By Gavin Finley MD

The abortion issue remains as an unhealed
     angry wound in the body politic of America

1. Puritan History, Past, Present and Future. An Introduction to this study.
2. John Winthrop and the Puritan dream of a shining 'city upon a hill'.
3. 'Manifest Destiny' is rooted in the Puritan dream of a 'nation under God'.
4. The Puritan belief in a 'Nation Under God' goes back to ancient Israel.
5. Gutenberg, Bibles and the Reformation bring in the Pilgrims and Puritans.
6. The Puritans rise up in the 1600's to dominate English Parliament.
7. The Puritan Army goes to battle against the king in the English Civil War.
8. The Puritan Army wears yellow ribbons and sashes in the English Civil War.
9. The Puritan Religion supports Parliament in the English Civil War.
10. Puritans vs. Pilgrims. Similarities and differences.
11. The Puritans in the New World and the signing of the Mayflower Compact.
12. Puritan belief and the American Revolution vs. the French Revolution.
13. America's Puritans today and the 'Religious Right'
14. The abortion issue and America's Puritans today
15. Today's Puritans and the expansion of America's global peacemaking role.
16. Today's American Puritans and the rise of Dominion Theology
17. Puritan belief and the future history of America.


The main thesis of this series of articles is simply this. The Puritans have not left the scene. They have not faded away into the mists of past history. These people are still with us. So are their friends in the faith, the Pilgrims. The Puritan heraldry of the yellow ribbon was seen seen back in the 1640's during the English Civil war. Yellow sashes were worn by soldiers of Oliver Cromwell's Puritan Army. We can still see those yellow ribbons. They are being displayed across America today.

American Puritans are becoming very vocal and politically engaged in recent years. This is an established pattern of Christian behavior in America. It has been seen for 400 years. Ever since the Puritan political emergence in the 1640's Puritan Christians have remained active in the seats of power. And even today politically active Christians continue to respond to issues of moral righteousness with spiritual vigor and with a powerful agenda of concerted political action. They have been called the "Christian Right" and more broadly the 'Religious Right'. Their energies are unrelenting. And their accomplishments have been truly extraordinary.

By far the greatest "hot button" issue for Christian fundamentalists today is the abortion issue. Puritans, both evangelical fundamentalists and otherwise, are still very passionate about this, and understandably so. The Roe versus Wade decision was handed down by the Supreme Court in 1973. This had far-reaching implications. This landmark decision by the judiciary effectively opened the door to abortion on demand in America.

Since 1973 the state has permitted, even aided would-be mothers to abort their babies. Over 50 million little lives have been terminated. This is not just a matter of the American government failing to protect the unborn. This is the sort of licentious 'freedom' our society in the west today wants; and usually gets. People in our materialistic, self-centered, and supposedly 'Christian' era have lost their natural affection for children. And so the unborn are easy game. Faced with an 'unwanted pregnancy' and having abortion legally sanctioned and available they consider that in a merchant society they can buy into this hidden and 'private' act. No one will know. Or so they think. They consider that they are merely making a 'choice', - sort of like choosing a pair of shoes for example. They are "pro-choice", (whatever that is supposed to mean). And of course they are. But women who are unable to commit a few months of their precious time to bring a little child safely into the world have taken a decidedly sinister "choice". And it is a deadly one. They are taking the life of their own unborn child.

Here are the biological and moral issues involved here. A woman goes to "planned parenthood", a name that evokes echoes of cold hard morally bankrupt, existentially empty French style rationalism. And what are they doing? They are making a blood covenant with a medical merchant of blood. He, or she, will take the pregnant girl's blood money. Then after having her put to sleep the abortionist will go into her body and break through the sacred mother-child boundary at the amniotic membrane. Then he will take his curette, a spoon shaped knife, and spill the innocent blood of her unborn child.

Merchants rule in the world we see today. And the scales of the black horse rider are supposed to stand for justice. Merchants in a civilized society have no legitimate moral authority to spill innocent blood. Yes, currently these heinous acts are "protected" by the politicians who sit at Jezebel's table. But really, this decision to terminate, with or without extreme prejudice, is not a woman's prerogative or a woman's "choice" at all. It never has been. And it never will be. And why? Because the child nestled within the warmth and protection of her body is on the other side of the amniotic membrane. This is not part of "her body" at all. The child is not the mother and the mother is not the child. The little baby inside the womb is a pilgrim in passage on his or her way to the outside world. The child is under the sovereign oversight of a holy God who is calling all His children on into an eternity with Him. A mother has been entrusted by God and nature to her baby's care.

But young pregnant women in our society today today are unaware of these things. They are being carefully manipulated into a milieu of moral ignorance by a neo-pagan media.
And of course they are deliberately kept in the dark about these sacred truths by so called "pregnancy counselors".

A woman has a responsibility before God and before civilized human society. In her heart every woman knows this. A good and true mother will honor that sacred trust. Even in the realm of nature a mother animal will nurture her offspring and protect them from harm. So a woman's "choice" to abort is something both unholy and unnatural. In the natural world as well as in our so-called civilized society it is only a perverse or pressured mother who will turn against her own and break that sacred mother-child bond.


Abortion is an awful thing. The mother lies down on the operating table attended by smiling nurses. As she submits to anesthesia she allows her body, (and the womb nurturing and protecting her unborn little child), to be invaded and violated. The young woman is surrounded by callous and cynical medical professionals who try to reassure her that "everything is all right". These are doctors and nurses who no longer consider it a priority to nurture and protect human life. They seem to have lost their conscience, (and their true humanity), somewhere down the line.

After administering anesthesia the abortionist proceeds to dilate the woman's cervix. Then he breaks into her body through the maternal chorionic membrane protecting the amniotic sac. A sacred threshold is then crossed. Because just behind the chorionic membrane lies the amniotic membrane. The amniotic membrane and all of the life suspended within that amniotic fluid cavity contains DNA which does not belong to the woman. This is something that is rarely addressed. The tissue DNA within belongs to a different person. It belongs to a new human life, a new person in the family, a new citizen of the land.

The crossing of this threshold is obviously a trespass of the most grievous kind. And this is an important point of law. Unfortunately this legal issue is either not widely appreciated or it is studiously avoided. Certainly it is rarely mentioned by the talking heads we see on television on both side of the issue. But the legal matter here is not all that difficult to grasp. The chorionic membrane marks the limit of a woman's body. Neither the woman nor the physician the has contracted with have any legal right to intrude into the amniotic cavity of another person, and certainly not with the extreme prejudice we see demonstrated in abortion. The woman and her physician should not have accepted the American Supreme Court's license to take this brutal and heinous act. It was illegal under God and it flies in the face of common decency and human conscience. Because beyond that border of the woman's body is the amniotic membrane and the domain of a living unborn child.

The amniotic cavity is beyond the domain of a woman. It is the sacred region of a mother's trust. This anatomical space does not belong to the woman for her to do with as she pleases. Nor does this amniotic fluid cavity and its living contents belong to the state. Another human being is involved her. A new little person with different DNA is suspended within the amniotic fluid. This is a human life with a beating heart. That life is separate and distinct from the woman's life. That life does not "belong" to the woman for her to dispose of as she will. And that new life within her is definitely not "her body". The unborn baby is encircled by her but is not "her". The new living being is separate from her. The child has been given to her by God in a sacred trust.

This is something all true mothers know instinctively. Good mothers recognize their divine responsibility to nurture and to protect the child within them. They will eventually give birth to them and continue to nurture them by their side for some years. Later a mother lets go of her child and sends him or her out into the world under God's care. The unborn child is certainly not "her property".

And so to hand the unborn over to an executioner is to deny one's conscience. A woman going up for an abortion is actually in league with the one who performs the act. And yet in every abortion we see a "medi-business" style "contract" being taken out on the life of the child for a sum of money. This is clearly an illegal and deadly act. The child is not a woman's "property". Nor is she permitted to surrender up the life of the child for termination at "her" discretion.

The unborn child does not belong to the woman for her to enact a contract for termination. Nor does the unborn child belong to the state. There is no way for the courts of the land to sanction such a heinous act. To declare that the unborn belongs to the state and to allow the courts of the land to judge in matters of life and death is a very strange and sinister state of affairs. It is definitely not in keeping with the constitutional tradition of any of the English speaking nations.

Of course the power of the state in these matters has been upheld by many European countries. The French Revolution was a case in point. It upheld the supremacy of the state over individuals and over the Judeo-Christian God. And we know where that led. It led to the Reign of Terror. America was different in that it upheld Biblical Christianity. And as we observed, the Americans fared much better in their revolution.

Nazi Germany was another example of a people allowing the state to exercise authority over and above God-ordained standards of righteousness. The German state exercised supreme authority over individuals and over the unborn as well. Germany in the 1930's had their "lebensborn" program. This was for breeding German citizens of "good genetic material" under state control. This state run program was overseen by Heinrich Himmler. He was the leader of the SS.

This doffing of one's cap to the state for them to rule in this blood covenant issue of abortion is a matter for grave concern. If we are not careful we in America and in the English speaking world could end up going down the same pathway as the French in their Revolution or the Germans during the 1930's. Some have expressed concern that feminism is in fact leading the country on a downward spiral into the ways and mores of Nazi fascism.

It seems that we have allowed ourselves to be bullied by feminists.
We have listened and we are ok with their "choice", (as they have tried to explain it).
And it seems we are now being led into a New World Order Post-Christian political agenda.
We are being led by them down the same bloody road as the Europeans have gone.

But the state, even the Supreme Court, has overstepped its authority. It has no legal right under the God of western Christendom to sanction the death of its unborn citizens. Nor is the state authorized to license physicians and nurses for the shedding of this innocent blood. If it does then that state, no matter how popular, or how big and brutal it may be, is in rebellion against the Judeo-Christian God.

America sees thousands of little human lives lie suspended in the waters every day.
Their mother has been anesthetized and rendered unaware.
Awful things are about to happen within her body.
But she is oblivious, - in a doped state of amnesia.

The woman has made her "choice". And the life of her little one hangs in the balances.
Her unborn babe will soon be cut off; - from her, - and from life.
The delicate little thing is vulnerable and undefended.
And then the curette of the executioner breaks in.

The life and soul of the unborn is carried away.
And their angel's are watching.

Where is the National Organization of Women in all this? Why do they not see this deadly money making business as a travesty against women and against mothers? A little innocent unborn human being has been severed from their mother's warmth and care. The little one has been pulled out of her mother's womb prematurely, broken in pieces, and then carried away into a sewer or a dumpster.

Are the feminist women happy about this? If they are then just what sort of women are they, really? Why have they entered into a blood covenant with this monstrous spirit, 'the destroyer'. Why have they gone the way of Gomer? Why have they invited this ripping brute inside them?


Art used by permission of
Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright 1992.
Visit her 'Revelation Illustrated' website.

Abortion and our social and religious indifference to it is good spiritual litmus test. For us to show such a callous disregard for human life is very strange and worrisome. We should be more concerned about this grievous travesty than we are. The act of abortion involves the shedding of innocent blood. This is reminiscent of the end time harlot system.

Feminist women have crossed the line here. They have forced their blood spilling agenda upon society at large. An innocent unborn child is a human being, an innocent unborn future citizen fully deserving of protection by women and by society. But here we see an example of human life being terminated, not just with extreme prejudice, but with indifference. They just don't seem to care. Even the monstrous late term "partial birth abortions" is legal today. To anybody who observes what happens in this quasi-medical procedure it is quite obviously a murderous act of infanticide. But that doesn't seem to bother the modern feminist.

Clearly there are major blood covenant spiritual issues involved here. But we are couched in our materialistic milieu in which nobody wants to butt into another man's business. And so in our "me-first" mindset there is a conspiracy of silence about what happens in a late third term abortion. We might even call it a 'lack of communication'. These "enlightened" feminist women carefully avoid entering into those conversations. They stay in the language and the mindset of the merchants they belong to. Feminists are familiar with the contract law and property law of this material world. But they know very little about blood covenant which is the way in which spiritual matters between God and man are addressed. This is something they have not known, and many of them never will know. They rail against the Judeo-Christian "patriarchal" God and His sovereign rule over this cosmos and the human beings He created. They despise the God of heaven. They are material girls. And they belong to this earth. And so they persist in talking in worldly terms of property law and the contract law of "the deal". They are forever referring to "their rights", (their contractual rights), to "their body", (which they consider their property). And here is where they embrace "the lie" of so-called "abortion rights". They consider the unborn child within as 'their property'.

This is so sad to see. The sacred blood covenant relationship between a mother and her child is callously swept aside. It is replaced by a narcissistic air of godless Babylonian sophistication. It is all about me! Whenever blood covenant issues are brought up feminists roll their eyes. They seem oblivious to the gravity of all this. They merely smile like a Barbie doll. Then with a toss of their hair and a torrent of empty words they make their pre-written programmed response. But their words are just empty political jargon spilling out of an empty heart. These people are spiritually blind. They speak out of ignorance. And they are quite insensitive to what is really happening.

Abortion, down at its spiritual roots, is not just a "choice". It is a pagan religious ceremony. The reason for this should be quite obvious. Innocent blood has been spilled before a spiritual presence. And abortion, at its spiritual root, is a blood covenant pagan religious ceremony. These little ones are sacrificed even as God's people in ancient Israel once sacrificed their children to the pagan god Molech. They threw their little children into the arms of an idol heated in a furnace to red hot sizzling heat.

Of course the sacrifices we make today in the abortion mills are more sophisticated. The unborn children are sacrificed on the altar of "human convenience". The blood spilled is offered up to the god/goddess of "self-will". These little ones are dismembered and their blood spilled by, (and for), the god of 'choice'. But they are dead. They are just as dead as if they were cut up by a shaman before his pagan god.


Medically induced abortion is a terrible and brutish act. The cervix, the passageway into the uterus, is dilated. Then a curved knife or curette is pushed back into the womb. This is where the growing fetus lies nestled within the amniotic cavity. The unborn child is scraped out of the mother's womb in pieces. In first trimester abortions they are suctioned through a plastic tube and into a glass bottle. As the suction cannula enters the womb the bottle is soon spattered with blood. With many abortions little body parts can often be seen in the blood, (but no one looks). The mothers are kept in a smokescreen of ignorance. They are typically told,
"Don't worry. It was just tissue".

It has been truly said that the most dangerous place in America, (and throughout western Christendom today), is in a mother's womb. The reason this is such a big issue is simply this. Abortion is not just a "private matter" conducted "by a woman's choice" and "in a woman's own body". It is a spiritual act conducted before the higher and lower realms of heaven. A woman, wittingly or unwittingly, is facilitating a blood sacrifice to a spirit. A human life has been offered. A blood sacrifice has been made. And a spirit being is being lifted up for worth-ship/worship.

In this case, there is no doubt where the blood sacrifice is being offered.
A woman is offering up the blood of her child on the altar of her own heart.
It is an unworthy, dark, and ugly altar.
It is the altar of convenience and self will.

And to whom is the innocent blood being offered?
The answer to that question should be quite obvious.
The blood of the unborn is being offered up to Lucifer.
Because going right back to the Garden of Eden, he was a deceiver.
And he is the god of self will.

Here is the point of this discussion. Abortion is not just a marketplace "choice", as many young women have been told. It is a blood sacrifice. This blood covenant act has deep spiritual meaning. And there are ominous consequences of this sacrifice, for the woman herself and for her people. In this bloody act Satan, (whose name means, "the destroyer"), is being honored at the operating table. Lucifer is lifted up for worth-ship, - along with all the powers of darkness.

These abortions are not just isolated events contracted by doctors and private individuals. There are corporate and national consequences to abortion. These heinous acts have been judged by the courts to be legal. Abortion is sanctioned by nearly all the governments of western Christendom.

Abortion is a blood covenant issue. It involves the lives of tens of millions. And let us make no mistake about this, these acts of human sacrifice are not hidden. There is a "God who is there". And He is watching.

Are there are national consequences to this wickedness? There certainly is. These acts have a direct effect on the standing of a nation before a holy and sovereign God. If this grievous matter is not addressed there will be consequences. And this superpower will go down like all the ones that went before it. A time will surely come when the nation will come to judgment. There is no question about this. The abortion travesty is still the most important issue for today's Puritans on the Christian Right.


Puritan activists in America have spent a lot of time and money on politicking.
But try as they might, they have not been able to stop this abortion holocaust.
In fact a spirit of godlessness is setting a "progressive" agenda in the halls of political power.
And as usual, the spirit of Jezebel is usurping that power and operating in illegitimate authority.

Rebellion, we are told, is as the sin of witchcraft. (1Samuel 15:23)
Rebels usurp God's righteous rule, and the twist it into a wicked work for use in earthly governments.
The spirit of witchcraft is characterized by 1. domination, 2. intimidation, and 3. manipulation.
And so a morass of compromised policy is set forth, supposedly for the benefit of women.

But our unborn children are at the mercy of these people.
And Rachel is weeping for her children.

What can be done about this?
Can we legislate, bribe, or sue a society into Godliness?
Shall we join the anarchists and bomb or gun down those involved?
God forbid! That would just make us destroyers too, just like the abortionists.


Painting by English artist Margaret Tarrant, 1888-1959.
So where is the answer, if not with the Gospel and the return of Messiah? And how will His righteousness be established? Does it not come into a society with personal salvation through Jesus Christ? And doesn't He come in by invitation to establish His altar and His throne in individual human hearts? (Jer.31:31) Isn't His righteousness established in the New Covenant one soul at a time?

And what about the women who have had abortions?
Some of them have now come to realize what they have done.
Is there forgiveness?

Oh yes.

Jesus Christ made a Way by the blood of His sacrifice. It was poured out on Calvary's tree. When a person comes into a blood covenant relationship with Jesus Christ things can be changed. Every sin can be forgiven, except the unforgivable sin of rejecting Christ, and His great salvation.

And what about the lives of those who died?
Are these unborn babies lost forever?
Are they hanging in limbo, as one medieval religion continues to teach?

Not at all. And we can be comforted here. We need not be concerned about their eternal welfare. Because God will reach out and bring the souls of these little ones into His care. We know this for an absolute certainty. Because when Jesus was with us as Emmanuel, God in the flesh, He told us about these things. He demonstrated His lovingkindness for young innocent children before His disciples. He said,

"Suffer(allow) the little children to come unto Me.
For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven".

Our coming Messiah has already shown Himself a Friend to the helpless.
He saves and delivers those who are His own.

But He is also a God of righteousness.
Upon His return He will deal with the lawless ones.

"Who can endure the day of His coming?
And who will be able to stand?
He will return like refiner's fire.
Who will be saved by His hand?
- from Mal.3:2

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