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By Gavin Finley
October 2003

Partial Preterism is attempting to "cloak" a mystery, even Mystery Babylon. (Rev.17 & 18) Our Apostle Paul teaches that there will be an epic Great Apostasy, or 'Great Falling Away' from the faith as this age comes to its appointed climax. (2Thes.2:3) A harlot church system will be birthed out of Dominion Theology. It will rise up to dominate the world during the first half of the 70th Week of Daniel, the final 7 years of this age. The Politico-Religious harlot system rides the Beast before the thing is possessed and the Beast 'revealed' as the blaspheming 666 Beast of the Great Tribulation. The future false messiah, a peacemaking megadealer, is not 'revealed' as the Beast until he commits the abomination of desolation half way through the 7 years.

This epic event was spoken of by the prophet Daniel (Dan.9:27b, Dan.11:31, Dan.12:11). Jesus Himself spoke of it in the Olivet Discourse. (Mat.24:15) The Beast seizes world power and is given power to reign for 42 months, 1260 days, (or 3.5 years). (Rev.13:5) His attempt to bring in the 666 system and mark all mankind for Lucifer brings persecution on the saints and results in the Great Tribulation. The Holy City of Jerusalem is trampled during this time period of 42 months or 3.5 years. (Rev.11:2)

This second half of the 70th Week involves the climax of the 5th seal, the 'final witness' of the true Church. This will lead on into the 6th seal and the casting down of the principalities and powers of this current world system. At the end of these seven years the cosmic signs of the 6th seal will be attended by upheavals in the heavenly realms of angelic principalities and powers. The sun will be turned to darkness, the moon to blood and the stars will fall. Then the Sign of the returning Son of Man will be seen in the heavens. The Second Coming of Christ will be imminent.

Evangelicals are quite familiar with the rise of the Antichrist as the beast. In previous years Bible prophecy teachers tried to paint the whole of the final seven years as "The Tribulation Period". But nowadays most evangelicals who read their Bibles realize that it is just the final 3.5 years or 1260 days.

But here is the question that is begging for an answer. What happens during the first half of those 7 years?

Well this remains an untold story. Bible prophecy teachers are wont to lump the rule of the Antichrist in his Beast mode across all seven years of the 70th week. But this is clearly not supported by the Holy Scriptures. The Bible tells us that the Beast will actually bear rule for just those final 1260 days (or 3.5 years) of the 70th Week. (Rev.13:5)

So who rules the ten horned beast during the first 3.5 years? If we read the vision recorded by John in Revelation 17 and 18 the answer is obvious. The Harlot is surely the main player in the first half of the 70th week. (Rev. 17 & 18) She rides the peacemaking phase 1 Antichrist and controls him, (perhaps just barely), for those first 3.5 years. This, dear saints, is the Bible truth.

Quite understandably the information has been "cloaked". Apparently the harlot of false religion is with us now. And she wants to keep this information under wraps. This is not at all unexpected. She has being trying to hold back the Word of God for thousands of years. This is the nature of spiritual warfare. It is pagan gnosticism disguised as Christianity. And it is slipping into the church. And this spiritual warfare is very much a form of information warfare being conducted against God's holy people.

The facts we can put together from scripture are clear. The future Harlot Church system persecutes the saints during the first half of the final 7 years of this age. Many are arrested and end up in ecclesiastical hands during this time. And many will be put to death. John saw her drunk with power and drunk with the blood of the saints. This is no surprise. This sort of thing has been seen in Church history before. This bloody persecuting ecclesiastical behaviour will be a repeat of the very same pattern of church history we have seen before. It has been going on for centuries. In fact it has been going on ever since the Church was compromised by the princes of this world way back in 325 A.D. at the Council of Niceae.

Foxe's Book of Martyrs tells the story. And the pattern keeps repeating itself with different church-state players and in different geographical locations. Carnal Christians, like Joseph's brothers, are always envious. So like the jealous brothers of Joseph, compromised Christians find themselves strangely inclined to persecute uncompromised Christians.

The drama always unfolds the same way. The trials come. Some desert the faith in midst of those trials. But the the true saints, tested by fire, come through as gold. And so the Highway of Holiness leads the saints on upwards, towards the Gates of Splendor.

John was astounded at the vision. See Revelation chapter 17 and 18. He saw the woman who should have gone on to glory. But she had clearly become a harlot. She was riding a beast with ten horns in the wilderness. He saw her profaning the cup of the covenant. But that was not all. John also saw her drunk with the blood of the saints. (Rev.17:6)

This information about a future Harlot Church is truly astounding. Is it too awful for standard church teaching? Is it too terrible to bring out in Sunday School? Probably so. But if this prophesied future drama is too terrible to tell in Church then the true saints still deserve to know about it. And why?

They need to have a heads-up for one simple reason. They will be the ones who go up on the stage of history.
The harlot church, not the Antichrist, will be the first persecutor of the saints during the 70th Week. True believers will be sent up to witness. Jesus Himself told us that they will testify before kings and rulers. (Luke 21:12-15).

Hopefully faithful saints will be searching the scriptures and looking into these things. True saints, (if they are properly informed of these future challenges), will seek the face of God. And they will prepare their hearts. Wise virgins will prepare. THey will make it a priority to find the oil for the lamps against the coming night.

The End Time truths of Holy Scripture cannot be held back forever.
The 'rest of the story' must eventually be told.
The significance of what John saw is extremely important.
It is vital information for the end-time saints.

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