church history tells the story. The powers of this world want to keep God's people to themselves. Since the Council of Nicaea Christians in the West have been beholden to established churchmen. These men in turn are beholden to the secular kings, princes, and rulers of this world. In recent times it has been the merchants of this world that call the shots. They have a good handle on this world. And based upon this worldly wisdom they lay out the Church agenda for those churches that want "success". Businessmen in charge of church finances are very astute in the ways of this world. They are very aware of the financial gains and the financial losses that attend certain messages and certain lines of preaching. Wittingly or unwittingly, they suggest certain subjects that "might be a good idea" for pastors to include, (or exclude), from their preaching agenda. The pressure is on churchmen to perform two roles, (other than preaching the Word of God). They must
a. ensure that church growth and church finances are on the up and up, and
b. ensure their charges are "quiet" and not a problem to the current sociopolitical order.
By way of illustration of this truth see this classic YouTube video clip from that wonderful video, 'God's Outlaw'.

Godly ministers as well as those religious hirelings who are out for money are in the same boat here. Both are being wittingly or unwittingly influenced and paid through the systems of this world to enforce the status quo. They are not specifically ordered to perform this peacekeeping role in society. But as they get together and talk and read their articles on "church growth" they find it expedient to do so. No pastor wants to see their numbers down. Nor do they want to see church members becoming unruly or becoming a "problem" to the state. Should any of these things happen their church board would call them in for a "special meeting". Their established ecclesiastical position as pastor would be threatened, and very quickly. This happened to John Wycliffe in England, Martin Luther in Germany, John Huss in Bohemia, and William Tyndale as he translated the Bible into English. It happened to the Huguenots in France during the 17th and 18th Centuries. And it happened to German pastors like Dietrich Bonhoeffer in Nazi Germany during the 1930's. All these faithful church ministers were leaned on by the powers of this world for one reason. The powers of darkness wanted to shut down, attenuate, or twist the Word of God.

The same pattern continues today. Amazingly, ministers who are in all other ways very doctrinally sound will cave in to the worldly and established ecclesiastical powers of their day. They will abandon the expounding of certain Biblical truths when such truths become "embarrassing" to them or "revenue negative" with respect to their church offerings and income. This is why whole denominations will go along with a doctrine that is popular but Biblically unfounded. The Word of God is particularly twisted when it comes to the sensitive matter of the end-time truth as it is laid out in Holy Scripture.

So understandably many of our Christian ministers are concerned about their job security. Instead of sharing a faithful message from the Bible many have shown themselves quite prepared to serve up popular end-time fables to the Christian masses. Christians in the pews, reading "Left Behind" books, and watching Christian television get a non-challenging, luke warm, watered down, milk-toast message. All too often it is message of end-time disinformation.

Perhaps this is necessary. Is God actually allowing this cloaking of End-Time Biblical truth? Is He allowing it to happen for a purpose? It may not be "our purpose". But could it be "His purpose"? Are sincere and committed Christians the only ones who deserve to know the truth about the latter days? We shall discuss this matter further along in this article.

The fact is traditional Christians are not prepared to go too far in their walk of faith. For the most part we as Christians have have been nationalists first and Christians second. This was famously so in the former British Empire. There was much talk of "God and Country", especially when it came to times of national emergency. But when all was said and done the unspoken drill turned out to be "King first and God afterwards". See this YouTube video clip from that wonderful video, 'Beyond the Next Mountain'.

Christian allegiances are strange and strained affairs. Christians in the West see themselves primarily as citizens of a certain nation, a nation that may or may not be particularly Christian. In the English speaking countries these would be the Puritans in America and the Victorians of the British Commonwealth countries. An evangelical minority see themselves as Pilgrims, as saints and sojourners moving on down the line of nations on a pilgrimage towards a Holy City not made with human hands.

The church and the synagogue are the dominant and prevailing religious realities of this era. They are the two leavened loaves lifted up at Pentecost. Most Christians see themselves as members of a local or parochial church. But in actual fact they are part of a far bigger company of people than the people of their nation. And they are subject to a far higher calling than the calling of the corner church. They do not yet realize that they, the Congregation of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, are part of a global company of people. Indeed the true Church has been an international Congregation from its beginning nearly 2,000 years ago. The Congregation of Jesus Christ, the Church, if you will, went global at nine-o clock one morning in Jerusalem in the summer of the passion year. This all unfolded on a certain Hebrew Feast day, namely the Feast of Pentecost.

What happened on that auspicious day, that epic appointed time? The birthday of the Church had just occurred on the birthday of the nation of Israel. At that time the Holy Spirit overflowed out of the former racial and national boundaries of Israel and began its spread out to the ends of the earth. This was God's grand global plan. He had declared His intention to perform this wonder and go global right from the very beginning. See Isaiah 49:6. Pilgrim Christians understand this. But Puritan Christians, (along with British Victorian Christians and other patriot Christians), have trouble comprehending this vital Christian connection to Israel.

Most Christians do not yet understand that they actually have two passports. The first is their national passport. The second passport is a document they have not seen but nevertheless is very real It came to them when they were born-again and baptized by faith into Christ who is Abraham's Seed. Galatians 3:29. Most Christians are not yet aware of this serendipity and that their new spiritual identity in Christ, (the promised Seed of Abraham, ushers them into a new national-international identity as well.

In the latter days the remnant Church will see this clearly. Because holy history will unfold to reveal hidden mysteries and a hitherto unseen passage into wonders they could not have imagined in their wildest dreams. Out of an awesome Valley of Decision a highway of holiness will lead the saints on up to the high places in God. There they will see the grand vistas of a glorious emerging geo-political reality, the Kingdom of God coming down here on earth. The Congregation of Jehoveh-God Almighty will discover that through the blood of Christ they have entered into a new citizenship. They are now in the Commonwealth of Israel. See Ephesians 2:11,12,&13 and also Revelation 7:9&10.


We take our current peace for granted. But let us take a longer historic view. The United States looks like being the last in a long line of western Christian superpowers. Each took their turn in leading the way throughout the centuries. Now what might well be the last remaining superpower is trying to provide covering for a just and prosperous peace in the world. But let us take a trip back through the centuries. Let us trace the rise and fall of the dominoes of the western nations that have been shining lights in their time.

Our story begins with the Portuguese navigators and chart makers. Henry the Navigator was a guiding light in his day. Seven hundred years ago the Portuguese led Christendom beyond the shores of Europe with seafaring explorations out into the Atlantic. Ferdinand Magellan and his crew were the first to sail around the world. This Portuguese leadership unshackled the hearts and minds in western Christendom. They began to awaken from the dark ages and look out beyond their own coasts.

Then came the Spanish Pax Espaniol in the 1500's. With fiery zeal for missions and the glory of God (and also for conquest and gold) they lead the way in colonizing the Americas. The glorious Renaissance Italiano provided wonderful inspiration from the arts and music during the same timeframe and indeed Christopher Columbus was from Genoa. The Dutch led on in the 1600's with a peaceful sea trade extending into the orient. In the 1700's the Pax Francais under Napoleon sought to take over all of Christendom. To this day the French still affirm that all the world should speak French. Early in the 1800's the British then rose up and put a stop to the French European domination. The Battle of Trafalgar at sea and at the Battle of Waterloo on the continent opened the Pax Brittannia. The British Empire colonized 25% of the planet and became fabulously wealthy in the process. Under men like Cecil Rhodes the British planned to take over the whole world. Under the Victorians it was said that "the sun never set on the British Empire". When the Titanic sailed out of Southampton in April of 1912 it was said that, "not even God Himself could sink her!" The ensuing disaster was God's warning that British arrogance had come to a peak. Two years later World War 1 broke out sending the British Empire into decline.

In the first half of the 20th Century Kaiser Wilhelm and later Adolf Hitler attempted to bring in a Pax Germanica. But under this flawed humanistic leadership it was bound to fail. Nevertheless, the Germans did, in fact, have a profound impact upon Western Christendom. They did see to it that we were disciplined in the militarization that was an integral part of this season of total and exhausting conflict. They helped to bring out a national character that came to be known as "the greatest generation". Even in this terrible history of two world wars we were taught some valuable lessons. We learned to be obedient to our superior, to take responsibility for others in the troop, to act for the greater good, and to behave in an orderly and proper manner, not just as individuals, but as part of a nation, something bigger than our own selves. This was in keeping with the prophecy over the tribe of Gad we see in Genesis 49.

World War 2 saw the defeat of the Germans and the axis powers. Then after the two A-bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki the current Pax Americana came into power. A half century of peace has been maintained by the American dominance of free enterprise, the multinational corporations, the World Bank, and global business. The huge American military has a part in keeping the peace as well. The British Empire had extended its Pax Brittania in the 19th century by using "gunboat diplomacy". Today the Pax Americana uses its powerful fleet of aircraft carriers and naval vessels to exert "Tomahawk missile diplomacy". And a string of land bases in the Middle East projects American influence and power using and "drone diplomacy". The threat of Hellfire missile coming into their living room helps world leaders to "see the light" and "toe the line". By these means and many others we do not know about the Pax Americana, the current and final superpower of Western Christendom, attempts to maintain a measure of peace in the world.

Pray God the Pax Americana will continue for a long time. Evangelical Christians need this time to spread the Gospel. And even spiritually blind pagans at play are enjoying the peace that has been provided for them by the Judeo-Christian powers of the West. And yes, anti-colonialists of the raging kind are afforded protection and wealth by the very same Western people they despise. But there is a mounting debt crisis looming over the present world system. How long can we go on like this? We just don't know. But an approaching tetrad of four lunar eclipses in 2014 and 2015 landing right on the Spring Feasts and Fall Feasts of Israel suggests this time period might bear some careful watching.

So the divine directive is clear.
NOW is the time of salvation! - 2Corinthians 6:2.
How shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? - Hebrews 2:3.

The rule of English speaking people has generally been tolerant. They have attempted to foster peaceful trade and freedom. Great Britain and the USA have offered a peaceful environment and the wealth that came from that have provided the financial means to extend Christian missions abroad. 90% of current missionary activity comes out of the USA. But missionary giving is less than 2 cents in the dollar of our offerings. This should be a warning for Christians to abandon their Dominion Theology and their foolish rush for ecclesiastical global dominion and to concentrate on what Jesus has told them to do in the the Great Commission. Now is the time to get the Gospel out to the world. Because with the future New World Order our present day window of evangelical opportunity will most certainly close. There will be a seven year famine of the hearing of the Word of God. See Amos 8:11. See also this article on the coming harlot system.

John was absolutely astounded when he saw the harlot riding the New World Order beast. See Revelation 17:1,2,3,&4. She held a cup of filthiness and she was drunk with the blood of the saints. See Revelation 17:5,6,&7. So the time for us as evangelical Christians to reset their priorities and to support missionary activity now. We just don't know how much time we have left. We have been privileged to evangelize under the fishers. But we know that the hunters will come after. See Jeremiah 16:16 and Isaiah 19:8.


The ten future global powers and their eventual leaders have not yet emerged into history. (Dan 7) But they most certainly will. Daniel said that these ten powers would rise up in the latter days of this age. Eventually they would be ruled over by one man, a certain "prince". (See Daniel 9:24,25,26,&27.)

The ten horns also relate to the ten toes on the image Nebuchadnezzar saw. The image was struck and destroyed by the smiting stone. This was Nebuchadnezzar's dream which he had forgotten, the dream his conscious mind refused to acknowledge. But the emotional impact of the king's dream was enormous. He was having his worst nightmare. But content and the meaning of the dream were both hidden from him. That is why in a frenzy he called for all his magicians and soothsayers. Of course they failed to deliver. The prophet Daniel was summoned to appear before the king. And under the influence of the Holy Spirit he retrieved the deleted dream. Daniel then interpreted the dream for the king. (See Daniel chapter 2)

John the Apostle saw the very same ten horned beast that Daniel saw. He saw it in two separate visions. The ten horned beast apparently operates in two different time frames. In Revelation 17 John saw the ten horned beast being ridden by a harlot. This would appear to be in the earlier half of the 70th Week of Daniel.

In Revelation 13 John saw the ten-horned beast come up out of the sea, representing an emergence of a political entity from out of the nations. The riding ruling harlot is not in view in this vision. John is seeing the beast alone and at a later time period when the ten horns are crowned with ten diadems. The crowns represent sovereignty. So as John saw the beast in Revelation 13 it was at the stage when the ten horns are given sovereign rule. They, the ten kings, ten future global rulers will be given the power of rule. The harlot is not featured here in this vision of Revelation 13. So at this time we may conclude that she is no longer holding the reins of political power. In Revelation 13 John is seeing the ten horned beast in the very same time period that Daniel saw it in Daniel 7. The harlot, who ruled in that former 3.5 year time period, has been bucked off and gored. The harlot is no longer in the picture. This would be during the second half of the 70th week.

The ten horned beast in the later view has ten diadems. From what the Holy Scriptures tell us about the character of the Harlot we know that she would not have relinquished power and allowedthis to happen by her own choice. Her "choice" has always been to please herself and usurp power whenever she can, keeping that power to herself. So we may consider it most probable that the rising beast with the ten horns and ten diadems has thrown off the harlot. These ten horns crowned with ten diadems would therefore represent rulers who exercise sovereign power in their own right and in their own respective geo-political area. The little horn of Daniel 7:8 and Daniel 8:9 will rise up to displace three of those horns.

Revelation 13 describes the beast when the thing is no longer under harlot moderation or control. When John sees him in Revelation 13 and when Daniel sees him in Daniel 7 the beast is truly fearsome. Midway through the seven years the Antichrist rises up to commit the Abomination of Desolation. See Daniel 9:27 After that outrage he is no longer the peacemaking "Mr. Nice-guy". Now the Kraken wakes and the Antichrist has been transformed from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. He is now a man possessed. The Antichrist has been taken over by the beast-demon from the bottomless pit/Abyss. (Rev.17:8) He is now fully revealed as the Beast of 666 and the Great Tribulation.

The character change here is striking. Both Daniel (Dan.7) and John (Rev.13) saw the beast heading up this global system. Daniel tells of him behaving in an abominable and unprecedented way. He is given power for the space of three and a half (Biblical 360 day) years (Dan.7:25) or 42 (Biblical 30 day) months (Rev.13:5. Both Daniel and John saw him blaspheming God, persecuting the saints, and winning politically and militarily over all those who come against him. (Daniel 7:11&25 and Revelation 13:5,6,&7)

Since the time given in Revelation 13 is 42 months we are bound to conclude that the 666 Beast we see here is in a 3.5 year time frame which follows after the midweek "abomination of desolation". (Dan.9:27) We are looking here at the ten horned beast during the 666 system. This is the second half of the 70th week. This of course matches up with the period of the Great Tribulation Jesus spoke about in the Olivet Discourse. (Mat.24:15,16,17,18,19,20,&21) This coincides as well with the 1260 day trampling of Jerusalem by the Gentiles (Rev.11:2) along with the flight of the woman and the Bozrah exile involving the covenant people of God. The prophet Micah gives a further perspective on this in Micah 2:12,&13. To learn more of this stupendous untold end-time story of exile and deliverance see this article..

The raging of nations against the coming of Messiah is a key to our understanding of what is happening in the end-time drama. It also gives us an insight into the outrageous genocidal acts against Jews and Biblical Christians seen in medieval and modern history. Biblically speaking "the nations" are the heathen. We must not nurture any illusions here. As King David sang in Psalm 2, the nations are raging. They are raging against Israel's coming Messiah.

Humanistic mankind, whether they be secular humanists or religious humanists, have one thing in common. Both of them are subject to dark spirits that are anti-Messianic or anti-Christian. Humanists do not like the idea of the Second Coming of Christ as Messiah one bit! In most cases they are deceived and quite unaware of how they are being used by their dark angels. But the spirits pulling their strings are not deceived. They know full well what they are doing. They are out to block the Biblical message, stop the 5th seal end time witness of the saints. In this false and vain hope they believe that this will stop Messiah from returning in Judgment.

Of course they will fail. God's truth has been written in His Word. But they deny it and seek to deny it to mankind. And so they believe their own lies. So this raging of nations against the coming rule of Messiah is all in vain. It is a futile exercise. King David's song laid out the end-time conspiracy of the nations. The heathen are raging against the Second Coming of Messiah. David wrote the song way back around 1,000 B.C. It is sitting there in Psalm 2. The campaign of disinformation is therefore directed against the coming Messiah AND His witnesses.

The powers of darkness, angelic and human, are in an absolute tizzy over this end-time witness. But in this song of David the God of Israel is watching from His throne above. As the song goes on we see that the Ancient of Days does not seem too concerned about this. He is not worried at all. In fact He is laughing.

But this history must unfold. The chronicles of God's people must be written, and they will be written. There will be crises to be sure. And crisis managers will rise up calling for further compromises. The money will not be there to deal. And on a terrible future day the flags and sovereignties of nations will folded up and placed down on the dealing table. The final world system will then emerge, supposedly to try and deal with all this economic and political turmoil. Strange to say, it will be during this time of chaos that the New World Order, under a covering harlot religious system, will sneak in and assume enormous international powers. Apparently this coming prince will be quite an impressive and persuasive orator when he comes on the scene. Stepping aside to allow "the lady" to go first will be his subtle move. Working behind the scenes he will be a very capable crisis manager on a global scale. He will pull strings and get things done by treaty, entering into the key places of conflict in the world, not least of which is the Holy Land and the city of Jerusalem.

This sounds impossible to us right now. But in a time of crisis we can expect that crisis managers will rise up. They take over the media, declare an "emergency", and proceed to rule dictatorially. This is precisely what Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan leader did in England. After the defeat and beheading of the King Parliamentary rule continued. But lacking a visible executive leadership it descended into a political bed of corruption. Parliamentary rule at that time was a bare legislative branch of government. It compromised itself and England collapsed into a state of near anarchy. Into this crisis stepped Oliver Cromwell. It was a crisis, to be sure. And he, a Puritan of the first order, was a crisis manager. Thus he became the Puritan dictator of England. See these 17 articles on the Anglo-American Puritans.

Typically political crisis managers, (given the necessary crisis), are given enormous political power to "set things right". This is why German leader Hindenburg gave the chancellorship to Adolf Hitler back in the early 1930's. There had been riots in the streets between communists and fascists. Someone had to "take charge". Often, as was the case with Hitler, these pretenders just end up seizing the power themselves anyway.

The Biblical prophecy in Daniel 9:27 is clear. All the powers of the world will give this man significant and telling sovereignty over their own realms. They will do this by a treaty or a covenant. The deal will be for a period of seven years. - Dan.9:27

From what the prophet Daniel tells us the New World Order will emerge initially as a peacemaking entity. Supposedly it will be attempting to ensure peace and security on earth. An epic peace treaty with Israel will be in the works. The deal will call for Israel to give up her sovereignty to some or all of the Holy Land. The Holy City of Jerusalem may be there in the deal as well. The covenant will be time limited to 7 years.

At the midpoint of the agreed on seven years the character of the New World Order and its leader will change. - Dan.9:27b The false messiah or peacemaking Antichrist, will then assume a new more beastly and malignant identity. This will be a case of "no more Mr. Nice guy". At that time, the midpoint of the seven years, the New World Order will become tyrannical. - Dan.9:27 At the midpoint of the 7 years the NWO will come under under direct Luciferian 666 rule. By that time the raging of nations will be well underway. - Psalm 2:1,2,3,4,5,&6.

But all is not lost. John the beloved saw the flight of the woman during this very same time period. See Revelation Chapter 12, specifically Rev. 12:6 and Rev. 12:14.


Click on the image above to go to the articles and videos
on Daniel's prophecy of the the 70 Weeks.
Americans have been blessed as a nation and as a people. The USA is the superpower today and is leading the world. This has been the case since the atom bombs were dropped to end World War 2 and the Bretton Woods system of monetary management established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world's major industrial states. The Monopoly game has come a long way since then and now a small group of super-wealthy individuals are directing the conversations and setting policy. The subject of the New World Order now embraces discussions about such entities such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council on National Policy, the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission, the International Bankers, Hollywood, and various media moguls who oversee the filtering of "the news". Many of us are oblivious to just how our reality is being crafted by others. And few Christians perceive how this ties in with angelic and human hierarchies and what the Bible calls the principalities and powers of this world.

So it seems that "We the People" are actually living under a Pax Americana that is being subjected to "change". We are now being directed towards a new internationalism and a New World Order. The New World Order has a distinctly different character than the Old World Order we have lived under for the past 1700 years. The ethic of "Church and State" and of "God and Country" was established at the Council of Nicaea way back in 325 A.D.. We as Christians have some fond memories of the Old World Order, even amid the horrors of wars and the persecutions we have endured in previous centuries. But from the very beginning the Old World Order was never really holy and set apart unto God. It was a compromise between Christianity and the paganism of this world. During the first Century the early Judeo-Christian Church was in a purer state. But during the first three centuries and under ten Caesars the early church suffered under the deadly persecutions of Rome.

So we have had a 17 century track record of "Church and State". So simply stated our allegiance has been a split devotion to "God and Country" or "God and our native land" or "God and our race", or "God and our beloved nation". In a certain time to come all that will go into the dustbin of history. What we are looking at here is a paradigm shift of epic, even Biblical, proportions. See Daniel 9:27 and Daniel 7:7.

Do we comprehend this? No, we do not. We still continue in our Pollyanna mindset. We truly believe that the ruling elites of this present age, the princes of this world who set the political agenda of nations and of this world really mean well and have the best of intentions for us personally. We have been conditioned by our media to believe that "everything is under control". In this Disneyesque culture we are immersed in the notion and the mindset that "everything is beautiful in its own way". Our faith in the "status quo" is unquestioned. And so our expectation is that yes, challenges may come. But it will not impact me in any significant way. There will never be any need or any occasion for me to become personally concerned with any emerging issues. Nor should I reset my priorities and attend to any call for deepening my relationship with God.

Yes, Christians in the West have been stroked, lead around through the Bible in circles, and hypnotized like a chicken. We are fond of saying, "everything is going to pan out". Our churchmen are complicit in this. They tell us "the United States is not in the Bible". But is this true? Could it be that the USA as the waning superpower will be central to coming earthshaking world events? Might the New World have at least something to do with the New World Order? Or is it all really just a European agenda with ten European nations "over there" in Europe as we have been told by our churchmen? Have we traced the geography and histories and migrations of people under the King of the North and King of the South? Have we looked at the scope of the he-goat of Daniel 8 and the little horn of Daniel 7 and Daniel 8 and traced them both into the end-time drama? How awesome is our God? And just how awesome are we permitting Him to be in our lives and in our world view?

Christian believers in Biblically founded churches are told that we will not be called upon to go up to witness in any way. They tell us 'we won't be here'. In spite of many Scripture passages that beg to differ we are told that "we're outta here!". Most Christians in the older established denominations have been given very little sound Biblically based prophecy teaching. Even as we approach the close of this age and the beginning of a new Millennium many Christians still believe what people believed in the days of Noah. They believe that "life will continue on just as it was before".

Is this true? Two parties at least know the score. Christians who have a Biblical world view and secular elitists behind the New World Order can agree about this one thing. An epic change is coming. Those who mean business for the God of Israel and those who mean business for the other side are not asleep at the switch. They have their eyes wide open. Both camps are preparing for a showdown. But how about the rest?

The rest will wake up and find out, - eventually. But like the five foolish virgins the midnight hour will come. Many who called themselves Christians will have come to their moment of personal burnout. The midnight hour will have come, and the call to go out to meet the Bridegroom. And at that late time it will be too late to go out and to find the extra cruse of oil. It will be too late to prepare themselves in God.

So, will life just continue on as it was before as most believe? Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a God who has come down Jacob's ladder. He has crossed the Gnostic chasm between heaven and earth. He has come against against the Gnostic trolls who have said and continue to say say that the God of Heaven cannot pass into this fallen world, take on flesh, live among us, and still be God. But the God of Israel is Emmanuel, which means "God with us". He loves His people too dearly to allow this present darkness to continue forever. He intends to fully shine His Light upon the whole dark, hidden, occult subject. His Elect and Chosen people will not be the ones to follow the "man of sin". When 'the restrainer' opens the lid the beast demon of the Abyss will emerge into history. This will be the same blaspheming spirit that possessed Antiochus Epiphanes back in the Greek era. He will re-enter this world and possess the Anti-Christ at the midpoint of the seven years. And at that time he will cause the sacrifices to cease, commit the awful sacrilege, and institute 666 and the Mark of the Beast.

When the final showdown comes God Almighty will not have deserted His people, no, not at all. He will seated and holding court. He will be overseeing the end-time events here below. The Ancient of Days will sit as this world awaits His judgment. And He will be the One to preside over the unfolding events of the latter days. He will be calling for His witnesses. And when the gavel falls on Judgment Day on a future Yom Kippur on the Last Day at the end of the final 7 years of this age that will be it. The trumpets of Jubilee will sound. On That Day it will be curtains for the wicked, deliverance for the captives, and the Resurrection and Rapture, for the righteous Elect. The rest will be sorted out at the Sheep-Goat Judgment. Then comes the glorious long-awaited Millennium of Messiah.

There is a Sovereign God. And He sets the limits upon wickedness as it unfolds here on earth. Job saw the God of heaven standing before the seashore as the nations raged before Him. See Job 38:11. The God who oversees the unfolding of holy history declared,

"This far you have come, but no further!
Right here is where your proud waves will stop!"
Job also brought this testimony in Job 19:25,26,&27.
"I know that My Redeemer lives,
And that He will stand at the latter day upon the earth.
And though burrowing down below my skin, worms destroy this body,
Yet in my flesh shall I see God!"
I will see Him for myself.
And it will be my eyes who behold Him!
The Holy Scriptures also declare that at the Last Day there will be an epic climactic future Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, Day of Covering, Day of Accounting, Day of Reconciliation, Day of Sentencing, and Day of Pardoning. On That Day the trumpets of Jubilee sound to announce the coming King of kings.

There is a Messiah who is coming. It was not a religious leader but an artist, a great musician named Friedrich Handel, who brought this message home to the kings and princes of Western Christendom. That musical masterpiece, "Messiah" was played in concert halls across Europe and England. And at the grand conclusion the royals and the nobility would all stand to their feet.

There is a true new Millennium up ahead. And at the close of this age every person who has reached accountability before God will face the Messiah at His Judgment Seat. See this YouTube video. God's covenant people were warned by Moses concerning this spiritual neglect which would lead them into trouble and into the epic trials and tribulations of what Moses called "the latter days". See Deuteronomy 31:29. This is recorded in the Torah in the Song of Moses. The Apostle Paul also warned us about this spiritual apathy that will be pervasive in the latter days. See 2Peter 3:3,4,5,6,&7. He also spoke of a great apostasy or Great Falling Away from the true faith, the faith that was first delivered to the saints.

For Christian believers, agents of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, (and especially for Christians in the Suffering Church in places abroad), there is no such thing as a comfortable Christian life. And for our Western clergymen to sell Christians such a notion that they can have a life of wealth, dominion, and devoid of challenges is a grievous lie. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So where are the watchmen inside the Church? The fact of the matter is many are asleep at their post. Many are too world-weary and too ill-informed about the meaning of events to deal with the matter in a true and faithful way. They are not responding in faith believing. So without this faith that goes beyond they are living in subjection to fear. They are demoralized before they start. Many are too frightened to get up and look at what is going on. And religious leaders who depend upon their people or their church boards to pay them know that to open up any controversial of fearsome subject will be revenue negative and compromise their job. So they play it safe and stick to the motivational preaching that pays big dividends in the merchant Western church. Quite clearly they cannot be expected to take on any responsible role of leadership as these serious matters appear on the horizon. And so as events begin to unfold we see much of the Western Church in living denial. The results are far worse than we know. Western Christendom is beginning to crumble on the inside. And the suffering Church in places like China, Indonesia, and the Islamic world is now beginning to assume the leading role and show the Way ahead.


Of course many supposed "Christian watchmen" are gathering crowds on shortwave, AM radio and on the Internet. But what is their message? And how is their message impacting listening Christian hearts? In the absence of a faithful and legitimate Christian response from Christian leaders these men are rising up and talking. But what are they saying? They are merely dishing out a lot of titillating information about the New World Order to the Christian masses. Unfortunately most of them are sensationalists and provocateurs selling cheap thrills. And what is the impact of their "information". They are doing little more than stirring up the Christian masses, stirring them up to fear. They are presenting a fearful awareness about the emerging New World Order and presenting all sorts of information of what "man proposes". But they are providing very little proper direction or instruction from the Holy Scriptures as to how we are to deal with this approaching history. Nor are they exhorting the saints to enter into the devotion to which they have been called or preparing them in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Here is another point that is being missed. Christian writers and preachers talk endlessly about the onrush of globalization in our politics. But do they realize that the Christian Congregation/Church went global on a certain Day of Pentecost that erupted into holy history nearly 2,000 years ago? Now, the powers of this world must follow suit. In short, the New World Order must become global. It has to do this to to catch up with a global Savior/Messiah and His global Congregation/Church, the covenant people of the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. The New World Order has to go global in order to engage and counter a global Christian Church! So without providing proper Biblical perspective upon these emerging trends those who are providing information about the New World Order have become little more than fear-mongers and agent-provocateurs. So what is really happening here? The principalities and powers behind the raised human voices have an agenda. They are attempting to spook the saints. They want to draw Christians into the terror that these higher angelic powers of evil are facing as the end-time judgment looms. They are in mortal dread of this coming Day of Reckoning. The messages we are hearing offers scant Biblical and spiritual encouragement and precious little guidance as to what the proper Christian response should be to all this.

Dear saints, this is something that must change, and soon. Christian preachers are drawn into the politics of the New World Order, and that is where they stay. They are not leading their people deeper into the devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ/Yeshua Hamashiach. This is a big mistake. By concentrating on politics and leaving out the Bible prophecy and the call to the Way of the cross they have done the Church in the West a great disservice. Our Messiah has called us to the end-time witness. Should this vital issue really be left out of the discussion?

So why has the end-time devotion, the end-time witness, and this high calling been given the "silent treatment"? It is said that the sins of omission, (not the sins of commission), are what take men and women on to condemnation in the Judgment to come. It is not so much what we do but what we neglect that takes people on into perdition. By this serious omission Western churchmen are leaving God's covenant people as sheep without a shepherd. They are demoralized and confused. Many who call themselves "watchmen", are merely bringing to the table a faith-killing spread of fear and dread. It leaves Christians fearful, demoralized, and in a state of spiritual despair. They are merely bringing to the table of God's people "the sum of all their fears."

Fortunately that will not be the end of the matter. Messiah Himself is the Good Shepherd. And He will personally go out and gather His sheep on a dark and cloudy day. This will be the serendipity and the blessing that will be experienced by God's Elect on That Day. As it was with David who was being pursued by Saul it will be the abiding Presence of God Himself who will take the needed action. He will be preparing a table and sitting down with people, even as they face their trials. And their testimony on That Day will be the same as that of David.

"You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.
My cup runs over.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.
And I shall dwell in the House of the Lord forever.
The powers of darkness are fully aware of all this ecclesiastical indolence we see in Western Christendom. And they are maneuvering to take advantage of all this confusion and fear among Christians. They believe the doctrine that Machiavelli espoused and they act upon it, seeking to drive a wedge between the Elect and their God. The way the princes of this world exert power over God's people in this world is to use fear and coercion, threats and intimidation. It is not to be "Mr. Nice Guy". It is to be a fearful harsh ruler that the people dread. Oh yes, in the ways of this fallen world, "fear is the key".

So why would the principalities and powers of this world want provocateurs to rise up and promote fear among Christians? The answer is very simple. It is because fear is the opposite of faith. And it is the faith of the saints that will bring in the end-time witness. The angelic rulers over this evil world system know that the end-time witness of the saints at the 5th seal that will be their undoing. So they want to spook us and cause us to have a fearful loathing and rejection of Bible prophecy. But in actual fact the Bible is full of wonderful inspirations and encouragements about the end-time witness. For example, the Holy Spirit will NOT leave the cosmos during the last 7 years of this age. If the prophet Joel saw the Holy Spirit out pouring coming to a peak at the very end of the age even as the armies surround Jerusalem then we are bound to conclude that the Holy Spirit will be powering up into an End-Time Revival that will climax in a flooding wave at the Last Day as Christ returns.

Here is another encouraging fact derived from a study of Bible prophecy. The powers of darkness, angelic and human, are absolutely terrified of the final witness of Jesus Christ by the saints. They are obsessed with this and in terror of this. For the wicked the Second Coming of Messiah is just a total and absolute horror and this is their only spiritual experience. This is especially so on "all souls night" or Halloween. All Hallows night is in the season of the harvest. Jesus told his trusted inner circle of disciples that the wicked will be harvested first. See Matthew 13:30. So it is easy to see why the powers of darkness, the angelic rulers of this fallen world are in such dread. Because when the 5th seal witness of God's covenant people comes to its appointed end the 6th seal will follow with the coming of Messiah. Wicked men might not know what is about to happen but their wicked angels certainly will. They will know that the gig is up and their time has come! The angelic rulers at the top of the hierarchies of present day earthly rule know full well that on that certain future Day of Sentencing, a future Yom Kippur in fact, they will be facing the Judgment.

Demons expressed their terror of this coming final Judgment to Jesus. This happened just before He cast them out of the demon-possessed man at Gedara. See Matthew 8:29. At the appointed time the wrath of God will fall upon the wicked. And they will be plucked up by hideous angels of wrath and taken off to a place of death and destruction, a dreadful place where the vultures and eagles gather. Later these wicked angeles and their people will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

Lets understand this. The angelic rulers are in sheer stark terror of the end-time and its coming Judgment Day. And they want Christians to be in terror of it too. They want to drag as many of their human charges, both pagans and luke warm Laodicean Christians away from faith and into their fear and terror as they possibly can. In that fear and terror human beings cease to be civilized beings. They are drawn into unspeakable acts of violence that will take them on to destruction and death.

So why are Christians not aware of all this? Why are Christians not being established in the faith and in the witness and prepared as overcomers? If indeed "faith is the victory that overcomes the world" why are we not being built up in this deeper level of blood covenant faith? Chinese Christians have it. Indonesian Christians have it. Is this not also possible for Western Christians? Is this a job too hard for God? Are we to give up the fight of faith and be a Runaway Bride.

Let's face it, many Christians today are world weary. And in this merchant society we search for comfort. We seek it in all the wrong places. We seek comfort in sugary food and comfort in sugary religion. So when it comes to something that might possibly be "harsh saying" or a bitter pill to swallow we "turn off". We are just not paying attention.

As Christian believers we see these end-time events as they emerge upon the scene. But often we don't "see" them in their Biblical context. Many of us are still in denial of emerging realities in this changing world. We are saying, "whatever will be, will be". That may be the way of profane humanistic fallen mankind. We are also told that profane men shall get worse and worse. 2Timothy 3:13. Yes, as Western Civilization falls into declension there may be little we can do about saving the Western Christendom. The Ship of State we thought was unsinkable may be going down. Nevertheless, the Word of God still brings Christian believers the same words of exhortation and instruction. And the drill remains the same as ever. As Dwight L. Moody once said,

"Here is a lifeboat. Save all you can!"
Christian believers do not need to be pessimistic in all this. Nor do we need to be fearful. Jesus said,
"Fear not, little flock,
it is your father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom."
With authority comes responsibility. Are we in the West not to make our stand for Jesus Christ at some point? Or will it be just our Chinese, Indonesian, and other persecuted brothers and sisters who will be called to witness? Does not a true Bride surrender herself to her Beloved? Does not a true Bride sign on the dotted line below the signature of her Betrothed? We know that a concubine does not see the need to do this. A concubine is just waiting for a limo to take her to her mansion. She is a material girl, and not too interested in anything else. But does not a true Bride take her stand in all the vital blood covenant family matters. And does she not take her stand alongside her Husband?

And then there is this legal matter.
Have we not been commissioned by our coming Messiah to be His witnesses?
. And as we read the document do we not see that our commission extends right on out to the very end of the age?
Do we not see this written out and displayed clearly in the Great Commission?

Let us pause here and take out our commissioning papers. And as we read our commission, the Great Commission let us check the wording, (perhaps with our lawyer by our side). Do we not see that our Messiah and our Commissioner has promised to be with us right through to the very end of the age?

Stop, and think for a moment. Would Jesus/Yeshua Jehoveh-God have asked us to be His witness unto the end of the age if this was a mission impossible? And as we read our commissioning papers do we not see that He Himself has personally promised to be with us by His Holy Spirit right through to the very end of the age?

So why are we as Christian believers wallowing in fear? Why are we hiding from the truth? Have we not been given a task to do right through the latter days, the final seven years of this age? And has not our Messiah promised to be with us and by His abiding Presence, His Holy Spirit given us the the means to accomplish this?

Younger evangelicals have little respect for their evangelical elders these days. And it is no wonder seeing the pathetic state of ill-preparedness, immorality, and lack of morale in the Western Church today. We as Western evangelicals are now being routed by the enemy of our souls. Church-going Christians are not much different than pagans. We are loosing 80% of our young people to the world, the flesh, and the devil. What has happened to us?

In China the underground Church is suffering. But nevertheless, it is largely made up of vital and committed young people. So it is easy to see how a syrupy seeker-friendly coddling religion in the compromising realms of Balaam is not helping us one bit. Quite the opposite in fact. Compromised religion is wreaking absolute havoc upon the Western Church. We have rejected the faith that was first delivered to the saints. This is something that needs to be corrected ASAP. "If the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do?" (See Psalm 11:3)

The pseudo-gospel of easy-believism is killing the faith of our young people. They are Biblically malnourished and spiritually sick. They have been heavily programmed in school and in the popular pagan culture of our day to be relativists. They have become a lost generation with no final conclusive absolute truths to be found or lay hold of. Churchmen have not nurtured them in the Holy Scriptures. Nor have they led them into the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

This is why most Christians in the West today do not have a Biblical world view. Dumbed down Christians are not connecting the dots. They see no need for a deeper walk with the God who is there. Nor do they pause to hear His call to enter into a blood covenant relationship and a full commitment to Him.

Young Christians search for a blood covenant relationship with God in the merchant church. But alas, they do not find it. So they go off and search for blood covenant out in the world. Do they find it? Oh yes! They find a pagan blood covenant reality in a culture of extra-marital sex, drugs, and the party life. There is a vital experience of blood covenant commitment and a sense of belonging that can be found in a party or a gang. In the absence of blood covenant relationship and commitment thereis a void in the soul. Blood covenant is something every human being needs and was made for and the lower grade contracts of the merchant world just don't "cut it". There is a joy in consecration to God and in the experience of being in blood covenant with Him. So Western Christians in superficial religion search for blood covenant. They go out looking for it in all sorts of other less holy places. With the shedding of some blood they get their bodies pierced. Or with the shedding of some blood they have their skin, (the covering of their body that should ideally be consecrated to God), marked for ever in the tattoo parlors. Marking and piercing of bodies is a testimony to something bigger than the person so marked. This is something pagans have always done. Most of those who do this do not know why they do it except to say "I felt good about it" or "it was the cool thing to do".

This is to our shame. Where is the blood covenant and the lovingkindness? What has happened to the Church of Western Christendom? This vital blood covenant "commitment unto death" should not be anything strange or unreasonable. We make a confession before witnesses to that effect in our marriage vows do we not? And do we not make a similar commitment to serve unto death in our military? Blood covenant commitment is something most Chinese Christians embrace. They do not neglect the deeper walk with Jesus as we do. They live it out daily. They have no problem with it. They are not ashamed to own their Lord Jesus, - even to the death.

So what has happened to us in the West? Have we been fed a yellow eschatology? Perhaps we need to know the truth about the end-time. Why are we as Western Christians being coddled by our religious handlers? Who are our churchmen beholden to? Is it God? Or is it men? See this YouTube video .

It is very important that Christian believers have a heads up on true and genuine Bible prophecy and their call to witness in the latter days. Because without that understanding we won't see the need to go deeper into our faith. Nor will God's covenant people see the need to make spiritual preparation and find the oil for the lamps against the coming night. Christians in the West are called to prepare for the final leg of the relay race. If they miss out on this great and glorious event they will be of all people most miserable. Many will suffer a collapse of morale in those coming times. Sadly many will and go on to become apostates, deserting the faith, in the Great Falling Away. Our Apostle Paul warned us about this in 2Thes. 2:3,4,5. Many who call themselves Christians today may not be Christian believers tomorrow. They will 'burn out', just like the foolish virgins in the parable Jesus taught. As they take their place on the stage of unfolding holy history they will not be able to fulfill their vital role of witness. Sadly, many will desert. They will not be able to 'finish the race'.

Dear saints, now is the time address this matter.
Now is the time to open the Holy Scriptures and seek the face of our God.
Now is the time to seek the fullness of the holy Spirit.

We have been told, "It is not what you know, but WHO you know. The reason this rings true is because it is true. In the very last book of the Bible, the book of Revelation, the apostle John tells us that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. The witness to Jesus as our Messiah is by its very nature the very essence of prophecy." See Revelation 19:10. Without us being willing to lay down our lives for Him we shall not really know Christ. See Philippians 3:8,9,10,&11. And so unless we are willing to know Him in this deep and intimate way we shall continue to know nothing. And this is well and good. Because without that commitment we deserve no better. We shall not be worthy of the truth. This would not be God's doing. By our very neglect it would be our doing. In such a state we would find ourselves satisfied to embrace a "lesser truth" or something we might call "my truth".

Telling ourselves untruths and feeding ourselves disinformation is normal for unregenerate men. Compromised religion wheels and deals in untruth all the time. And the people satisfied with this state of affairs like it that way. This has been going on for thousands of years. See Jeremiah 5:31. It is the harlot of the latter days who declares

"I sit as a queen,
and will see no sorrow".
See Revelation 18:7,&8.

As Christian believers we need to be mindful of this. We are in a spiritual war. Like all wars it is an information war. Non-commissioned carnal Christians will engage themselves in a host of distractions. They will continue to obsess over mundane personal psychological and political matters, trying to keep things going as before and trying to work up the Presence of God we enjoyed back at our last encampment. Of course this will not work. And why will it not work? Because the cloud has moved on and the God of Israel is calling us, even if we are Puritans, to take up our cross and Pilgrim on.

Sadly, some who have called themselves Christians will join the councils of the end-time harlot system, dining and opining at Jezebel's table. It will be "business as usual" for the people of this world, just as it was back in the days of Noah. The wicked won't know anything different until the Day of the Lord comes upon them suddenly, "like a thief in the night".

So total commitment is the calling. Without that blood covenant commitment Christians will remain indolent and demoralized. They will not be inclined or energized to carry on and to face the challenges that lie up ahead. Nor will they go on to experience the adventure, the romance, and the glories that will follow.

Oh yes, without putting God first in our lives we shall be kept in the dark and know nothing.
And, what's more, we shall deserve to know nothing.
See what Jesus had to say about this in Matthew 13:10,11,12.

The woman of wisdom is crying still out in the streets. See Proverbs 1:20-33.
Each of us have a choice to make here.
We can listen to God's Word of Wisdom.
Or we can go on to our own personal purpose-driven end.

Should we continue to do the latter the outcome is quite predictable.
We shall be O.B.E., . . . . . . . . . . .overcome by events.

As Christian pilgrims in passage to the Holy City the Bible is our chart and the Holy Spirit has been given to us as our Guide and our Strengthener/Comforter. And it is breathtaking to see Bible prophecy unfolding into history and right before our eyes. Those who are paying attention are amazed at the accuracy of Holy Scripture as it is being unsealed in our day. But sadly, the average Christian remains uninterested. Most of us still remain as the lukewarm Church of Laodicea, with a continuing attitude of indifference to Bible prophecy. We do not read the Holy Scriptures. And because most do not walk in devotion and in submission to God we do not care. So that is why we are not receiving this valuable end-time information. So we are as sheep, milling about, subject to peer pressure, and going along with the crowd. We engage in "group-speak" and join ourselves to church leaders who are careful to please the masses. Religious gurus are sought to give out a "prophetic word", something personal that pleases men and gathers the crowds.

Not surprisingly the Christian Church agenda we are seeing today is not advancing in the faith. This is because it is set for the lowest common denominator among the quasi-christian masses. The Hegelian dialectic in America, as well as the rest of the West, is an agreeable mixture of the secular humanism that grew up during the so-called Enlightenment in Europe and the religious humanism that is now endemic in America. Man-centered "me first" humanism, whether it is based upon a rationalistic or existential ideology or upon pop religion is now the spirit of the age. Cocooned in this humanism the Judeo-Christian people as a group are being hoodwinked or blindfolded and then "managed". God's covenant people stumble in partial blindness from one crisis of judgment to another. They are carefully steered away from the truth to avoid any confrontation with the main issue.

And what is that main issue? It is simply this. God! He says, I AM! He is calling us, personally, nationally, and internationally. And he has HIS purpose as this dramatic future holy history unfolds. He has a vital role for each of us to play. But first and foremost He wants us to return to Him and walk with Him! Everything else will follow from that.


Those who have their eyes open to these changes soon begin to realize that "we the people", the civilization that was once known as "Western Christendom", are being quietly flanked. The national powers of Western Christendom have risen and fallen in a sequence punctuated by wars down through the centuries. Now the Western Nations are at the end of the line. Only the Pax Americana is still standing tall. Are Americans aware of this?

So now we look up to discover that we are being quietly surrounded by the powers of darkness and an awakening dragon in the east, China. The Chinese manufacture most of our goods. They hold a trillion dollars of the American debt. The US has a mounting 17 trillion dollar debt. China is buying gold along with American T-bills and starting to make fiscal and monetary policy demands of the US superpower. While President Obama was overseas in 2010 China fired a missile from a nuclear submarine off the west coast of the USA near Los Angeles. See this YouTube video. China is building missiles that can go suborbital and be guided in by their satellites at Mach 10 to home in and destroy American aircraft carriers. Are we awake yet?

We might ask, "Is our God not aware of this?" Of course He is! Even before the Holy Scriptures were written, the patriarchs of old saw the end-time story laid out for them. They looked up into the night skies and saw the constellations. And they saw the end-time drama unfold in the stars over four millennia ago. They knew the story and saw the drama of it all. But like us they must of wondered about the details and just how this great end-time drama was all going to unfold.

Are Christian believers going to wake up and take some responsibility here? Will they prepare themselves for the end-time witness? Or will they reject God's counsel and His wonderful provision and in fear of commitment bolt like a runaway bride?

Our apostle Paul tells us in 2thes. 2:3 than many believers will indeed fall from the faith in the latter days. But not all. And though they may be few, God has His eye on His true Elect. He declares that "not one of them will be plucked from My hand!" See John 10:28. God will preserve His "little flock". See Luke 12:32. And when all is said and done He will give them the Kingdom.

Many Christians in the West are neglecting the faith and embracing fear, anger, and unhealthy notions of going off into hiding. They are entertaining their own thoughts, buying guns and ammo and making their own plans for their own defense. Some are also fancying ideas of a retreat in the wilderness. But this is a big mistake. God has this whole matter of an end-time refuge covered. See this article. So here is the main question we should be addressing as we look into this political matter of the New World Order. Is our trust and our faith in God important? Or should we leave God out of the picture and forget the beast of Daniel 7:7, Revelation 13:1&2, and Revelation 17:3? Should we forget about the little horn of Daniel 7:8 and Daniel 8:9? Should we engage in merely a "down to earth" discussion of the New World Order? Or should we just dump the whole discussion and retreat to some motivational psychotherapy session being held in the nearest positivist or Dominionist Church?

Dear saints, we had better remember our God! The Holy One of Israel is sovereign in world history. He is the One who has oversight of human and national, and international events. He is the One who sets the limits of the raging heathen nations. See Psalm 2.

We need to be updated on our history as an English speaking people. We have been blessed abundantly. Do we know why? In 1789 the French decided to terminate their king, dump Almighty God, and launch their own man-made . French Revolution. Their new French Republic would be based upon Freemason crafted humanistic man-centered ideology. This amounted to little more than scientific jingoism and an exposition of the vainly imagined glories of the machine age, "human reason", and "Nature" with a capital "N". The consequences of this godless foolishness were terrible beyond telling. The flowery oratory was delivered up before the spiritually impoverished French people by a series of dandies of oratory. Many of these founding fathers of the French Revolution came to an ignoble end at the guillotine.

The history books tell the story. All their efforts to establish a godless secular republic ended in dismal failure. It was all for naught. See this article which compares the French and American Revolutions. The French founding fathers had their plan. But they had just cooked up a recipe for total and absolute anarchy. They killed their king and in their giddy "enlightened" secularism they fancied that they could kill their God as well. These people had lost their heads spiritually. But God was not mocked. They were soon to lose their heads in a very personal and physical way at the guillotine. France entered into a Reign of Terror. Economically they went nowhere and printed themselves into a terrible hyperinflation. And then they went under the dictatorship under Napoleon.

France had no other choice ledt to them than to go off to war. Napoleon was defeated on the continent, lost half its army on the retreat from Moscow, and had his navy blown out of the water by Nelson on the high seas. The Battle of the Nile and the Battle of Trafalgar were the great sea battles that France lost to the Brits. They went down to their final defeat when they faced the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo. A succession of several French republics have failed, only to be followed by another one just as shaky. There has been no national repentance by France nor have they seen any significant awakenings or revivals. This spiritual emptiness in France goes on. It has manifest itself in a morose existential despair that continues in the French soul to this very day. This is evidenced in the darkness of French literature and a sense of meaninglessness evident in the French cinema. The earthy message coming forth from the culture and repeated ad nauseum by the "avant-garde" is that this inner spiritual emptiness can only be ameliorated by sex.

Meanwhile, back in the American scene, the Americans are entering into a similar godlessness. They are scarcely aware that in forgetting their God they are being manipulated downwards in the Hegelian dialectic into the very same same godless downward spiral that twisted and ravaged France. In slow stepwise fashion the West under the Pax Americana is slip-sliding down the same low road the French have gone. It is not the road to freedom at all. It is the road to "Le Miserables".

God's covenant people should be aware of all this. But the alarm is not being sounded. In a slow subtle Fabian fashion American led Christendom is being enticed into a dialogue with the serpent. And the Lie is the same one that was told in the Garden. The Church has been invited to sit down at table and to split hairs with the world, the flesh, and the devil and to help the world as it "holds court" in matters of evil. And so we enter into our churchy ecumenical dialogues and sit down at the roundtables. As we do this we think that we are being smart. But we are not very smart at all. Our compromise is not leading us into any glorious Church unity at all. Instead we are staggering down the chute into a deeper and deeper collusion with the unseen occult realms of darkness. So in this subtle manner the enemy is advancing upon our Christian faith, threatening our national sovereignty, and slowly dismantling our freedoms. This is not happening because of the spirits of darkness "out there" forcing their way in. The attack on the faith did not come in an outright frontal assault by pagans and secularists. No, it is happening because of our own spiritual lassitude and yes, our "tolerance" of evil and our failure to deal with bad doctrine and "sin within the camp". The standard of God is not being raised against this. It is now becoming abundantly clear that Western Christendom is in fact the prophesied wayward Gomer, the lost ten tribes of the House of Israel. Hosea prophesied what would happen at the end. It is both a terrible and a magnificent story. Again, are we interested?

There is a spiritual treasure in the English speaking nations we should know about and cherish. This does not just come from our physical resources. Nor does it come from something we might call "human resources". Rather it comes from a certain spiritual character marked by integrity and a sense of responsibility. We know that this is something that cannot be taught. It is a spiritual resource, a gifting that comes from a vital connection to Jehoveh-God. He is the wellspring of it all. But does Western Christendom treasure her Christian faith? Does she nurture the faith and teach it to her children, leading them into a personal walk with God?

The Western Church Slumbers
'The broad stream bore her far away'. 
- Painting by John Grimshaw
Painting by John Grimshaw
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No she is not doing that, at least not yet. Right now she is as Sleeping Beauty. The poisoned apple of godless Luciferian selfism is still in her mouth as she slumbers on. Will she arise in the latter days? Will she leave her chambers and go out to meet her prince? Oh yes, she will. But which prince will she go to? Will it be the prince of darkness, the coming prince, the coming false messiah? Pray God that she goes to the Prince of Peace, even our Lord Jesus Christ.

The world says, "Shhhh". Leave her be."
And so Sleeping Beauty slumbers on.
And the conspiracy of silence continues.

The wise are beginning to stir and to wake up to all this. Many Bible believing Christians are getting a bit disturbed and concerned. They are beginning to wonder why there is no official word about what is going on coming forth from the church. Wisely they are digging into the Scriptures for themselves. And they will make it their personal business to be prepared. And at the appointed time, they will hear the trumpets of alarm that mark the commencement of the 70th Week of Daniel, the final seven years of this age. In that day many shall assemble themselves before God in an epic way never before seen.

"And unto Him shall the gathering of the people be."
Genesis 49:10.
Where are the watchmen inside the Church? We know that many Christian believers with a Biblical world view are expressing their concern about this big rush to "unity". We also know that many fine saints have been asked to leave. They have been given the left foot of dis-fellowship by 'purpose driven churchmen. And why did they have to go? Because the leadership was striving to maintain "unity". They were being asked to submit to the new ecclesiastical overseers who were now hard at work sifting the evangelical churches and putting them under one big ecumenical pyramid. This meant total compliance with the new "ecumenical spirit". It is very strange that something called "tolerance" can be so "intolerant".

Many Christian believers are beginning to wake up and are dimly beginning to recognize that the enemy is not "out there" as they have been led to believe. The serpent is inside the church and slithering down the pews. This present darkness invading the Western Church is not coming from an outright frontal attack by the pagans and secularists outside the Church. At its root is an indolent self-indulgent spiritual lassitude nestled comfortably within the Church. And why? Because the narcissism of "self" engendered by Lucifer, prince of darkness, is within our own hearts. As Pogo said.

"We have found the enemy.
    And he is us!"
So the people of the West are in the doldrums. Like the shipboard company of Ulysses they are becalmed, irritable, and adrift on a wine dark sea. The people of Western Christendom engage in "groupspeak" fostered by a massaging media and beholden to the status quo. As Hitler and Goebbels knew, masses of people are easily manipulated by propaganda. They will believe a lie if it is repeated often enough. As long as the masses believe it is coming from "authorities" disinformation told over and over again is received and accepted by the masses as truth. And so in the absence of the Word of God we are subject to deception. We are inclined to buy our "news" from a low grade man-centered consensus coming up from among our own political and religious voices. But in the face of the issues of the latter days the voices of our own humanistic gurus are a babel of confusion. There is no clear message coming forth. Christian voices today are a cacophony. They are as the bleating of sheep echoing back and forth across the valley of decision. The genuine prophetic Word of God is not forthcoming. And so a man-centered politico-religious matrix, a controlled opposition front rises up to take its place. But a truth slightly twisted becomes a most dangerous counterfeit. Many things we see in religion are not what they seem to be. We often find ourselves looking at something in religion and wondering. Is it genuine? Or is it a Trojan horse sent against the true Christian faith.

So the semi-committed people in Christendom are being quietly fed disinformation. They are being lulled into inaction in order to keep them "quiet". God's called out people are not being called to attention. Nor are they being given a "heads up" on the true situation. They are ill-informed about what is to come and do not know how to respond to these events. They are not getting appropriate exhortations to Christian devotion.

And so in the people of Western Christendom are in very real danger of being caught unawares. Pray God that those who are awakening will get on their knees and seek the face of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He has answers to all our questions and concerns. If we ask Him He will tell us.

As we know, "fear is the key". And it is being used against Christians with pretty good effect. But their are hundreds of "fear nots" in the Bible and many more wonderful promises lie undiscovered in the Old Testament prophetic poetry. If we really knew Our God we would not worry for one minute about the New World Order. He will keep and preserve us "ek" in, through and out of our hour of trial. And without God a New World Order modeled after the West and then just plugged in instituted globally will not work. The integrity is not there to make it work. It is an impossible dream, a Utopian fantasy. This second attempt at a global consensus will fail just as the former one did under Nimrod at the Tower of Babel. The Lion of Judah is the Sovereign Ruler over all Creation. "And unto Him shall the gathering of the people be". (Genesis 49:10)

In the the books of Daniel and Revelation we see that the latter days are actually a divine court case. As we see Daniel's 70th Week open up for those final seven years and the little horn begins to exercise power the Ancient of Days is presiding. See Daniel 7:8,9,&10. So in the coming human rule under a harlot followed by a coming Beast phase Anti-Christ man may propose. But God will dispose. And when Messiah comes at the end of days He will come as Judge, Deliverer, and Executioner.

The Holy One of Israel is not dead. Nor has He taken a hike from the clockwork universe as Deists and other Gnostics suggest. The Sovereign God Almighty is overseeing the unfolding of holy history. As Job discovered in his trials, it is God who sets the limits on the raging seas and the raging of nations. See Job 38:11. He says, "this far, and no further!" The Ancient of Days will sit as the ultimate Sovereign Ruler over the unfolding of world history. And He will do so right up until the climax of the end-time drama at the very end of this age. God will be with His covenant people to guide, comfort, and strengthen them. His Holy Spirit will cover them in their hour of trial. He will cover them in a glorious flooding wave of glory that will come to a crest just as Messiah returns. The saints will be His witnesses right up to the end of the age. Then Messiah will return, and just in time to save this planet from nuclear disaster. See Matthew 24:21,&22.

The media establishments of this world are of little help to Christians as they consider the New World Order. The talk beats around the bush, skirting the main issues and never seeming to come to the point. And why not? Because the central focus point of planet earth is something this world has no answer for. The true and lasting Peace of Jerusalem is only to be found in Christ, the Messiah of Israel. He must come into human hearts to do His marvelous work. And as most are aware, He will intervene to deliver Jerusalem at the Battle of Armageddon.

And so the central problems for the New World Order remain. They are the Holy City of Jerusalem and those troublesome ones the Holy people of the God of Israel. Those are the key problems that this world is being forced to address. The world may be looking for a political solution. But the God of Israel is calling for spiritual solution.


Of course the Judeo-Christian people have been subjected to the seductions of this world in times past. In the former times Joseph, one of the patriarchs of Israel, was persecuted by his brothers, thrown in a pit, sold into slavery in Egypt, and ended up a servant in the house of Potiphar, chief executioner of Egypt. Potiphar's wife attempted to seduce Joseph. When he resisted she flew at him in a jealous rage. She falsely accused him of rape. With malice and hatred this woman of harlotry falsely accused him and called for his death.

Strangely, Potiphar, who was the chief executioner of Egypt, the world system of that time, did not order Joseph to be executed. Instead he had him imprisoned. This surely saved him from death. In the prison Joseph exhibited an "excellent spirit". He became the main person prisoners went to in order to get things done. He interpreted dreams, even going as high as interpreting a dream for the Pharaoh concerning a pending 7 year famine. Pharaoh made him overseer of the storehouses of Egypt and proclaimed him as his prime minister. During the famine Joseph saw ten of his brothers, calling them to account for the two brothers who were missing and not present, namely himself and his brother Benjamin, Rachel's children. The matter of the cup that was found in Benjamin's sack saw Judah, patriarch of the Jewish house, take responsibility. Joseph then revealed himself to his brothers.

All this is a pattern of things to come. It is a foreshadowing of epic events that will unfold in the latter days. The Holy Scriptures testify to this truth.

"Now all these things happened to them to provide an example for us.
These stories were written down for our instruction and admonition,
the people upon whom the end of this age has come.
- 1Corinthians 10:11
This wonderful video is available at Vision Video and on Amazon.

Will this same pattern of attempted seduction by harlotry, raging and bullying by the harlot, and then false accusations and imprisonment be repeated again? Will this same story be showcased again by the true believers of the latter days? All these are interesting questions.

Joseph Resists the Harlot Wife of Potiphar. This
is a pattern of future events. The same faithful
character of Joseph will be seen in the latter days.

Many, full of self importance and presumption, are answering the call to solve the problems of the world. They are also receiving wealth and power from the princes of this world. In their ecumenism they are compromising the faith that was first delivered to the saints. But that is not all. They are even being apologetic about the inclusiveness, (for that read "holiness"), of their God and their Christian faith And so in their desire to please the princes of this world many are turning away from the God of Israel.

Consider this for a moment.Suppose evangelical Christians were invited to roundtable on peace in the Middle East. And just suppose they presented the theme, "Jesus Christ, the true and essential essence and Spirit of the Peace of Jerusalem". Can we imagine how that would go down? In any ecumenical gathering would be taboo to mention Christ. It would be a "no-no". And why? Because at its heart ecumenism is just a worldly political discussion, nothing else. Any reference to the centrality of Christ would be rejected out of hand as "politically incorrect". Why? Because it might offend the pagans and others in this "pluralistic" all-inclusive globalist society. Oh yes, Western Christendom is now being asked take a part and to sprinkle holy water on the political machinations to chop up the Holy Land and hand it over for a pocketful of promises of "peace".

But, there is a problem here. Our God has never been the God of the Gnostic Deists of the ecumenical movement. Nor is He Allah, the moon-god of the Islamicists. The God Almighty is holy, and that word "holy" means "set apart". Yes, He is an exclusivist. A quick flip through the pages of the Bible will show any normal inquirer into these matters that the Holy One of Israel is not One to engage in "tolerance" of evil.

There is no God who brings the Holy Spirit to man other than the God of Israel. He brings His indwelling Presence by His Holy Spirit to people when people ask Him to come into their hearts. He comes to minister to them and to lead them into righteousness. He comes to fill them to overflowing with rivers of Living Water. He is "the God who is there". Through Him people are "born again" to become new creatures.

Messiah came once, nearly 2,000 years ago, in His High Priestly role as the Suffering Servant. And at the close of this age He is coming back to this earth. This time He will come as the Conquering King. And when He does so He will set things straight!

Even now He is calling us, wooing us, back to Him.
Here is what He told us many years ago.

"If my people, who are called by my Name,
will humble themselves and pray
and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,
then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin
and will heal their land."
2Chronicles 7:14


John sees a vision of the harlot church in the end-time.
Art used by permission of
Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992.
Visit her 'Revelation Illustrated' website.

As the end-time drama unfolds it will be plainly seen to be a story of two women. One of them is true and faithful. The other is not. Even in the midst of her trials the true Bride is more precious than rubies. She is quite a bit different from that other woman, the partially committed two-timing harlot. John saw the harlot emerge riding a beast of ten horns. (Revelation 17). Then he saw her destroyed by fire. (Revelation 18)

And so it must come to pass that Christian history will eventually cross a new threshold. Those future days will call for a level of commitment we in the modern or post-modern western church have never seen before.

The scriptures bear witness to this ten horned end-time global entity. According to the vision that John saw in Revelation 17 the global regime will initially be controlled by a harlot system. During those first 3.5 years the Antichrist will be operating behind the scenes in his early peacemaking mode. He will use his influence over the harlot from the sidelines. Quite clearly the two will be in cahoots during the first half of the 70th Week of Daniel.

Image from the TV series 'Beauty and the Beast'. Click on the image to go to the article.

We have seen this story before, and told in a myriad of ways. It is endemic in the literature, music, and theater of the West. And the prophet Hosea showcased the story with his wayward wife Gomer. This will be the quintessential case of 'Beauty and the Beast'.

The harlot will be up front in this time period. She will be the one everyone sees. During the first half of the 70th week the peacemaking Antichrist will be on the sidelines, hovering in the wings. He will not assume power in any direct sort of a way during the first half of the seven years. So we must expect that the New World Order will come in initially with the 7 year mega deal forged by this "prince" and then, wonder of wonders, surrender it to be administered by the harlot system. The prophet Daniel lays out this seven year treaty in that all-important critical scripture of Daniel 9:27.

Here below is Daniel 9:27 in a composite of King James Version, the New Living Translation, and New King James Version. This will help us to see the picture accurately and in a way that the true sense of what is happening comes across clearly. KJV is navy blue, the New King James is purple, and the New Living Translation is in teal.

Dan.9:27 is an extremely important verse of scripture. It spotlights the Antichrist as the main peacemaker who confirms or finalizes this coming climactic middle east peace deal. Daniel 9:27 also lays out a very informative time-line for end-time eschatology. We simply must get it right. There is a huge swirl of religious disinformation spinning off and twisting the facts related to this scripture in Dan.9:27. Mark this passage well, dear saints. Because most of your Christian fellow-believers who are taken into custody at the beginning of the seven years when the trumpets sound for the opening of Daniel's 70th week will be imprisoned because of their witness to this very verse of scripture right here.

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week, one group of seven,
and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, ... he will put an end to the sacrifices and offerings. Then as a climax to all his terrible deeds, he will set up a sacrilegious object that causes desecration ... and on the wing of abominations, shall be one who makes desolate, .. and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, until the end that has been decreed is poured out on this defiler."
This coming peacemaker, who ends up being a defiler of the future Jewish Temple will draw political power to himself by the brokering of an epic international treaty. This treaty will involve the sovereignty of Israel. The prophet Daniel said that this peacemaker would carve up the land of Eretz Israel for profit. (Dan.11:39) The time period of this treaty, (or covenant), will be a period of seven years. This will be the unfolding of the long awaited 70th week of Daniel.


As the New World Order comes online its main agenda, (at least outwardly), will be 'world peace' involving global nuclear disarmament. Perhaps it will be after a future war in the Middle East that the global mega dealer and peacemaker will finally succeed in hammering out an agreement between the warring parties. This will be the prophesied seven year covenant of (Dan.9:27). This "peace plan after a destructive war" seems to be the historical pattern. World War 1, that terrible "war to end all wars" gave us the League of Nations. After World War 2 we saw the United Nations spring up.

Peace treaties of significance do follow wars. But peace treaties foisted upon belligerent parties by bribes cause almost as many wars as they prevent. Many are not sincere treaties at all. Some can actually be seen as attempts at appeasement of an aggressor. They are a waste of time. All they accomplish is to forestall the inevitable and to broker a short period for the deluded party to either prepare for war or enjoy living a bit longer in a fool's paradise. Many such treaties are in fact early warnings of an impending war. This was the case with the treaty between British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Hitler in 1939. Similarly Hitler's pact with Stalin was a sham. These peace treaties weren't worth the paper they were written on.

False peace treaties are often counterproductive. That is, they tend to precede wars. Peace treaties that are not genuine can even ignite war as well. It has been said that the most dangerous and explosive material on planet earth is the ink on the paper in which peace treaties have been written. Treaties which are diplomatically forced and not based on reality are often counterproductive. These treaties can be political bombshells just waiting for something or someone to set them off.

Treaties that mean anything are often seen to follow wars. These covenants often do accomplish something. The spoils of war must be divided. New political boundaries are drawn up. And new balances of power are then set in place. A new array of nations, and perhaps even a new superpower, comes to the fore. So true and lasting peace treaties often follow on the heels of terrible wars. After these awful outrages people are ready to sit down and make peace.

So might the future Middle East Peace Treaty come after a future war in the Middle East? This would seem quite possible. There is a war prophesied to break out in the future that will almost certainly involve Israel. It is a war in which the city of Damascus is destroyed. - Isa.17

Damascus is an ancient city dating back to Abraham. It is the oldest continually inhabited city in the world. It has never been destroyed. Now we hear that it is a city which harbors terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah. Damascus is very close to the borders of Israel. This city is now being viewed by Israel as a very real threat. What is going to happen?

The prophet Isaiah says that a futur history will see Damascus destroyed. It will become "a heap of rubble". (Isa.17:1) What will have precipitated this war? Will a nuke be sent towards Israel by terrorists operating out of Damascus? Is this how Israel might respond?

From what we have seen in past history Israel is not a nation to be fooled around with. They do hesitate to take pre-emptive action when they are threatened. Now we see that pressure is building up once again. As current events are unfolding right now such a war would seem quite possible. The next time Israeli commando forces will not stop at the wailing wall. They will go all the way to the temple mount!

Will this be significant? It certainly will be! After the ensuing peace deal is worked out it would seem that the temple mount could be secured and in international hands. A future Temple Mount area may well see both an Arab/Muslim shrine and a rebuilt Jewish Temple.

As we have seen, the all important verse of prophecy relating to the commencement of the New World Order as it comes into in its final climactic phases are laid out for us in Daniel 9:27. Daniel says that the future world leader will "come in peaceably and obtain the kingdom by flatteries." (Dan.11:21) 'Peace' is given as the main agenda and the shoe-in for the coming global leader. This is a very important fact to have established. Only later, when the New World Order is no longer subject to government by a harlot system will it step forward in its own sovereignty and power. Daniel saw ten crowns upon the ten horns. At that time it will have become a 'beast' regime. It will have become openly hostile towards Israel, the Judeo-Christian God, and His Christian and Messianic witnesses upon this earth. The 666 economic system will have started. And the Great Tribulation will have begun.


The New World Order has been a long time in the making. It is the grand climax of a broad and longstanding conspiracy going all the way back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. For those who know holy history as revealed in the Bible it is quite evident that this plot has been in the planning stages for a long long time. The fact is this conspiracy has been going on since the serpent entered the Garden of Eden and tempted Eve.

King David was a man after God's own heart. He wrote a song about the end-time conspiracy of nations against his kingdom, the Kingdom of prophesied coming Messiah who is the Son of David. King David composed the song 3,000 years ago. We can read the lyrics in Psalm 2.

The Holy Scriptures are not silent regarding the end-time conspiracy against the Rule of Christ/Messiah. It is through the Bible that God has revealed all these hidden things to His saints.
So it is no secret to them.

The conspiracy, at its heart, is not primarily against the present superpower or dismantling the U.S. Constitution. Nor is it against fundamentalist Christianity, fundamentalist Judaism or fundamentalist Islam. These may be singled out for domination this is true. But they are not the main target. The New World Order in it final post-Christian era will have one main target. The regime will be set against Christ/Messiah, His Christian and Messianic witnesses in the world, and against the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Messiah/Christ is the key to Israel. And Christ/Messiah the key to the true Church. He is anointed as Messiah under the dual offices of Melchizedek. He rules in human hearts now in this era. And at His Second Coming He will rule upon this earth. He will establish His Millennial Kingdom for a literal 1,000 years. This is our coming Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The world system, the angelic principalities and powers, and many human agents in liberal human government and liberal human religion hate all this. They hate the coming of Messiah with a passion. They are into pagan gnosticism in a big way. They are sophisticated secular and religious humanists. Like the Deists of the 18th Century they want to keep their "religion" lite and manageable and their "god" fully under their limitations and control. The gnostic desire is to see to it that "the God who is there" remains locked up in heaven and kept well away from their secular earthly affairs. The angelic rulers, the principalities and powers of this world system, like the present humanistic man-centered hierarchies over which they rule have the very same agenda. They are trolls at the gate between heaven and earth. All these rebels, both angelic and human, are anti-Christ, that is in full rebellion against Christ. They do everything they can to block or twist the message of God's Holy Word concerning His Second Coming and His His future Millennial Kingdom.

This hatred of God's rule is the real basis for hatred of the Jews. This has been termed, (rather inadequately and misleadingly), as Anti-Semitism. But Anti-Semitism is not racial. In fact it is not really a hatred of Semitic people at all. If this were so then the persecution would be aimed at Arabs, Edomites, and other Semitic peoples. We all know that Anti-Semitism is anti-Jew and anti-Israel. But more specifically the hatred is against the royal Jewish Tribe of Judah. Even more specifically it is a conspiracy against the coming Millennial rule which will come from the Jewish Messiah who sits upon the 'Throne of David'.

So why all this fear and loathing of those who bring to remembrance the royal House of Judah? Why all this malevolent denunciation of the Throne of David? The answer is simple. It is because this Throne of David is the place of Christ's future rule. And rebels hate and loathe the coming rule of Messiah. They know that when the Son of David returns they will face the "final curtain". The judgment of the wicked will be the first order of business when Messiah returns. (Mat 13:30) Upon the Jewish Throne of David our coming Messiah will open the Books and take names. The wicked know that this will mean their doom. The angels of wrath will come and carry them off as weeds to burn in the Lake of Fire in Hell. This is what Antisemitism and the seething hatred of the Throne of David is really all about.


Antisemitism is not just a racial thing as we have been told. There is much more to it than that. King David sat upon the throne he had established, the Throne of David. David was of the Jewish tribe of Judah which even back during his reign saw a vitriolic anti-Throne of David/anti-Semitism flash out against it. At that time this hatred did not come from the heathen Gentile nations. The hatred King David saw back in his day actually came from another tribe within Israel itself. (1Sam.20:1-2, 1Kings12:16) This raging against the One who will come to sit and rule from the Throne of David is orchestrated by angelic principalities and powers in the lower heaven. This is the main spiritual dimension to the drama that will be expressed internationally in the latter days of this age.

Why this venom against Israel? This is all so very intriguing. The power of this world in government and ecumenical religion would rather sit down and wine and dine a Palestinian terrorist who wants to destroy Israel than have any good things to say about Israel or their coming Messiah who will sit upon the Throne of David. Nor do the powers in the New World Order have any love for evangelicals. Most of them uphold Israel and the agenda of the Lion of Judah, our coming and future Messiah. He is the One who will rule upon this earth. But the powers of this world, governmental and religious, don't want to know Him. They hate Him.

From what John saw (Rev.17) it is quite clear that humanistic global governance of the last days will initially be very religious. Therein will be its cover. But hidden within it will be its real agenda. And that agenda is rebellion against Messiah. It is a rejection of the coming Christ and a rebellion of His coming righteous Millennial rule.

The apex of all this godless iniquity is quite clearly an event known as 'the abomination of desolation'. This was spoken of by Daniel. (Dan.9:27b)(See the table above) This blasphemous event does not happen until three and a half years into the seven year treaty. Half way through those seven years the world leader breaks the covenant. The abomination of desolation follows soon after. This key event was also referred to by our Lord Jesus Christ. (Mat.24:15-28) The Antichrist will set himself up as god and call for respect/adulation/worship. Then he will attempt to number and mark all mankind in a mass blood covenant initiation into the worship of self, himself, and the angel of self, Lucifer. Debased harlot Christianity is well into this self-worship religion already. It will also be a blood covenant initiation into his 666 economic system. God allows him to rule for 42 months, (or 1260 days) (Revelation 13:5). This time of "Great Tribulation prevails for the last 3.5 years of this age.

The final attempt by a totally humanistic man to prevent the coming rule of Messiah upon this earth will end in cataclysmic failure. His armies will face the Master of the Universe at a place called Armageddon. And right there, at that place, their feeble attempt to thwart the plans of God by taking over Jerusalem will draw the laughter and derision of God Almighty. Then He will terrify them with His fierce rebuke and wrath. (Psalm 2)

John the Apostle saw the ten horned beast system throughout its seven year history. He saw it when it was initially being ruled over by the harlot. (Revelation 17) He also saw the destruction of the harlot system. (Revelation 18) After that he saw the doom of the beast's world order at Armageddon, not by human hand but by the sword of God's Word. (Revelation 19:11-21) For those who have rejected Christ and who have opposed Him it will be a terrifying spectacle. (Isaiah 63) The blood that flows that day in the Valley of Jezreel will be up to the horses bridles. (Revelation 14:14-20

The New World Order is not yet officially recognized. Nor has it yet been given sovereignty by the nations. But it seems that behind the scenes the G-7/G-8 ruling powers are preparing for it. It is being quietly set up in readiness to swing into place should the strong light of the current Pax Americana go dim. Will the light of the American superpower fragment into those "dim and flaring lamps" the hymn writer saw in that vision of the apocalypse, the 'Battle Hymn of the Republic'? If so then pray God it will not be in our lifetime. America has no great Christian superpower to hand the baton over to like the British had after World War 2. So we must have our souls prepared for this possibility. We should make it a priority to seek the face of God. And like the five wise virgins let us seek and find the oil for our lamps against the coming night. History does have a habit of coming knocking at our door at the most inopportune times.


Western Christendom along with Israel's Jewish House of Judah have for the most part neglected their Messiah. The coming of the New World Order will be a big wake-up call. It will cause them to wake up and cry out to God. When they do this the result is quite predictable. He will answer! And even in the midst of trials and a great falling away from the faith the true and genuine End-Time Revival will surely come as prophesied in Isaiah 61 and 62 and in Joel 2:28,29,30,31,&32 and in many other Scripture passages. They will awaken from their slumber. Many will realize that they have left the Ancient Paths. Both houses of Israel are in partial blindness. Romans 11:7. Both companies are in need of redemption, revival, and restoration.

We are familiar with the story of Israel. The power and influence of the Kingdom of Israel peaked in the reign of Solomon. But due to compromise and idolatry it went rapidly downhill from there. The union was lost after the death of Solomon. During the 2900's B.C. the Kingdom of Israel was divided and the blood feud between the two parties began. This terrible divorce happened at the Breach of Jeroboam. Christians and Jews have been left in the dark about this. It is extremely important. Because the ensuing separation and rift gave us the two feuding houses of Israel we still have today. Jews in their Rabbinical Judaism and Christians in their Greco-Roman Church just don't get along. Without the indwelling Messiah there is no union and there can be no union. The feuding parties continue to either snap at each other or give each other the silent treatment. Each house proclaims that they are the chosen people and scheme and maneuver in their theology and in their politics to out-do and shut down the other. Like Gomer, the wayward wife of Hosea, the Judeo-Christian people are internally conflicted. This is why morale is so low. But imagine what will happen when they both come to know and to receive Messiah as He really is? Our Apostle Paul declares that it will be as Life from the death. See Roman 11:12,&15.

So why does the feud go on? Because both camps are, (at this time), in the world. They are beholden and therefore subject to the princes of this world. This is what makes God's called out people double minded about their ultimate allegiance. Is their ultimate loyalty to God. Or is it to men? Do they recognize Yehoveh-God's entry into this fallen cosmos as Emmanuel, "God with us"? Or are those Greek ideological and religious trolls of Gnosticism forcing the God of Israel to stay up in that perfect heaven "where He belongs"? As long as Christians and Jews do not believe that Emmanuel can come down from heaven as God in the flesh then they will remain in this present darkness and die in their sins. And they will have to continue to do business with the fallen human luminaries trying to hold court here in this corrupted realm here below. They, we, have largely forgotten the true Husband and Bridegroom, the Messiah, the Anointed One. But even now, He is knocking at the door of our hearts.

Israel's Messiah, is the key and the answer to our dilemma. The Breach of Jeroboam can be healed and the feuding come to an end. Our Messiah is the One in whom is found the dual anointing for righteousness and for mercy, for Law and for Grace. In past times both parties passed through the Greek culture. Under man-centered Greek logic both parties learned to grapple with ideas in a Hellenistic Aristotelian way. In their rabbinical Judaism and in their Augustinian Greco-Roman Christianity both parties strayed from the faith that had been delivered to them and came to fancy themselves as the ultimate problem solvers of their cosmos.

And how did that work out for Jews under the rabbis and the Christian Church under the Origen, Augustine, Constantine, the popes, the reformers, the denominational heads, the five-fold ministry? Well we know the answer to that question. It just led to endless and unresolved arguments over "Law versus Grace".

But there is a resolution to the Israel vs. Church problem. Our indwelling Messiah is the answer. This is because He embraces both Law and Grace! The requirement of the Law was that there be an atonement, a covering for sin. At the same time there was to be a priestly ministry of mercy and Grace. How could they be reconciled. To our logical minds they appeared to be conflicted. But at the cross both came together in a unifying reconciliation. As the Psalmist declares in Psalm 85:9,&10,

Surely His salvation is near those who fear Him,
that glory may dwell in our land.
Mercy and truth have met together,
righteousness and peace have kissed each other.
Messiah came that first time as our High Priest, the Bridegroom coming in mercy bringing with Him the bridal price, His own precious blood, the Suffering Servant of Isaiah, Israel's ultimate and spotless Sacrifice Lamb for Passover, the perfect and sinless Unleavened Bread of heaven. And when we do our homework we discover that He came right on the very day prophesied. See this article and this YouTube video.

Next time He comes it will be different.
He will come as King of Salem, Prince of Peace,
the Lion of the royal Jewish tribe of Judah.

Our Messiah comes twice. And why? It is because He must fulfill the dual offices of the Order of Melchizedek. See Psalm 110:4. He came as High Priest that first time. And He will come again as King of kings the next time. He comes twice. At His first coming we see Him in His High Priestly role He fulfilled the Spring Feasts. And at His Second Coming in His Kingdom role He will fulfill the Fall Feasts.

Two witnesses still stand before the God of Israel.
One is for His righteous rule and His Law. The other is for His mercy and Grace.

There is still a faint remembrance that there are these two houses of Israel.
Two candles grace the tables in the homes of Western Christendom.
And the Jewish ladies still light the two candles on the eve of every Sabbath.

Unfortunately God's people are still playing their politico-religious games and not facing up to these things. They are being just as tricky as their patriarch Jacob was back at the beginning. Remember that on his way back to the Promised Land Jacob divided his family? He divided them into two camps. Then he met the Angel and wrestled with Him until the dawn. This time of wrestling with God by Jacob and the meeting with Esau will be repeated by the children of Jacob and the children of Esau in the latter days.

Jacob is a tricky character. Both parties still want to do their own thing. Beholden to Mammon Christian and Jewish established religion still chooses their political champions. They still throw their funds and favors at the princes of this world. And they are still neglecting the great salvation provided by Yehoveh-God. Even now, He is knocking at the door of their hearts. He is inviting them to turn, to be born again, to invite Him to come in and sup with Him. Yehoveh-God wants us to walk with Him in personal fellowship. He was making this same request back at Sinai. See Deuteronomy 30:11,12,13,&14. Instead the people of God are still smitten by various political and religious stars as they come into and out of fashion.

What is our problem here? Our Jewish brethren are still not seeing their Messiah in His priestly role. He came that first time as the Sacrifice Lamb, Israel's Suffering Servant. And at that epic fulfillment of the Feast of Pentecost He became the promised Light to the Gentiles. See Isaiah 49:6. The Jewish House of Judah wanted a King to come and deliver them from the Romans. But Messiah came to them 2,000 years ago in His Priestly mission. Christians receive Messiah as Priest and Savior. But they don't seem to want a Messiah in His Kingdom office.

At the present time many Christians are antinomian, saying that the Law has been "done away with". They do not relate to Messiah very well as the Righteous Ruler. Christians never did like the wagging finger of legalism. And they shun Rabbinical Law. But as Jeremiah states in Jeremiah 31:31,32,&33 God will bring in a New Covenant and write His Law not on tablets of stone but into human hearts. This we know will eventually restore the Old Covenant and restore the union.

This coming of the Law in the New Covenant is not a grievous matter. The indwelling Living Word and the Living Torah of God is a Person! And he comes into hearts to rule in the gentle bonds of love. He will surely perform this wonder. But only if His people will invite Him in and ask Him to take His rightful place on the throne of their hearts as well as in a High Priestly way at the altar of their hearts.

The family feud has gone on for nearly three millennia now. The end-time drama will see it fixed, once and for all. But right now neither company seems to want to talk about the end-time issues in any sort of a responsible way. Nor do they prepare their hearts to receive the coming King of kings. But He is the One who will restore all things and bring in the long awaited Year of Jubilee. See this YouTube video And He is the One who will bring lasting peace to this world. And His coming Millennial rule and ministry upon this earth will last a thousand years.

It is important to realize that both houses of Israel, not just the Jewish House of Judah, are in partial blindness.
See Romans 11 and especially Romans 11:25.

So as we have seen this compromise with the princes of this world has serious consequences. This godless profane world is now beginning to jump the traces and lord it over God's people. Esau is becoming restless. He is breaking Jacob's yoke of civility from off his neck, just as his father Isaac had prophesied. See Genesis 27:40. And so the tail is beginning to wag the dog. Take a walk in the video store and what do we see? Godless Esau is now on the ascendency. Edom is flooding Western culture with his tales of sex, violence, horror, and fantasies of the occult.

We should be informed and prepared for all this. But we are not. Our own neglect of true and faithful Blood Covenant Faith has brought us to this place. Like Gomer we think we can go on compromising and making deals with the world. But God is not mocked. The writing is on the wall. Our wild and wooly worldly party will soon be over. Because we are on an inexorable course towards a New World Order. This will lead both houses of Israel into the time of 'Jacob's Trouble'. See Jeremiah 30:6,7,&8.

Jeremiah 30:6 is a key verse. It identifies Jacob, the Jacob of the end-time gathering we see in Micah 2:12,&13 and cross references Jacob in travail thematically with . the woman in travail of Revelation chapter 12. Moses warned us in the Song of Moses that this tribulation and travail would happen to God's people. But all is not lost. This will also be the refining the prophet Malachi spoke about in Malachi 3:2. This will be where the gold will flow away from the dross in a flow of glory. This would be where Jacob, "heel grabber" and "supplanter" gets a character change and a resultant name change to become Israel, "prince with God", "one who has contended with God and overcome".

For Christian Pilgrims this future time of trial and transition is expected. The coming Great Tribulation is well known in America. It has been written about extensively in Holy Scripture. Believers know that the end of this age will be capped off with the long awaited return of Messiah. But this crisis of change, no matter how severe, is not the end of the world or the end of planet earth. It is the end of the "eon". The Greek word "eon" means "age". So we are being informed about the end of the age. We are not looking at the end of the world or the destruction of the planet at all. But we are told that this will happen if Messiah does not intervene. See Matthew 24:22. He comes to "destroy those who would destroy the earth". See Revelation 11:18. Greenies should be pleased about that.

The Apocalypse is not a chamber of horrors. Nor is it a total global and nuclear annihilation as we have been told. It is a revelation, an unfolding of a great mystery, even the unveiling of Messiah. Jesus/Yeshua laid this out clearly in the Olivet Discourse. One of the reasons Messiah will return is to prevent a nuclear global destruction. He will intervene in a nick of time, the time will be "shortened" and Messiah will take strong action to forestall the threatening calamity and terminate the time of trial and tribulation.

Jesus/Yeshua is a savior. He comes to save His people and to preserve His creation. He comes to save it from the man-centered global government and terminate the regime and it its false messiah. He comes to save His Holy People and His Holy City and save this world from disaster.

The plan for a compromising man-ordained Utopia is foolishness. It is an impossible dream. And the compromising of the holy with the profane in a harlot politico-religious regime actually enables the princes of darkness to go on and do their nefarious work to the fullest with the ensuring abomination of desolation at the midpoint of the 7 years.

The Christian church in the West does not seem to understand this Biblical truth. By our deal-making with worldly entities we actually loose dark angels up in the second heaven. We empower them! Does Gomer really believe that ultimate fling with that ultimate bad-guy will give her "peace and security"? Apart from God is there any hope of any real "peace and safety". (1Thessalonians 5:3) Can we really imagine that the coming false messiah who comes in his own name and brokers this Daniel 9:27 sovereignty sharing seven year peace "covenant with many" will be safe for our children? Can a "covenant with death" really help us?

God is amazed that we would do such a thing! See Isaiah 28:14,15,16,&17. What an awful apostasy from the true faith of the Eternal God! Are we not called out to be the Holy people, set apart for him? This self-centered rule by a man possessed by the beast demon of the Abyss Lucifer, angel of "self" will bring this world to the brink of total and absolute nuclear and ecological disaster. Our Messiah must intervene. When He returns He will judge the wicked, deliver His Elect, and save the planet. This epic end-time action by Messiah has been written about extensively in Holy Scripture. And so He will surely do this! See Matthew 24:22.

So this end-time drama is supposed to happen. It has to happen. It is prophesied to happen. Christian Dominionists, those latter day crusaders who believe in a Kingdom Now, as well as Preterists who want to do away with the future 70th Week are in for a rude awakening. Christian Utopians who fancy themselves on a cakewalk to world dominion under the leadership of the current compromised Church and by the deals they can make with a New World Order will have a rude awakening one day. Someone will be coming to intervene. See Isaiah 63. And it will be awful for them beyond telling.

The God of Israel is sovereign over human and world history. He is the Ancient of Days. He is the One who sits in the heavens. He observes the scheming of compromised men as they move in response to their unseen angelic puppet masters. Depraved men and depraved women are deluded by "The Lie" of the serpent in the garden. They think they can set the agenda and be as gods. They think that they are in charge of their own lives. But they are not in charge at all. Their own dark angels are hovering over them and pulling their strings, prompting them to say the things they say and do the things they do. For the rebels, both the angelic rebels and the human rebels over which they hover, the sands of time are running out. God is closing in on them. It is x number of moves to irreversible checkmate. And when the Antichrist commits the abomination of desolation at the midpoint of those last 7 years it will be just 1260 days before his termination. At that time the Beast ruler and his religious lackey, the False Prophet, will be cast into the Lake of Fire. See Revelation 19:19, 20,& 21.

God is in control of events here below. And the timetable of end-time events has already been written in the Book. Israel's Messiah is the One who is ultimately presiding over events as they unfold here below. And at the end of history, His story, He is the One who is coming to officiate at the Judgment at the Last Day. He will judge angels as well as men. The principalities and powers, dark angelic rulers of this present cosmos, know full well that this judgment is coming. Depraved men, the deceived pawns who do their bidding, do not.

God is not surprised or perturbed about this final contest at all.
In fact He laughs them to scorn. He is amused by it.
And, very importantly, He has His agenda to fulfill in it.

The broad masses are deliberately being kept in the dark about the coming New World Order. Perhaps this is for the best. Why give the crowds information if they are going abuse that information? Can double agents be trusted with confidential information? Why give carnal Christians information if they are just going to rise up in the flesh and cause bloody mayhem? Was it not the anti-Christian crowds, 'the people of the prince who is to come' who destroyed the Hebrew Temple. And was it not a depraved AntiChrist AntiMessiah AntiIsrael mob, acting against the direct and explicit orders of Titus and the other two Roman generals who forced their way past Titus and his soldiers and set fire to the Hebrew Temple in 70 A.D.?

Uncommitted Christians are wont to live on the carnal side of their nature. Many Christians can be expected to act out violently when things don't turn out the way they like it. But for committed Biblical Christians the issue of the New World Order and the Christian Church is important information that they should know. Such can be trusted to handle this information faithfully. They deserve to be in the know. For these Christians the coming New World Order will come as no surprise. They will be prepared for it. Like the wise virgins they will have made it a priority to prepare themselves in God. Their extra resources will come from outside of themselves. They will be well grounded in the Holy Scriptures. And they will go forth into the dark night with the Presence of God and in the Light of His Holy Spirit. They will be prepared to go the distance. Because they will have the extra reserve of oil for their lamps against the coming night.

Of course the saints of the God of Israel have been aware of the coming of this end-time world government for some time. They have known about it for at least 2500 years. Moses warned the children of Israel that they would eventually depart from the devotion to Yehoveh-God and compromise themselves. And he specifically said that in the latter days they would enter into Tribulation as a consequence of this. Jesus said that His people would reject Him in favor of a narcissist who "will come in his own name". See John 5:43.

Will God's covenant people be given a clear warning about the encroaching events?
Oh yes. In the fall season of some future year the trumpets will sound. And the final seven years of this age will begin.


Christians who know Christ and have come into blood covenant with Him now possess dual citizenship. This has been set forth in Holy Scripture. They need take good care to preserve that second passport. They will need it in some future time for their ongoing pilgrim travels beyond their present national encampment.

For born-again Christians their identity in the Commonwealth of Israel should not be hidden information. It should be be basic knowledge. Christ is the promised the Seed of Abraham. When they are born again He comes inside them, making them new creatures. This new identity in Christ supersedes their racial or national identity. So when that happens these new Christian believers are no longer Gentiles, (or heathen). (See Galations 3:29) Our Apostle Paul clearly states that they now belong to the Commonwealth of Israel. (See Ephesians 2:12-13.)

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But Sleeping Beauty is resting at ease,
Dreaming about her "best life now".
The poisoned apple is still in her mouth
And her lips confess her fantasy.

I AM, she says, a "little God".
Even as I AM right now,
I will see no sorrow, I will name and claim!
See I have His ring of authority!

But where is the Bridegroom she has left behind?
His memory fades as she turns down the Light.
And why did she leave the ancient paths
To become a runaway bride?

She drifts down the river, asleep in her boat
On her sad dark journey to Camelot
A cold chill begins to grip her heart
The Lady of Shalott.

From Olympus to Camelot to the plasma screen
Her earthy dreams remain the same.
Sex and violence at the windows of her heart
As Lancelot rides on by.

The die is cast and written in stone
And upon the tablets of her heart.
A prince will come and with a kiss
Awaken her to things not seen.

But who will she love, which prince will she choose?
The Prince of Peace or the prince of darkness.
Whom will she seek and follow?
And who will bring her true love?

Wayward Gomer will make her "choice"
A final affair? Or a final decision?
The prince of evil is already in the house.
But Someone is knocking at the door.

The Book of Revelation can be read as a story of two women. John saw the Woman of Wonder in Revelation chapter 12. And he saw the earlier Harlot in Revelation 17. John was absolutely amazed and astounded by what he saw.

How does ecumenical church history end? John saw the harlot riding the beast. And he saw her fiery destruction. (See Revelation 17) But the Apocalyptic crucible will bring forth the gold. And the the woman of wonder will emerge.

The faithful remnant Church will cry out to God in their travail. And the ensuing End Time Revival will see the faithful remnant emerge. The birth of the man-child, even as Jacob's final son Benjamin, "Son of My right hand" will bring in the final witness of the Church. It is against this future certainty that the nations are raging. The climactic blood covenant witness of the Bride will break through all the covering conspiracies. And our Messiah will return to change history and establish His Millennial rule upon earth for a thousand years and beyond. King David wrote a song about this epic final drama. We can read it in Psalm 2.


So as we look at our role as saints of the end time just how important is it that we be found blameless before God and before men? Just what is our chief duty and burden as Christian men and women? Has it not been laid out by our Lord Jesus in the Great Commission?

Does our Great Commission mention anything at all about compromising this holy calling by seeking political protection and making or maintaining alliances with earthly kings and rulers? Does it mention anything about God's people embracing political/military alliances with secular sword wielding princes? Does it mention anything about the church gathering unto herself worldly lovers?

What if the New World Order should draw out for itself a harlot religious system which goes on to alienate, even persecute true Christians? - Rev.17:6 What if this harlot system actually manages to ride on the back of the end time ten-horned global 4th beast power for a time before she is gored? This very vision was seen by John in Rev. 17 & 18. Well if that should happen, (and it has in past church history and will again), then we can be sure of this. We shall have a parting of the ways. God will 'call out' and separate His true ecclesia/church from the false harlot church. This is history. And it happens to people who cannot imagine that the status quo will ever change in their lifetime.

As we consider these possibilities we inevitably begin to ask ourselves what we as Christians are supposed to do about it if these things appear before our eyes in our lifetime? Just how shall we respond? Do we enlist nationalist political/military support and fight this harlot system and her lover, the ten horned global beast system she rides? She is prophesied to ride and John saw her dominating the world in Revelation 17. Can we change that?


How about the Christian response to the New World Order both in the initial 3.5 year Harlot regime and the 666 Beast system of the final 3.5 years? Can Christian evangelicals wage a successful war against the Harlot system or the Antichrist? He will emerge as the ultimate Beast at midweek. What if hard bitten hard pressed evangelicals do indeed take up arms and try to wage a war against the New World Order in its final beast phase? What does the scripture say will be the outcome? Who would win out if such power struggle should open up? Would God be with us in this? Or not?

We are not left to speculate here. The Word of God has already been spoken and written down the details for us concerning this matter of the end time saints versus the New World Order. Daniel was told that end time Christian 'mighty men' would indeed fight in the flesh against the final world dictator. These 'saints and mighty men' will apparently fight with the wrong weapons; weapons that are carnal. -2Cor.10:4. And they will lose!

This is a huge lesson for us as fundamentalist Christians to learn. We need to be forewarned here. The sad result of this doomed final campaign has already been pre-determined. The sovereign God of Israel, the Ancient of Days has already spoken concerning this. Here is what the Gabriel, the angel of God's throne, told Daniel two and a half millennia ago about the coming New World Order.

Daniel 7 (NKJV)
19 Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet; 20 And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout than his fellows. 21 I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them; 22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.

Gabriel gave very specific details concerning God's people and the outcome of that final struggle with the hostile world politic that will be prevailing in the latter days. As we see in the verses following, the picture our dear prophet Daniel was given is not a pretty one.

Daniel 8 (NKJV)
8:23 "And in the latter time of their kingdom,
When the transgressors have reached their fullness,
A king shall arise, Having fierce features,
Who understands sinister schemes.

8:24 His power shall be mighty, but not by his own power;
He shall destroy fearfully, And shall prosper and thrive;
He shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

8:25 Through his cunning He shall cause deceit to prosper under his rule;
And he shall exalt himself in his heart. He shall destroy many in their prosperity.
He shall even rise against the Prince of princes;
But he shall be broken without human means.

8:26 And the vision of the evenings and mornings Which was told is true;
Therefore seal up the vision, For it refers to many days in the future.

8:27 And I, Daniel, fainted and was sick for days;
afterward I arose and went about the king's business.
I was astonished by the vision, but no one understood it."

Daniel fainted when he received this Word from Gabriel the angel of God's throne. It is a sober word and I entreat all who seek to follow God in holiness to mark well what the scriptures clearly say will happen. When the saints of the end time take up weapons that are carnal to fight for a holy cause those campaigns will end in total and absolute disaster.

This is also a warning for Puritans, for Dominionists, and for Christians of the "Kingdom Now".
There will be wars against the Antichrist in the latter days. But they will all fail.

God is not a mean and unjust God here. He will share His glory with no earthly prince. Even if Gandalf himself should turn up and call carnal Christians to the sword for that 'last crusade' it will have a different ending than the movie.
They will be defeated!

Dear saints, this history that has to happen. There must be a 'final witness' in the end-time. This is 'blood covenant Christianity'. We cannot fight our way out of the witness. The true church will be called to bring their testimony before the nations in time for them to make a response before we come to the end of this age. The pathway ahead is difficult. It is a strait and narrow gate which leads onto the Paradise Road. It is a Highway of Holiness. The saints will move on into that witness. They will surrender their lives for their faith in Jesus Christ if they are called upon to do so. Our brothers and sisters are already doing this now in places abroad. At the end of this age God will be calling His people to a mission which is far beyond fighting for God and country. There is to be a climactic and epic fifth seal witness of all the saints worldwide. -Rev.6:9-11 And then Messiah will come and straighten things out.

This final witness of the saints will lead on to the opening of the 6th seal. - Rev.6:12-17 Then the sign of the Son of Man will be seen in the heavens and Messiah's return will be imminent. - Mat.24:30

It is exceedingly difficult for our flesh/ego life to accept these truths. Our Lord Jesus Christ has already won the victory for us at the cross. But we are the covenant people of God. The witness of the church is an essential part of the New Covenant and we have an essential role in the unfolding of holy history. The Bride of Christ will indeed co-sign the covenant alongside the signature of the Bridegroom. This is the means by which the kingdoms of darkness will fall. And this is the way this evil age will come to a close.


Here is a further scripture passage from Daniel 12 which further confirms the final collapse of Christian temporal, political, and military power.
Daniel 12 (NKJV)
12:5 Then I, Daniel, looked; and there stood two others,
one on this riverbank and the other on that riverbank.

12:6 And one said to the man clothed in linen,
who was above the waters of the river,
"How long shall the fulfillment of these wonders be?

12:7 Then I heard the man clothed in linen,
who was above the waters of the river,
when he held up his right hand and his left hand to heaven,
and swore by Him who lives forever,
that it shall be for a time, times, and half a time; and
when the power of the holy people has been completely shattered
all these things shall be finished.

12:8 Although I heard, I did not understand.
Then I said, 'My lord, what shall be the end of these things?'

12:9 And he said, "Go your way, Daniel,
for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

12:10 Many shall be purified, made white, and refined,
but the wicked shall do wickedly;
and none of the wicked shall understand,
but the wise shall understand."


The enormous temporal power of the Antichrist is not lost on most evangelicals. They are well aware of just how powerful the coming Antichrist and the coming New World Order will be. This is why the pre-tribulation rapture escape fantasy has been crafted and why it is so enormously popular. Evangelicals also have some understanding as to why the ecumenical movement is all too willing to compromise whatever is necessary in order to make a deal with the emerging secular global powers. Fear is the key. And it is in their fear that they compromise.

Unfortunately evangelicals are not aware of the far greater danger of spiritual compromise within their own family. The Bible prophesies that a harlot religious system will bear rule for the first half of the 70th week, (the final seven years of this age). Their focus is on the emerging Antichrist in his beast 666 role. They do not realize that 3.5 years will pass before they even see a beast version Antichrist. He will not be possessed by the hideous demon spirit (Rev.17:11) until midway through the seven years. when he will set up the 'abomination that makes desolate'. He will not be taking over absolute power until he stops the temple sacrifices and commits these monstrous abominable deeds midway through the seven years. The beginning of those seven years will see him acclaimed as global peacemaker. Later, at the 'abomination of desolation' when he is possessed by the ultimate beast antichrist he will set up his 666 system.

Is compromise an option for true saints? Did ancient Israel ever win by making "white knight" or "godfather" deals with the gentile nations? Never! That is how they became morally compromised, lost the favor of YHVH/God and lost the sovereignty of the land they lived in! But compromise by a significant number of God's own covenant people is apparently what happens at the beginning of the 70th week. (John 5:43) And that, dear saints, is what brings us into the tribulation. God does not bring tribulation and calamity on us. We bring it on ourselves!

The end time drama begins when God's Judeo-Christian people sign on the dotted line with the emerging Antichrist in his early Peacemaker/global powerbroker role. -Dan.9:27 This is the classic story of 'Beauty and the Beast'. The world at that time will be divided into ten global bio-regions and ruled over by a harlot system. See the article on the ten horned kingdom of the end-time. For the first half of these 7 years it will be ruled over by a harlot system.


Those who name the name of Christ are wise to be patient in this. Holy history is ultimately under God's sovereign control. Nothing happens that He does not allow. There are bounds to how far the enemy can go. We are called to be the people of His grace and the people of His peace.

We can also take comfort in this fact. Globalism is not our enemy. Christian believers are a global company! Our coming Messiah will come to rule over a global Kingdom. The Church went global 2,000 years ago, right on the day it was born! It was on the Feast of Pentecost in the summer of 32 A.D that the Congregation of Israel, which was then predominantly Jewish, began its expansion into a heathen Gentile world. On the very day the Church began it went global. Right there on day 1 the Gospel message was being translated into the languages of the surrounding nations. The Gospel went out from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria. From there it went on to the ends of the earth.

The throne of Christ's Kingdom is right now in the hearts of His people, a Congregation that is scattered around the world. And our Messiah, as King of Kings, will literally return to this earth establish His glorious Millennial Kingdom. A growing global company of saints is destined to join this international company. Our Messiah has prepared a place for each one of them. They are destined to become joint-heirs with Him. - Rom.8:17, Rev. 7:9-17 This is a truly magnificent inheritance! This is just the sort of Messiah we have.


The talking heads from the left and from the right drone on, seeking to moderate the discussion for the sake of "peace". Religious leaders go along with the crowd. And in this important question concerning the New World Order and the Church they are not inclined to enter into any discussion or to comment. They carefully direct the Hegelian dialectic into the well worn channels where important and germane spiritual matters are avoided and not addressed.

But there is good information to be found in the prophetic Word of God as laid out in the Bible. Right by our side and here and now there is a God who is closer than a brother, and a very present help in time of trouble. The Holy Scriptures, brought to us at great cost in lives, is now readily accessible to all. The people of Western Christendom can open their Bibles and seek the face of God in repentance and in prayer. They can be still and allow God to tell them some things through the pages of His Holy Message. When they come to know God in a personal way and when they commit themselves to the Way of the cross they will receive "clearance" for Kingdom Intelligence in these matters. A clear view of what is really happening will then emerge for them and bring them understanding. As usual, this information is dependent upon a Biblical world view and a commitment to the God who is the Savior of the world. Only then will they understand why these climactic events are unfolding in the nations of the West and what their proper role in all this is going to be.

There are, however, a number of lies being told about Bible prophecy of which Christians should be made aware. Christian believers have been told by some religious leaders that Bible Prophecy is "negative" or "too confusing" or even 'none of your business!' Unfortunately many nominal Christians are not looking to the Bible for answers. They look to men. They are usually satisfied with the eschatology presented by their media favorites or their denominational champions. Sadly, Christians today are not inclined to search the Scriptures, pausing to look up to heaven asking God for His assessment on these critically important issues. Nor do they ask what God might be doing in all this unfolding history and how God might be calling them to respond to all this.

So the people of God, people who are meant to be His agents acting as His witnesses, drifting down the stream, all eyes upon the political princes of this world but indolent in the blood covenant of the coming Bridegroom. Without the Bible Christians are adrift. They are as mariners without a chart or compass. If things do not change and the godlessness continues the leading lights of West, which is in the English speaking world, will soon become like the manipulated frenzied masses we saw in the French Revolution during the Reign of Terror. They will be lost, as sheep without a Shepherd. If Christians continue to be mislead by political princes and a host of money making hirelings and false shepherds they will not get the good solid information they need. Without getting a proper "heads up" and a good briefing on the campaign ahead Christians will be subject to collapse of morale. This is a serious matter of concern. Many who today call themselves Christians will fall away from the faith in the coming Great Apostasy that will unfold in the 70th Week of Daniel, the final seven years of this age.

The consequences of this apostasy from "the God who is there" are severe. Allowing themselves to remain willingly ignorant the crowds continue on down the broad way. It is the pathway that leads to destruction. And so in their histories the people of the West stumble from one crisis to the next. Their pragmatic political and religious decisions and their compromising resolutions to problems are getting more and more profane and twisted. Humanistic religious wizards behind the scenes monitor events and direct the conversation and the church unity decision-making as the world churns. They seek to manage and manipulate the Hegelian dialectic and thereby direct and regulate the information process, directing the media conversations along the lines they want them to go. The "man behind the curtain", like the Wizard of Oz, presides over the discourse. And above him hover the angels of darkness.

And so the present Western colossus of social engineering, greatly aided by online digitized information, is being built. The New World Order is now rising up like Nimrod's Tower of Babel did on the plains of Shinar. Unseen hands at the flat top of the pyramid await the Antichrist. He will try to cap it all off. But he will be up against a serious Opponent. See Psalm 2. Christ has already come as Emmanuel, God in the flesh. The gnostic powers hate that. Any mention of the blood of Christ sends them into a frenzy. The thought of Messiah's second coming and the judgment absolutely terrifies them. But God has come down Jacob's ladder to appear in the flesh as the Redeemer of mankind. Israel's Sacrifice Lamb shed His blood at Calvary. He paid the price for our redemption. This challenge must be answered by the powers of darkness. They too must present their man in order to stay in the fight.

And yes, they have their response. Their god-man is in the wings somewhere. Their prince will come. He will assume rule in what they perceive to be "their" cosmos, Nature with a capital "N". They will present their man, their messiah, the false messiah. He will head up human history, first behind the scenes as the harlot rides. Then they will attempt to see him deified at the abomination of desolation midway through the final seven years of this age. After all, the powers of darkness cannot allow themselves to be outmaneuvered here. They must have their god-man too. And they are setting the stage for his appearing.

Humanistic leadership is very active today. Godless activists pull the levers at the tops of the many political, social, and religious hierarchies. The principalities and powers, angelic and human, cunningly put their own spin on the news. They then serve up their disniformation and "noise" to the huddled waiting spiritually ignorant masses. They generally receive the information in just the way it was presented to them. Without God humanistic mankind can do little else. Without God there is no other option.

This is our current situation. The people of the West are in the passing parade, presently a mixed group of "saints and strangers". The covenant people of the God of Israel, find themselves being herded along with these strangers. In most cases the Judeo-Christian people are indistinguishable from the pagan masses. Most of them have forgotten the covenant. They are going to need to be reminded of this in the Bozrah exile and in the great camp meetings of the latter days. Micah 2:12,&13 and Revelation 12:6 and Revelation 12:14. Most Christians are not diligently seeking the face of God right now. And so they wander upon the mountains and nations as sheep without a shepherd. They find themselves being pushed by events, facing many trials, many of which have come out of their own compromises. And so they stumble down the mountain towards that eventual prophesied crisis in the valley of decision. This is not all bad. Because there in that place many prodigals will return to God.


Will established Christianity make a deal with the emerging humanistic global powers? Will the church at large join National Israel/Judah in signing the seven year comprehensive global peace treaty with a global peacemaker as prophesied in Dan.9:27? Will established Christianity sign themselves over to the false messiah?

If we are to believe the Holy Scriptures it would seem that a harlot church will indeed sign on. They will join Israel, who will compromise by handing over God's sovereign Holy Land to this peacemaking Antichrist. And how do we know this?
Moses said that they would. The prophet Daniel lays it out quite specifically in Daniel 9:27. And Jesus Himself said that His people would end rejecting Him and accepting someone who comes in their own name. See this article. And see this scripture John 5:43.


For centuries Bible students have known about the end time harlot church. Many established churches are already beginning to compromise the holy things of the God of Israel through their collusion with the World Council of Churches and the United Religions Initiative. These Christians do not have a Biblical world view. Being beholden to the world with its governmental and ecclesiastical systems they have long since abandoned the Holy Scriptures. Their eyes are on their earthly princes. Gomer is ready for a final fling with her princely Gentile lovers.

But here is the shocking truth. Even our evangelical and charismatic leaders are joining the dialogue on politico-religious unity. Huge amounts of money seem to be involved. We are in grave danger of being seduced and drawn into collusion with the world of Mammon. We need to pray diligently concerning this that we may not enter into temptation.

"But surely we must DO something!" some will say. And yes, we certainly should so something. But in the Great Commission are we not already called to be Christ's witnesses unto the end of the age? Let us pause to check out our commissioning papers.

Christian believers are on the stage and on the spot here. We cannot go the way of compromise? And we as individuals cannot allow the Name of Christ to be degraded. If the people vote and decide to sell off our national sovereignty to a global power that does not recognize our Judeo-Christian God then we are in a bit of a bind. So what can we as individual Christians do about that?

These are quite valid concerns. At some future point there may be a terrible nuclear exchange in the Middle East. It will probably be initiated by a rogue state against Israel. The Lion of Judah will roar. And Israel will respond in kind. A nuclear exchange would be dreadful beyond belief. There would be a hue and cry for world disarmament such as has never been heard before. Enter the peacemaking Antichrist.

Now, what if the consensus of the citizens of the nations is to surrender their sovereignty through treaty and join a New World Order. Say it is presented as a short-gap temporary emergency arrangement. Israel and the G7 enter into a 7 year treaty with some "trusted" peacemaker? Christians know what is going on and its significance. But they are in a small dwindling minority. So what can they really do about that?

Well, the answer is "not much". They know that all the patriot movements will be crushed before they start. But what has just happened is an event of Biblical proportions. The prophesied 7 year covenant of Daniel 9:27 has just opened up the 70th Week. The final seven years of this age has just begun!

Most people will not really understand what is going on, except to "feel" that they want to join. The saints are not ignorant of the devices. Biblical Christians can certainly recognize the signs of the times. But there IS something they can do. And they can reach for the shofar and sound the warning. They can blow the trumpet in Zion!


For the saints there is no other option. The true and genuine Kingdom of God is not a crusade. God's Kingdom does not advance with men and swords and guns and missiles. It does not advance using the methods of a "god of forces". Esau is the one who lives by force of the sword. And he will be there. (See Gen.27:40) If we take up arms it could be bad. We might be in danger of actually joining the Edomites ourselves.

Our brother Esau, who lives among us in the rich places of the earth, is forever angry and full of wrath. He never repents. We are in the spiritual flow of Abraham,(-Gal.3:29) Isaac and Jacob. Our flesh wants to wrestle with Esau even as Jacob wrestled with Esau in the womb of their mother Rebecca four millennia ago.-Gen.25:23-27

But we must be careful to conduct our warfare in the Spirit and in holiness. We are called to prayer and a gracious witness. This IS doing something! Our witness alongside that of our Bridegroom is what brings down the evil principalities and powers and defeats Satan! And this witness is what confirms the emergence of true bride. This final witness will be called for from the church? Are we listening?
How shall we respond?


A word to Christians who own guns. From the Pilgrim perspective guns are fine for hunting. This author enjoyed hunting foxes and rabbits back in Australia back in the 70's and 80's. Many years ago I had, (and treasured to some degree), a very fine and accurate Czech BRNO .22 rifle. It was a semi-automatic weapon so it was scooped up by the ban on semi-automatic, (or self-loading weapons), which came into Australia back in the 90's. And there is a case for using guns for self defense or defending one's family as an alternative to the promises given in Psalm 91. The Shadow of the Almighty, His Refuge, and Our God being our Fortress is a true reality. It is spoken about in Psalm 91:1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,&11. But if it comes to using guns, especially military grade "black" guns or assault rifles against the coming New World Order then this is another situation altogether. The Bible tells us that our fighting against the fourth beast, (the ten horned NWO beast system spoken of by Daniel and the Apostle John will be a deadly mistake. Read Daniel 7:21, Daniel 12:6,&7 and Revelation 13:4,5,6,7,8,9,&10. This Biblical message may seem unpatriotic but it is not. It is a responsible word for the fathers for the safety of their families and the salvation, sanctification, and the eventual glorification of God's Elect and His Covenant people. It is is not unlike the Message of God given by Jeremiah to the people of Israel back in 586 B.C.. At that time the nation-state of Judah, (like us), had gotten themselves into deep idolatry. Like wayward Gomer they had forgotten their God and turned to other princely lovers for protection. God was telling them that if they fought against Nebuchadnezzar's army He would not be with them in their fight. God was telling them to go quietly and peacefully into captivity to Babylon. He said He would be with them and prosper them in Babylon. He also said that He would be with them when they returned after a prescribed period of time. In their case it was a captivity that would last 70 years. (In our case it will be a time period of 7 years). As the times unfolded the ones who received this message were corrected out of their idolatry and blessed. Those who refused this Word of God suffered great loss. The patriots died in battle. Those who scurried off to Egypt died in obscurity. Some hid away in the land trying to keep their families secure in a wasteland without a government. These people languished in spiritual emptiness away from the flows of God.

There is no doubt about it. Choosing the Way of the Cross instead of the way of the sword is very very difficult. It goes against our flesh nature. But this is part of our high calling. And Who was it that brought us the very best example of this surrender to God's will? Remember what happened in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus was about to be arrested ? Peter rose up and struck the servant of the high priest cutting off his ear. What did Jesus say to Peter?

"Put your sword back in it's proper place.
For all who take the sword shall perish by the sword".
-Mat. 26:52
The example we are to follow is the one our Savior set forth in the Garden of Gethsemane. And the way of the cross was demonstrated in the lives of our Apostle Paul and all of the other 11 disciples/apostles. The covenant calls for our witness, even unto our own death. Death is the last enemy to be conquered by Christ.-1Cor.15:26 We are called to stand as a witness to His victory over death. He bought that victory for us at the cross. He has promised to cover us Gr. "ek" or "in, through and out of", our hour of trial. -Rev.3:10 And He will.
"The weapons of our warfare are not carnal.
But they are mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds".
So this message from God to His saints is very clear.
The prophet Zechariah spelled it out for us two and a half millennia ago.
"Not by might,(military), nor by power, (politics),
But by My Spirit saith Yehoveh, Almighty God, the Lord of hosts/armies".
- Zechariah 4:6
Unlike Christian Crusaders and also unlike our British Victorian and our Puritan brethren, most of us of Pilgrim persuasion will agree that there is nothing to be gained from struggling in the flesh against the coming New World Order. Nothing other than perhaps to bring shame to the name of Christ or perhaps to open the door for the end time Edomites, those ultimate sword wielders, to rise up in our midst and cause Christians to be targeted as troublemakers or heaven help us, "terrorists". The New World Order would then hammer us on the pretext of "upholding law and order". Do we as Christians want this?

Could God use the sons of Esau to break down our own exuberant carnality? Perhaps a lot of that subjugating of the flesh-life is bound to happen to us anyway. It would not be the first time that God has used the enemies of His people to bring judgment and thus to purify them and restore them to fellowship with Him. We, along with our returning and saved Jewish brethren, Zech. 12:7-13:1 are the end time Judeo-Christian people of Jacob. There is only one Elect and one Chosen people. The true church is a part of that people of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. - Gal.3:29; Eph 2:11-13 The tribulation we shall face in the coming 70th week is what "Jacob's trouble" is all about. As Christians it is every bit our trouble as well as being the trouble of our Jewish brethren. Dan. 9:27 is our story of Christian compromise and apostasy as well as being that of the nation of Israel. This is an untold story. It is too dreadful to tell from pulpits and too painful for us to face. But face it we must.


Here is another element. Will the end time see red Esau rising up again? We know that this is prophesied. (Gen.27:39-40) Will this involve us? Most assuredly it will. Many supposed Christians have and will sell their spiritual inheritance for a mess of earthly pottage. They may claim to be Christians but They are Edomites at heart. In the upheavals to come they will depart from the pathways of grace in bitterness, inner anger and wrath.

These people, the end time Edomites, will be angry. They will be be walking powder kegs. Oh yes, Esau is still among us. He is still camped out near Jacob as he was in the former times. According to Isaac's prophecy over his firstborn Esau is to be found in the rich nations of the earth. Isaac prophesied that the time would come when he would become restless. The children of Esau, male and female, are full of anger and wrath just as they have always been. Esau is also capable of genocide just as Doeg (1Sam.22:18) and the Herod's were. And whenever he acts out in violence Rachel is found weeping for her children.

So then. Should we provoke him? Not if we are wise. We might discover that we are a bit like him. Perhaps like our patriarch Jacob the goatskins of Esau are still on our forearms? Perhaps Esau's hairy coverings are causing us as Christian believers to do cruel things as well. No, we had best treat him the same way our patriarch Jacob treated him. Give him respect as someone who understands something at least of God's covenant with Abraham. God will do the rest, and in His good time. (Obadiah)


It is a bitter pill to swallow, but like the earlier captivities of the saints in Egypt, Assyria, Babylon etc. this coming subjection and this great tribulation has been determined and set by the sovereign will of God Almighty. He means for us to go through it. His holy purposes will be accomplished in it. By the time it is all over the saints of this age and of previous ages will be glorified, the heavens will be cleared of dark angelic ruling powers, the wicked as tares will be destroyed by angels of wrath (Mat.13:36-43), the Antichrist and false prophet will be in the Lake of Fire, (Rev.19:20), Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit (Rev.20:2), and Messiah will be judging the nations on the earth below (Mat.25:31-46). Daniel saw this great victory snatched from the jaws of the apparent defeat of the saints. But he was totally mystified as to how it happened. He asked the angelic messenger but was given no answer. (Dan.12:7-13) The answer can not be conveyed in words. It will only be seen in deeds. And will only be known by those who know the covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ, and who in loving obedience and joy proceed to walk it out in His Holy Spirit power.

Is there an end time conspiracy against the people of God? Of course there is! It is no secret. It started in the garden of Eden. The only people who don't know about it are those human ostriches with their heads in the sand. The conspiracy has been going on for millennia. The "vain thing", that David wrote the song about, that awful conspiracy against Messiah, is recorded in Psalm 2. Yes there is a plot to prevent the Messiah from ruling. It is spearheaded by both secular humanism and religious humanism. Both are man centered. Religious humanism promoted by religious double agents has been around since Simon Magus who tried to buy Christian power from the Apostle Paul. He was preceded in ancient Israel by Balaam who pointed out the way to corrupt God's people away from their everlasting covenant with YHVH/God. The first item on the humanistic agenda is to deny that God has come to earth in the flesh and to prevent the ruling of Messiah in the hearts of men. It is to deny Him His rightful place on the throne and altar of human hearts. It is to deny He created us and the universe and has a right to us. Then secondly, the plot is to deny the future second coming of Messiah back to this earth. It is to deny His future coming to tabernacle or camp out with His people for a thousand years. This 'conspiracy of silence' seeks to shut down the heralding of Christ's soon return. The conspirators, both the godless secular rulers and their paid churchmen seek to deny and to prevent Messiah's coming to rule upon this earth ffom the Throne of David.

King David wrote about the end time conspiracy against Messiah 3,000 years ago. He put the lyrics to music in Psalm 2. In the song does God look particularly worried about the end time plot against Him? Apparently not. In fact He laughs!

Dear saints, the "Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth" is in control here below. -Rev.5:6 Neither the Bilderbergers, nor the UN, nor "black helicopters", nor those ruling the "power of the air" with "fire from heaven" nor any other rulership will be able to stand in "that day".-Ps.24:3 This earth and its inhabitants has been purchased by the blood of God Almighty. He came here in the flesh, paid the penalty for sin by laying down His life and conquered death in His glorious resurrection! The scepter of Israel is in Judah's hand "until Shiloh come".-Gen.49:10. It will not be taken away! As for Jerusalem well it is His holy city! The Messiah, as the Lion of Judah. He will rule this world from the throne of David as priest/king after the Order of Melchizedek. As Emmanuel, God with us, He will rule upon this earth for a literal thousand years. (Rev.20:4 & 20:6). All this will indeed happen in spite of what is decreed by the Millennium denying dignitaries of the United Religions Organization, the World Council of Churches or their coming champion, the peacemaking Antichrist. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob sets the end time agenda! HE is the One that has opened the seals. ( The Apocalypse is all about the unveiling of CHRIST. It is for Him and His coming kingdom that the trumpets will sound. (Rev.8-11) And God is not slack concerning His promises. He will exonerate and deliver His covenant people. He will step into history Himself to do it! He will see to it personally on behalf of his hard pressed saints. And He will do so with jealous anger and with vials of His "wrath poured out".(Rev.14:10). Jesus Christ is in control. Those who hate Him will surely be found at the last day hiding in caves and crying out for the rocks to fall down and cover them from the face of the Lamb! (Rev.6:15-16) May God help any would-be enemies of Him to turn from their wickedness while there is still time!

So, all that being understood, why should we spend one second worrying about the future? God has determined to guarantee the eternal destiny of those who keep covenant with Him. That is all that really matters. Our security will not depend on our political or gun slinging talents either. Should we perhaps re-route the survivalist energies and monies we have been expending to a better cause? Can we really change the political climate of the world system to favor Christianity? Can the church as "damsel in distress" we go to bed with her worldly sword wielding Sir Lancelot without becoming corrupted? Should we not turn from our pre-occupation with politics and attend to the Great Commission and concentrate on our missionary outreach instead? Missionary work will produce a more lasting and eternal reward. And Christian missionaries will probably be less likely to two time us as politicians are wont to do. Even godly politicians can be outvoted and outmaneuvered in the dark back halls of earthly power. And they will be!

So what shall be our response as Christians to this emerging New World Order? Well history moves on. Praise be to God! Instead of dying in bed after a dreary life of self serving emptiness, of tending one's stock portfolio, of watching spectator sports and the harlots of Hollywood on the screen, and eating gluttonous quantities of dainties we are it seems to go out in a blaze of glory! Yes the saints are being tapped to take the stage for a far more wonderful calling and destiny. So why struggle against it? By surrendering ourselves to the cup of Christ we shall overcome. This is the 'mystery of godliness'. It is a race to the finish line. And we shall demonstrate it to the angels and the watching world. -Heb 12:1

OK, so we may have a police state.
Wasn't there a police state under the Roman Empire in the time of Christ?

So the 4th horseman on a pale horse may be seen riding down main street and hovering above in Apache and Hind helicopter gunships picking off "runners".
So what? Our Chinese brethren have no freedom. Does that stop them from witness? Not at all. The Chinese church doubles its numbers every 7 years.

So they want your guns.
OK. Give them your guns when they come asking for them! And while you are at it hand over your your anti-tank weapons and stinger missiles as well! Sell that cave in Idaho, give the money to missions, and prepare your heart for witness.

So they want to carry you into exile?
OK go along with them. If we are scattered to the ends of the earth we shall just spread the gospel that much further. And we shall certainly do it with much more zeal than we have ever known before.

So some of us, (the more spiritually dangerous, like those who write about the Biblical apocalypse for example) may be imprisoned or executed under a future regime or exiled for the faith. What then?
Well God will be glorified! The people will be warned and many will be saved.

What if in times to come many fine believers are persecuted to the nth degree? This is happening to our Chinese and Burmese brethren right now as the dragon puffs out its persecution. What if many saints "fall asleep" as witness/martyrs?
Well then they shall go on to a "better resurrection". -Heb.11:35


Going into Exile at Bozrah.
Image by acclaimed Australian photographer Peter Walton.
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What will become of God's elect people in the end-time? Many will give their lives in witness we know. But we do have scriptural evidence that many of the saints will be sequestered off to a safe place, (or places), to be spiritually nurtured for the last half of the 70th week. (Rev.12) This is the Bozrah story of which we have been told virtually nothing by Bible prophecy teachers. -Mic.2:12-13. This will not happen by survivalist planning. Many will be delivered from the face of the Dragon but it will come by the merciful hand of God. (Ps.91:1-16) This action will be undertaken on 'the wings of a great eagle'.(Rev.12:14)

Whatever happens to the saints physically in their end time witness it matters little in the eternal scheme of things. Why? Because we are

"Looking for that 'BLESSED HOPE'
of the Great God and Saviour,
our Lord Jesus Christ."
-Titus 2:13
Dear brothers and sisters. We serve a God of Love. So we have no reason to be fearful. Perfect love casts out fear. (1John 4:18) We shall have enemies rise up against us in the end-time. But we should feel compassion for them. They are the ones on dangerous ground here. We are safely preserved in blood covenant connection with the Lord of Hosts. He is the returning King of Kings, the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He is the Holy One of Israel, and He sits upon the throne. He is the One who calls the shots. Our enemies are His enemies. When He returns to this planet His feet will touch the Mount of Olives. A mighty earthquake will split the mount in two. He will be seen roaring from Zion. (Joel 3:16) And that is not all.

Our returning Messiah will go out to the ends of the earth to gather his covenant people. His jealous anger will not be abated. Bozrah is a spiritual place belonging to Edom of end time global significance where a lot of end time saints will be penned up. When our Messiah pulls up at Bozrah it will not be a pretty sight. It will be curtains for those who have abused His elect! Truly, "it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God". -Heb.10:31

Here is the lesson in all this. In the end time our God is not absent. He means business! He is going to come back into this cosmos personally! And we can be sure that He will attend to His covenant business with diligence and zeal! He will deliver His covenant people!

The arrival of Messiah at Bozrah will be an awesome scene. He will bring vengeance on His enemies and deliverance of His covenant people. At His return Messiah is seen in many places. He will be seen in the clouds, at the Mount of Olives, at Bozrah and finally at Mount Zion, the political center of Jerusalem. Bozrah may be a spiritual place representing many scattered places of end time tribulation bondage and incarceration across the earth. Bozrah is Edomite territory. This is an important clue to events in the last days. The Edomites will not not be taken under the 666 system of the Antichrist. (Dan. 11:41) The Messiah will return as "the Breaker". His leading of the breakout at Bozrah in which Messiah springs loose His covenant people is among the most electrifying and glorious events in all of scripture. The future breakout at Bozrah was even seen by the ancients in the stars. Few Bible teachers dare to bring out this magnificent story of deliverance. It raises some embarrassing questions which they are not prepared to address or even have aired. The more modern Bible translations seem to have "lost" the word 'Bozrah' (along with its message) somehow. So here below are two non-modern translations. Both of them have preserved the full Bozrah message which Micah has given us.

Young's Literal Translation
Micah 2

12. I do surely gather thee, O Jacob, all of thee, I surely bring together the remnant of Israel, Together I do set it as the flock of BOZRAH, As a drove in the midst of its pasture, It maketh a noise because of man.

13. Gone up hath the breaker before them, They have broken through, Yea, they pass through the gate, Yea, they go out through it,
And pass on doth their king before them, And Jehovah at their head!

The King James Version
Micah 2

12. I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of BOZRAH, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men.

13. The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the LORD on the head of them."

So what are we asked to do in all this? Jesus gave us specific details and instructions concerning the end time sequence of events. They are laid out for us in the Olivet Discourse. "Mat. 24-25.


We are asked to be faithful and gracious witnesses to Christ our Messiah through all of this, if necessary unto death. Our relationship as written in scripture is not the language of the contract law of merchants where we wheel and deal and terminate the contract whenever it suits us or whenever it gets too expensive or painful to maintain. Our relationship is typified in the cup of Joseph and Benjamin. It is also the cup of Agape Love which is unconditional. It is the cup of betrothal in the Hebrew tradition and also the communion cup of Christ and His ecclesia/congregation. This is not well known among western Christians but the cup is a covenant unto death. It is the communion cup where He as our Savior has pledged His all to us. In His presence the honest seeking saint will eventually come to realize that this is where we pledge our all to Him. That part of the covenant has been "cloaked" by Laodicean lukewarm religion. But it is the "rest of the story".

Is this cup of Communion a unilateral contractual agreement in which God just gives us things? No it is not. Like the bride in the marriage ceremony we are called to bring our full witness to the everlasting covenant.

Will God cover us as we bear witness to His covenant in our hour of trial? Yes He will. - Revelation 3:10

Saints of old discovered and experienced that cup when they were persecuted for the sake of the God of Jacob. David, when he was pursued by King Saul was alone under the threat of death in the wilderness. But in all of this he was not cut off from the Presence of God. He wrote,

23:4 "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; For You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

23:5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over."


So who will cover us in our hour of "trial"? Shall we too lie exhausted in the flesh as Abraham our father did on that dreadful night when the Abrahamic covenant was first cut? (Gen. 15) Probably so. As darkness falls upon the earth and the awesome burden of the Judeo-Christian people of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob comes over us the arm of flesh will surely fail us. Like Abraham the burden we are called to share will be overwhelming. It will be too great for us to handle in our own strength. Under its weight we faint.

Daniel fainted under the burden of prayer for the future people of God coming into the end time. (Dan 8:27) And like our father Abraham when he saw the responsibility of the covenant he had entered into with his God, we too are overwhelmed. Like Abraham under the burden of the covenant we find ourselves collapsing in a heap even as the vultures and ravens gather around in the gathering gloom. They seek to make a spoil of the eternal covenant, - and tell us we are finished. In that hour of trial as the crows caw and the vultures jostle and squabble around us it seems that all the denizens of hell have come against us. Our own strength fails us as we attempt to grapple with the enormity of our witness. The everlasting blood covenant of our God seems too much for us. This is that "dark night of the soul" of which much is written in literature. It is our own personal time of wrestling with our God.- Gen. 32:24-28 For the elect of God this passage is unavoidable. It must come to pass in order for the usurping conniving Judeo-Christian people of Jacob to have their character changed. The day will finally come when Jesus will recognize His chosen people. Even as they rest under the fig tree of sweetness and good fruit He will meet them saying " Behold, an Israelite indeed in whom there is no guile!" - John 1:47

So what will happen? Who will preserve and keep us in that hour? The scripture below gives us the answer. And it demonstrates and prophesies for you and I the good news of the eternal agape love of our God. Because He Himself takes responsibility for the covenant on our behalf! As it was with Abraham 4,000 years ago, so it will be with the end time saints. It was God Himself as Abraham's covenant partner who walked down the aisle between those pieces to 'cut' the covenant. As a blazing torch He walks through the blood of the covenant for us! He takes us through it even as we rest in Him.

Genesis 15

1. "After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying, "Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward."

2. Then He brought him outside and said, 'Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them.' And He said to him,
'So shall your descendants be.'

9. So He said to him, 'Bring Me a three-year-old heifer, a three-year-old female goat, a three-year-old ram, a turtledove, and a young pigeon.'

Then he brought all these to Him and cut them in two, down the middle, and placed each piece opposite the other; but he did not cut the birds in two.

11. And when the vultures came down on the carcasses, Abram drove them away.

12. Now when the sun was going down, a deep sleep fell upon Abram; and behold, horror and great darkness fell upon him.

17. And it came to pass, when the sun went down and it was dark, that behold, there appeared a smoking oven and a burning torch that passed between those pieces."
-Gen. 15:1,2,9-17.

Dear saints, this is indeed good news. We are the people of Abraham -Gal.3:29 We are identified with Abraham through the indwelling Christ who is Abraham's Seed. The God of Abraham does not change His character. He takes responsibility for the covenant of promise on our behalf! It is He who walks down the aisle between those blood covered pieces. The "footprints in the sand" are there. And they are in bloody endtime sand this time. But there is still just one set of footprints. He is carrying the burden of the covenant for us! Even as we go through our time of testing He is there with us, lifting us up in His strength. By His divine enabling grace and Holy Spirit power we are able to to bear witness to the covenant and thus fulfill it. Our witness to the covenant is as essential as a bride's signature on the marriage covenant. Oh yes, we must be there when the covenant is cut. It is an awesome 'hour of trial'. But He carries us through. Even as a bridegroom sweeps his bride off her feet and bears her in His arms carrying her across the threshold into another realm so it is with our God. He carries His beloved covenant people across the threshold. And so they pass through the gates of splendor. This is the end time story of Christ with His church. It is also the story of the late salvation and deliverance of the Jewish nation. Because the returning Messiah will be seen paying a visit to the world armies mustering in the Valley of Jezreel. There at Armageddon blood will flow in an unprecedented slaughter of those who would come against the holy city of Jerusalem.

The battle of Armageddon will be climactic for this poor abused earth. Every last one of His sheep will be found in that final Day of the Lord. -Ezek. 34:12-14 The God of Jacob will re-gather all His called out "ecclesia", His chosen people, the full and complete Commonwealth and Congregation of Israel. -Eph. 2:12&13. The Bozrah story as with the Armageddon story and the Armageddon story tell of Messiah coming to deliver, to save, and to reunite both houses of Israel. And at the end of days He will bring full restoration to His beloved people.

It is the final scene of the end-time drama,
It is the last day of this age.

And we are there!

Grace and shalom to all the saints,

PSALM 91 - from Maranatha Music, 1980's.
"Because He has loved me, therefore I will deliver him,
I will set him securely on high, because he has known My name.
He will call upon Me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble.
I will rescue him, and honor him; With a long life will I satisfy him."