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It is NOT the Great Tribulation!

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It is NOT the persecutions of the coming Antichrist.
Nor is it the anger of godless men at their approaching doom.

Rather, it is the WRATH OF GOD.
Messiah will return at the very end of this age.
At that time He will personally pour out His wrath.
The fierce anger of God will be poured out individually,
specifically, and accurately upon the heads of the wicked.

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The Day of the Lord opens with the wrath of God.
God's wrath is poured out upon the wicked at the Last Day.
The Day of the Lord is not the Great Tribulation.
It is not the persecutions of the Harlot or the 666 Antichrist.

It was Adolf Hitler who said that if you tell a lie often enough to enough people they will come to believe it. That lie the masses have been fed will be assimilated into the conversation and the culture of the group. This "groupspeak", George Orwell spoke of, then becomes their "truth". As a collective body the people will believe the lie. They have, in effect, become "brainwashed". Peer pressure is heavily involved here, as is fear of being different. In time of political trial there is also the fear of rebuke, punishment, imprisonment, or death by "higher authorities".

So very often people end up believing what has been laid out for them to believe. Despots soon discover just how easy this is to do in a society that is not respectful of the truth. People will not stand for truth because of fear of the consequences. And so they get the government they deserve. This foisting of lies upon a people is especially easy to pull off in a society that does not cherish the God of Truth.

This coercion of ideas and drowning out of the truth is an awful business. But it gets worse. The technique does not just get used in politics. We see it in science as well. For example, a scientist who doubts the "truth" of Darwin's theory of Evolution soon finds out that he is ostracized academically. His articles do not get published. He may not get the teaching position due him. His wife may not stand with him in his time of financial hardship. She may divorce him. His whole life may become quite difficult.

Does this happen in the realm of religion? Unfortunately the answer is yes. I know and have heard from pastors whose ministry position has been threatened because they have begun to faithfully teach the Biblically correct eschatology of a Post Tribulation Resurrection-Rapture.

In the teaching of Bible prophecy it is well known among Bible reading Christians that there will be a showdown at the end of the age between the forces of Good and those of evil. The final seven years of this age is Daniel's 70th 'week', (or 'seven'). The latter half of it includes the Great Tribulation. The scriptures reveal that during this tribulation fallen man's ultimate champion, the "man of sin", the "Beast" or Antichrist, arises. His agenda is to silence the witness of the saints, the covenant people of God. They are testifying of the true Messiah who will be coming to destroy the false messiah and his false prophet. When Messiah comes both of the culprits will be thrown alive into the Lake of Fire.

Of course such seditious talk against the World Leader, or the earlier Harlot, is not conducive to good governmental control. So during the 70th Week these Christian fundamentalists have to go. Hence the persecutions of the 3.5 Harlot years and the 3.5 years of the Great Tribulation which follows.

Now as this Great Tribulation unfold we see that the wrath upon God's Elect is not from God but from man. The heavens have not yet opened and the angelic reapers have not begun their epic final tasks. (See Matthew 13) This persecution is not God's perfect will for His Church. But it is His permissive will. The persecution of the saints is man's wrath. God will have allowed it. It will happen because of our compromise with the world and with the Antichrist, a man who comes in the spirit of Lucifer, the god of "self love", self centered thinking, and self will. In John 5:43 Jesus Himself told us that His people would reject Him, the One who came in the Father's name. But then they would go on to ultimately accept a ruler who came "in his own name". So God has to allow us to get what we want. The ensuing terrible story will unfold even as the angels watch. The God of Israel has allowed this persecution to happen. It is a consequence of our compromise. Moses spoke of this apostasy 3500 years ago. And our Apostle Paul in 2Thes. 2:2,3 said specifically that the Day of Christ, (which is one of several names for the Day of the Lord), would not come until there was a great falling away and the Antichrist was revealed for who he really is.

All this should be quite simple and straightforward. It just involves a plain reading of scripture and a plain understanding of the English language. During the Great Tribulation the principalities and powers, the current angelic rulers, will be in a tizzy. They will know that their time is short. They know that Judgment is coming. And what is their response? They get angry. They proceed to stir up the depraved men that belong to them agitating them and vexing them and pushing them into the very same agitated state of fear and anger they themselves are beginning to experience.

In Psalm 2 we see that depraved men rage against God. This raging increases to a crescendo as we come to the end of the age. The dark powers pulling the strings of spiritually blind depraved men are venting their fury at Christian believers. And why? Because of their testimony, the witness to the Word of Christ, the 5th seal, is the last item on God's agenda before He returns at the 6th seal. The testimony of the saints, and the Word of God concerning Messiah's soon coming is very frightening and terrifying to the false messiah and the principalities and powers currently bearing rule in this fallen world. This feeling of impending doom comes down from these dark angels to mortify their human underlings and henchmen. Again, this tribulation is an execution of man's anger. And while it may be considered as a foreshadowing of God's wrath the Great Tribulation is not the final execution of the wrath of God upon the wicked. YHVH-God allows this Great Tribulation. It happens as a consequence to Christian and Messianic compromise. It happens according to God's permissive will.

And why does God allow this to happen to His ekklesia, His "called out Assembly"? Because "God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." God loves His covenant people. He wants them to grow up. He wants the Church to see the importance of holiness, of consecration, of being "set apart" before Him. Messiah wants His covenant people to come out of their cheap religious contracts and into an eternal blood covenant commitment to Him, and to Him alone.

OK, now what are the people in the pews being told about this final seven years?
Well this is where we see our example of people being told a lie repeatedly and believing it.
They are being told that the Great Tribulation is the Day of the Lord.
So they believe that the Great Tribulation is the execution of the Wrath of God.

Nowhere in scripture is there one scintilla of evidence to support this.
But it still gets told, Sunday after Sunday, program after program.

Here are the facts from Holy Scripture. There will have been many "signs of the impending wrath of God" during the 70th week. And God Himself has allowed the wrath of man to persecute His saints. But the final execution of the wrath of God does not come during those last 7 years of this age. The execution of the wrath of God comes at the final harvest inside the Day of the Lord. The Day of the Lord is separate and distinct from the end-time persecution of the saints. The execution of the wrath of God is not the Great Tribulation. The Day of the Lord, this blockbuster future wrap-up Day in holy history, comes with an unzipped cosmos and a suspension of Newtonian space-time. This is an awesome time of execution of the wicked and Resurrection-Rapture of the Elect. That Day opens up after the final Day of Atonement, Day of Covering, Day of Reckoning, Day of Accounting, Day of Pardoning, Day of Sentencing at the very end of this age. Not before.

Here is the legal issue, and this is very basic. There cannot be an execution of the condemned criminal, nor a deliverance of the justified or righteous from execution until there has been a final Judgment, that is, a sentencing or a pardoning. All this final Day of Accounting happens on the final Day of Atonement at the end of this age. God cannot and will not pour out His final wrath nor release the harvesting angels of His wrath until the last person has repented.


When the Tishrei to Tishrei time span over seven years
is 86 moons in the Metonic Cycle, (and not 87 moons),
we notice something extraordinary. Here is the YouTube video with the story.

And here below is a chart further explaining the final 7 years of this age.
Click on the chart to go to the article on the Fall Feasts of Israel

As we read from Daniel 12:11 and from the image above, there appears to be a 30 day grace period between day 1260 and day 1290. It is an awesome time of soul searching for men upon this earth. And the 10 days that lead up to this ultimate fulfillment of the Day of Atonement are the ultimate fulfillment of the ten Days of Awe. Our Jewish brethren have celebrated and remembered these days a ten days of self examination before "That Day", the day of Atonement or Day of Covering. The word "kippur" means "covering", hence Yom Kippur).. And as we see in Joel 2 there is a period when the sun is turning to darkness and the moon to blood. Jesus states categorically in the Olivet Discourse that these cosmic signs will occur after the tribulation of those days".

What could have happened to cause this darkening of the sun and a blood moon? It is most probable that nukes have gone off and polluted the atmosphere. God is the ultimate Savior of this planet. And even as they refuse to acknowledhe the God of Israel, He is the only hope for the Greenies and for the ecology of this creation. So the tribulation has come to an end. God has intervened and put an end to the rule of man and halted the impending total nuclear destruction of the cosmos. The Antichrist and the False Prophet have been terminated. God is now giving the nations a grace period of 30 days. in these 30 days of grace God is pleading with the nations, even with the armies gathered against His Holy City Jerusalem. He is pleading with them to repent, with pestilence and with bloodshed. These are the days between day 1260 and day 1290, after the Abomination of Desolation. (The AOD comes at the midpoint of the 70th Week of Daniel.) Messiah is intervening to save all flesh. And the heavens are about to be unzipped to reveal, to unveil, Messiah in the Apocalypse.

So here we are at the very end of this Great Tribulation.
The harvesting angels of God's wrath and God's glorification have not yet been released.
And what do we hear?
We hear a church sermon of all things! People are coming to Christ!
The Holy Spirit outpouring has finally peaked!
Joel saw it at the cosmic disturbances of the 6th seal. (Joel 2:28-32)

So here we are at the 6th seal.
And we are hearing this salvation message!

"Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord Shall be saved."
We hear a last final call for men to repent!
God is still entreating wayward men to come home to Him!
He is calling upon men and women to be saved!

So has the Tribulation seen God's wrath actually executed up to this point?
Not at all!
This is truly amazing!
Even at the 6th seal the axe of God's wrath has not yet fallen.
Our Savior is still out there bringing in the lost!

So what are we seeing here at this late hour?
What are we seeing on this dark and stormy day?
Surely we see our beloved Good Shepherd! (Ezek.34:12)
And He is still calling for His one lost sheep.
He wants to bring every last one home!

Joel 2:31-32
31. The sun shall be turned into darkness, And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord.

32. And it shall come to pass
That whoever calls on the name of the Lord Shall be saved.
For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there shall be deliverance,
As the Lord has said, Among the remnant whom the Lord calls.
So why is this lie of "The Great Tribulation = the Day of the Lord" being told?
And why is the lie of "The Great Tribulation = the Wrath of God" being told?
Is the Great Tribulation really just a wrath zone, a chamber of horrors?
Just what is behind this doctrinal disinformation?
Obviously Christians are being spooked by all this.
Understandably, given this information, Christians don't want to be there!
So what is the agenda of the religious spirits at work here?
Just what are they up to?

Well we might as well also ask these related questions as well.
Why are Bible teachers telling us gloomy doom filled stories of the end time?
For example, why are we fed lies about our God deserting us in the end time?
Is there really no Holy Spirit in the last 7 years of this age?
If that is the case then who draws the Tribulation saints to salvation?
We hear that the Holy Spirit is "taken away"? (2Thes.2)
Is this scriptural? If not, then why are the saints being demoralized?
Just what is the agenda here?

We also hear that the omnipresent Holy Spirit is 'the restrainer' of the Antichrist. (2Thes.2)
Is the Holy Spirit really the jailer of the Abyss?
If not, then who is the true restrainer according to the scriptures?
Who is holding down the beast demon of the Antichrist right now?

The agenda in all this disinformation, and blocked information dear saints, is simply this. The angelic rulers, who prevail over nations, the merchants of mammon, (along with their paid churchmen), don't want Christians to know about the end time. They don't want Christians to even think of being there. Since Christians are "not appointed to wrath" our Nicolaitan Bible teachers then concoct a (spurious) basis upon which to say to carnal Christians, "You won't be here during the last seven years of this age". Their shady line of thinking goes like this,

1. Christians are not appointed to God's wrath.
1. The Great Tribulation = the Day of the Lord = the Wrath of God.
2. Therefore Christians cannot be in the great tribulation.
This is just part of the shaky house of cards upon which is built the doctrine of a Pre-Tribulation Rapture. Sad to say this is an escapist cult of "cut and run".

Ignorance is bliss, or so they say. And for the ruling powers the less the Christian believers in their nation know the Bible the better they like it. Eschatology is an embarrassment to the Gentile (heathen) powers. This is why sermons on eschatology are banned in the Three Self (Chinese Government) Church in China. It also explains why the English Church tried to stop William Tyndale from translating the scriptures into English and had him burned at the stake. To this day there are no scripture readings on the Second Coming in the Church of England/Anglican/Episcopal liturgy. The game is to keep the Christian masses Biblically ignorant, - and quiet.

The angelic powers rule over kings, rulers, and merchants. Churchmen who are beholden to these worldly powers are also manipulated. The principalities and powers don't want believers to know these awesome truths. The last days could be upon us quicker than we thought. Christians may then been called upon to go up before kings and rulers for the sake of Christ.

The dark angels don't want Christians to prepare their hearts and lives in God. The last thing they want to see is the saints going up on the stage of holy history. They'd rather keep them asleep. Because the witness of the saints during the final 7 years of this age will be an epic one. The remnant of Israel, the remnant of the Church, will testify at the apex of history. The courts of heaven will be in session. And the Ancient of Days will sit. At that time His covenant people will bring in the "final witness".

So why do these dark principalities and angelic rulers want the Christians kept in the dark?
Because the final 5th seal witness of the saints leads on.
It leads on to the 6th seal!
It leads on to the time when Messiah returns.

And that, dear saints, will seal their doom.